3 Types Of Marketing Funnel You Should Sell To Customers Part 3 – Traffic Magnet

Traffic magnet is not all about pages and funnels.

It’s basically about helping them rank better. It’s about SEO ranking and you might think, “Look, I’m not a search optimization specialist.”

That’s fine. Neither am I at all. I certainly don’t call myself a search optimization specialist, but we do rank really well and we’ve helped some customers rank this, some amazing terms.

This is also an authority piece. If you have a customer who is like you said, an influencer, maybe a speaker, sorry, they’re not a speaker, but they want to get into speaking or maybe they have a product, but they want to start speaking at events or maybe they want to justify or increase their prices.

This is a great way of doing that by increasing our authority and increasing their impact in the marketplace.

Finally, this is all about building out, obviously, traffic.

On automation, as well as audience, I’m going to talk about audience. This is going to be slightly different, I think to what you guys are expecting.

Type of business that’s really beneficial

Already making sales

This is one that’s already making sales and, incredibly there are businesses that make sales without a lot of traffic. They just do it through hard work and cold calling and Moxie and Grit, or they’ve been around for 20 years, but they don’t get a lot of traffic to their website.

They’re already generating sales. The reason this is important is because a business that’s generating sales can afford to buy traffic. A business with zero sales can only afford to put time into their traffic process, which is going to take a long time.

It still does take a while to rank, but for the sake of buying traffic, which is what we’re going to be talking about, they need to be already generating sales.

Doing lead generation

They’re also doing lead generation. Good example of this would be a server business that we worked with back in 2013 maybe like the concept of virtual machines was becoming really big.

The concept of working remotely was becoming bigger and more acceptable. Now everyone’s phone does the things that entire service were built to do 10 years ago, but these guys were attending a lot of events, huge number of events, and they were trying to generate leads through the classic, like the iPad giveaway.

If you’ve ever been to one of those events, they were like, “Hey, sign up here and get a free ipad.”

Relatively new player to the market

They were doing sales, they were doing leads, but they weren’t able to do them at scale. They were struggling to do this at scale. They had sales teams and they needed to be able to do this at scale.

They needed to be able to do it 24 hours a day. The benefits to this is, again, basically, what you’re going to be selling.


Audience Growth

First of all, is audience growth. Now, if you’re already generating sales, you’ve got an audience somewhere and a lot of people are like, “Do people really want to know more about translation and localization?”

Do people really want to know more about, server racks? Yeah. Tens of hundreds of thousands of people want to be a part of that. They want to understand that and be a part of that philosophy.

Growing your audience. If you say, “Look, if you’re already generating sales and leads, But you want to do it at scale, you’re struggling to do a scale. I’m going to show you how to increase your audience. Also, increase your prices.”

That is a big one. If you’re able to say to a business coaching business, maybe this guy five or six plus coaches, you say, “How would you like to add a zero on your coaching calls? How would you like to increase your average invoice?”

They say, “Yeah, that sounds good.”

You say, “Awesome. Here’s how we can do this.”

This process is about increasing prices, increasing the audience, and also lowering your ad cost.

Authority Content

It’s not the flow looks like unsurprisingly. This is going to be a big part of the content. We’re going to split this up.

Chances are, if they haven’t got traffic is because they’re not producing any content or they’re not promoting themselves. The first thing you’re going to do is create what we call authority content for them. So this is great for copywriters. This is great for people with a cult content team.

You’re basically, I talked earlier about how they need to be producing one piece a week. This is how you’re going to help them do it. You help them produce one piece a week.

You start with a killer high-quality long-form piece of content. You interview them, you draw that out of them and you’ve got a long piece there. Then, you say to them, we’re also going to do some blog posts for you.

Remember, they’re already generating sales. So, we have a bit more time.

Where a lot of people get unstuck with this is they’re not generating sales, they’re not already generating leads, but they think that creating blog posts will immediately turn them into a Google-ranked business overnight.

That’s just not what happens. No, that’s not what happens. Then a paid platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, what we do is we take those platforms.

We start to look at who is reading this type of content. We both remarket to them like this and we build what we call look alike audiences. Look a like, L-A-L.

This scales and begins to grow really quickly. This probably is minimum a nine-month process plus minimum. We’re going to help them rank absolutely by creating this type of content regularly and repeatedly.

