How to get leads for FREE from Facebook (Groupboss review)

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the easiest method to generate leads from Facebook for free, without any kind of advertising cost and it grows your community and makes people more likely to buy from you.

This is a product called Group Boss, and I’ve been working with Group Boss for a long time now, and those of you who have joined my Facebook group, which you can find by the way at will redirect you to the private mastermind.

If you are in this group then great, if you’re not in this group, you can go ahead and click like I think it says join or something and what’s going to happen is you’ll come up with three different questions and here’s what I like to do.

I’m going to come into the membership questions here. One, do you sell marketing funnels to customers? This is a really important qualifier question. Now, this is built into all Facebook groups, you can ask these questions.

Number two, what’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with at the moment? Because I like to make sure that I understand why people joining and usually it’s around sales or leads generation or pricing or niching, but either way, I’m getting direct feedback from people who say, yes, I build marketing funnels, and two I’m struggling with whatever it is.

Here’s the third thing. What’s your email address and I’ll send you our funnel sales playbook.

This is like a lead magnet that we offer but you can’t scrape data from Facebook. You can’t unless someone puts it into a form, you used to be able to in the good old days, but you can’t do that anymore.

But what Group Boss allows you to do is take all of these pieces here when someone answers and you’re able to really quickly and easily throw them into something like Active Campaign.

Here’s what we do.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to create a Facebook group. Now, the thing with the Facebook group is the more specific it is, the better.

This is actually a big problem with our group. I just say it’s the Sell Your Service Facebook group. Right. And I say, call it the Facebook private mastermind or something like that because I set it up ages ago before I really knew what I was doing.

But instead, what you want to do is try to pick the specific function of your business and the result that it gives.

For example, if you’re going to work in your particular niche and it always comes down to the niche, I apologize for that. But if you are going to work with your particular niche, you would want to say, I’m going to show you how to double your price.

A lot of you might know that we’re doing our new piece on double your revenue, whatever it is and you would say that specifically, this is for a flight school.

How to double your price, how to double your revenue, whatever it is and you create a Facebook group around that very hyper-specific function/result.

Don’t keep it broad. Don’t say, “Hey, we’re just going to do it for all flight schools you could do and that’s you’ll find that there are so many groups now with loads and loads and loads of different members around those broader niches that now you really need to give a specific function or result of the group. And you’re going to set up three questions.

The second one is always going to be, what are you struggling with? And the reason that’s important is that now I have a database full of leads who have told me what their biggest problem is.

If you have joined the group and if you have answered that question, of you have sent your email address in, I have a little field now that says name, email address, the biggest problem.

That is incredibly important to me because it begins to direct me as to the type of products and services that I should be selling.

And typically lead generation and sales. That’s what we’re going to double that on.

The third question is what’s your email because I want to send you something cool.

And again, it needs to be specific. Something cool.

This is where Group Boss comes into its own, because what Group Boss will actually do is it will automatically take their name from the profile.

They don’t have to enter that name. It’ll scrape it from the profile. It’ll also enter it as data. It’ll actually enter this as data in your database alongside any other custom fields that you want to create. And it integrates with everything by the way,

And the first question is a qualifier. So this needs to be something, ideally, if it’s a radio button, which is to say like, they can only select one or the other and you want to put in something that qualifies them or disqualifies them.

It doesn’t mean they’re necessarily not going to be allowed in the group, but it’s something like are you looking to double your prices?

Because here’s what happens or it could be like, are you a flight school?

Because what we tend to find is that for Sell Your Service, we had a lot of like course creators and different types of people and they were like, “No, I don’t build marketing funnels and that’s fine.”

But I actually get rid of them pretty quickly from my email list. I don’t want to bother emailing them because they didn’t build marketing funnels.

They don’t sell marketing funnels to customers. Then what’s the point in marketing to them. That’s my sweet spot. So

I would actually, it wouldn’t even be that one. It would be, are you a flight school? Yes or no and if they say, “No. I’m not.”

Pardon me like, “What the hell are you doing in here?” But if they are, and they say, what are you struggling with?

They give you a particular problem and they’ve given you their email address. That to me is a pretty well-qualified lead.

Here’s the next thing that we do. And we’ve, we’ve started experimenting with this and it works really well.

As soon as I run Group Boss, which by the way, like I said is literally one button.

I’d go into the member’s screen. It even has a bunch of filters, depending on the answers. If it will let people in and it will just do it. Now, I don’t do it anymore.

Clarence and Jha who are a part of our team, they go and do that, which is why I don’t have the extension in my browser because they are the ones who do that. But even then it saved them a ton of time.

But what we typically try to do is we run Group Boss one to two times a day, like in the morning and the evening or something like that. Anyone who then joins, I will then try to send them a private message on Facebook, welcoming them, especially if all three of those points that I’ve ticked early.

Because that’s a pretty well-qualified lead. Someone’s giving me their email address because they want a result. Someone’s told me their problem and they’ve told me that they build marketing funnels for customers.

This is how we are growing our leads at a rate way faster than we were just through advertising and just through lead magnets and content.

I still believe in lead magnets and content of course, but what this has done is it’s cut the amount of time down from, first of all, the manual action of actually taking someone copy and paste and vice versa to being one button.

I think it’s $99 a year or something. There’s even a $300 one, which is like a lifetime license, which if you used it over a period of six years, there’s 50 quid a year.

That’s insane.

But also their support has cut down our time. Their support is outstanding. I’m staggered at the level of their support, even though they’re plugged in, it’s very simple.

There’s a lot of integrations and it plays with a lot of different tools. If you reach out to them and talk to them, they will guide you through that process.

I’ve been really impressed with the team of Group Boss to the point where Clarence and Jha have had conversations with them outside of me and they’ve just got the work done. It’s been a real-life changer and that’s all you really want from a like a tool company is a long-term decent relationship.

If you guys are looking to generate leads, I highly recommend checking out Group Boss from Facebook and creating a group-specific to your particular market.

Of course, if you want to join our Facebook group head over to

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.