But we’re also doing is an audience and authority funnel and lowering ad costs inside one of these platforms.

Facebook is probably the easiest place to go for right now. I also really like YouTube. I know Instagram’s owned by Facebook, but strictly keeping on Facebook and YouTube does the same.

If you look up Miles Beckler at milesbeckler.com, he’ll teach you how to do this for free. He’s got blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, interviews. I absolutely love Miles. I love working with him. He’ll teach you how to do this stuff.

So we take, even if it’s 20 people, right? Even if it’s 20 people, you can create look alike audiences from that.

If they’ve already got sales and leads, you can create lookalike audiences from them. And we take those lookalike audiences and we say, it’s a lookalike audience of their email list. Lookalike audience of their customers, lookalike audience of their website traffic, lookalike audiences of their subscribers.

We start to show that same content to them. Just the blog posts. Now, I’m even going to go one step further. You take those common pieces of content, which may be 500 or a thousand words, and you just have the content, the written content inside the Facebook post which you are promoting.

You say, there is a link if you want to read the rest of it or read the 10,000 word one. Anyone who interacts with these posts even better if this is video.

If they’ve got video content and you might have to create video content with them, and it’s easy. I’m doing it right now. You just do a live broadcast. It doesn’t even matter if anyone doesn’t watch it, you take it and you push it out to those lookalike audiences.

Here’s some free, completely free video content. No call to action, right? No sales process, no ads. No, opt-ins.

You just push content out to them because you’re also going to build an audience over anyone who watches 50% plus of these videos,

Put them in another list because they’re qualified. From there you can start offering opt-in forms.

Now, again, typically in the past, I’ve done it where I’ve shown them three different videos. Then one add, at the bottom.

This one here, when it starts to work at scale and people wonder how they never did this before. What I like about this is if you’ve got this process working in this process, working you can add this one in really easily, but there are businesses who are already doing leads and sales who essentially need a campaign.

No, it’s we haven’t talked about, we haven’t said, “Oh, you’re buying a funnel.” versus saying, “Look, we want to lower your ad costs. Doing this lowers your ad costs, increases your authority. Even just creating the high content, high-quality long-form piece of blog content will increase your authority.

Ideally, they’ve got a book and then you can begin to mix that into the funnel as well. But you’re building out an audience.

You’re saying to everyone who visits the website, that’s one audience on Facebook, right? Or YouTube does the same remarketing. I also want to create, lookalike audiences from anyone who visits or create lookalike audiences from my list.

I’ve got my list. I want to get lookalike audiences for my customers and my customers. You’re able to use this information and you just get you pay to put free videos in front of them.

That is what will increase your authority. There’s ways of targeting off the back of that as well. Those are the three funnels we’ve got.

Can that bonus also be a video where you ask them to read a book review? In the review, there was a link to Amazon where they can buy a Kindle.

The short answer is yes. I’ll just test it. I would test it.

We’ve got one where after you opt in, there’s like a free shipping off on the book. We then asked for a few afterwards.

My advice is just whatever offer you can think of, anything. It’d be really fucking good. Remember what I said earlier, buy sooner.

Most people buy in 90 days. If we could do that to one day, what would be the thing you’d want them ideally to do immediately then test it. You can always split test the offer again as well.

I like that tip on the thank you page. Do you agree that it’s sometimes better to get the offer right in front of them, rather than relying on future nurturing as people in the right frame of mind?

100%. Someone is never more likely to buy than right now. The number one best time to close on a marketing funnel proposal or any proposal is there and then.

This is why I always do marketing proposals live, face-to-face. I’ll do them over typically zoom or whereby. Ideally, I do it in person.

Most people go, Yeah. But no, wants to read over the offer. They want to read over the proposal. No, they fucking don’t. They absolutely don’t. It’s nonsense.

All right. They absolutely want to feel like they’re making the right decision. They’re making a smart decision and they’ll give you excuses. A

I’ll say, we want to read it over. Say, Look, man, you need to buy this at some point. Would you agree with that at some point, you’re gonna have to buy this. Yeah.

So, tell me what’s wrong with the offer that I gave you? I don’t like to rush into things. I completely agree. I don’t like to rush into things either, but what’s the worst that’s going to happen if you buy today.

Here’s the example that I would give again, going back to being a doctor a few years ago, I broke my wrist quite badly in a surfing accident.

I had to go into hospital. It was a scaphoid. A really bad one. The doctor told me we’re going to have to jiggle it about right.

You’re gonna have to take a lot of painkillers. It’s going to make you feel woozy. I might have to jiggle it about, and essentially rebreak it.

Even though it was just broken a few days earlier, I kept it for two days. I was like, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. I kept it for two days.

He said, we’re gonna have to rebreak it because it’s knitted in areas. We’ll have to rebreak it. You’re gonna have to take some drugs. You’re gonna have to be in a plastic cast. You’re gonna have to come back in six weeks and do another plastic cast.

And then afterward we might have to do surgery and then you’re gonna have to have a lot of physiotherapy on it. You have to do a lot of exercises. At that point, I’m thinking, fucking fix it.

Now, imagine if the doctor went. Cool. Let me know if you’ve got any questions. I’ll let you think it over.

I’m like, fix it now, do the thing now. That’s exactly what people are in their state of mind when you’ve given them an offer.

I’m a big fan of putting an offer in front of someone. No one has ever lost a sale by putting the offer in front of someone too quickly.

You’ll get a rejection or no, and you go, why? They give you a reason. That reason is an objection, and it’s a way to learn how to sell to them quicker afterwards.

We’re trying not to jump down their throat off to the conversion. I think that’s why, and it’s funny that’s a universal. Yeah. And the reason that’s universal is because people have an inherent fear of being disliked.

I would gladly be disliked by very few people in order to be seen as Mike’s really keen to help me. He’s got all of these products available.

This company is really keen to help us. They got all of these products available for us right now. They clearly want to help us out.

I’m not ready to buy just yet and I don’t have to, I can just exit the page. Great. But I do know that Mike is absolutely willing to put offers in front of me.

The thing I don’t like, the thing I love more than anything is the warrior forum, ClickBank style launch process, where they launch a product to you. They try 10 upsell pages and then they just fuck off and they never update the product or content ever again, because they’ve got a grant per person.

That’s what we call white whale marketing because they know one in a thousand people on our list is going to buy every single product and it’s going to generate them six or seven figures.

I in 10 of those people, a hundred, these people are going to generate them six or seven figures. They don’t care about the lower-end people.

That’s why they then got straight around going, Yeah, every sale we do, every launch we do is like six or seven figures minimum. It’s because they have a fuck ton of upsells and then they never do anything with the customers afterwards.

If you want to play the long game, you make an immediate offer to them and say, Hey, I can help you out. You continue that through the process. Would you consider 2K and over high ticket?

Nope, absolutely not. I would say that 2K could be a core product, absolutely. As long as it’s got at least a thousand pounds profit margin, which means it only costs you a thousand pounds, but you shouldn’t be delivering anything for 2K. 2K is a course to get as a coaching program.

We’ve bought books and training material for two grand. If you think that going to university buying some of their books is $200. 10 books is two grand. That means that you shouldn’t be doing services for that.

Your high ticket services should absolutely be in the five-figure range. Hence, my book is where we get into the plug process, right?

Five Figure Funnels will literally teach you how to sell marketing funnel services for five figures.

2K is great. I think all businesses should have a 2K product as long as it’s profitable. That’s your course, that’s your training.

If you go, my customers don’t want to pay more than that. You’ve got the wrong customers

Where does my VA come into this. My VA does a lot of different stuff. The two VA’s we’ve got, they look for blog content. They hire people.

To be honest, there’s nothing in here that you need to get a VA to worry about too much, but if you have a process for creating this, you can pay someone else to do it. That would be where I would start.

If you have a process for building out a sales page, this is a beautiful project here, single sale single page. They go, we don’t have a video sales letter. Great. It’s not the 4 grand and we’ll help you create a sales letter.

If you’ve got a process for it, that helps a lot.But immediately here there isn’t anything that sticks out immediately. My VA is more for my stuff personally.

Head over to sellyourservice.co.uk if you want to get any of our free training, I’ve actually got that 49 niches at sellyourservice.co.uk/49-niches.

Enter your email address there, and it’ll not only will you get 49 niches the funnel builders should go after as well as it does actually tell you a little bit about what they’ll buy.

But also you’ll get redirecting. You’ll see how we use that sales process and how you can build that for customers.

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