Steal this 60% squeeze page – my highest converting squeeze page template

I have a habit of upsetting a lot of designers. And by the way, if you want this template, I’m going to give it away to you completely for free, obviously on the screen.

I would say three or four times a week, I am emailed by webpage designers, who I’m sure are very good at what they do and very talented, but they often tell me, “Mike, your pages and your site is pretty ugly. We would love to work with you to increase the conversion rates.”

I go, “Outstanding! My current opt-in page converts at about 60%. So if you can beat that I will gladly pay you. In fact, I will pay you not only your fee, but I will pay you the subsequent change in commission or change in sales that I make as a bonus for the entire year.”

So far, not a single designer has taken me up on that and the reason why is because good design doesn’t exist. It is completely subjective. Good design is something that does the thing which it is designed to do.

The clue is kind of in the name, right?

If you have a sales page and it looks beautiful and your goal of the sales page is to convert, ours convert about one to 3%, and someone comes in and it’s ugly, it doesn’t look beautiful. It doesn’t have all of the fancy stuff, but it converts at one to 3%. Then it is a well-designed page.

People misunderstand visually appealing with well-designed. They are worlds apart.

What’s interesting about this as well is often when a lot of designers or creatives come to me and say, “Well, you didn’t quite get it Mike because you’re in direct response marketing. You’re in sales.”

My degree is actually in product design. So, I have designed products for a long, long time. As in physical products.

I’m fully well aware of what the difference is between something as well-designed as something that’s visually appealing.

For example, what’s that really famous UFO lemon juicer.

Looks great. Visually very, very appealing. It is a fucking nightmare to use.

Thing is miserable to use. It doesn’t work.

Visually very appealing. Doesn’t work.

So, is it well-designed? In my opinion? No.

Unless the goal is to win a red dot award or something. Then, it’s well-designed.

Something’s well-designed if it does the job it’s supposed to do for its audience.

If you want to create a page where other marketers look at it and go, “Oh my God, that looks brilliant!”

Great. That probably won’t result in sales though.

If you want to look at a page that converts and make sales or generates leads, then that’s what you should be looking at.

The format that I use is veered a bit, a bit very simple.

The reason that most squeeze pages fail is because they miss one core objective. That is specificity. Anyone who watched Inception or Joseph Gordon Levitt is like, excuse me for wanting a little specificity.

The first thing we create is a button. It should have one thing to do on the page. I don’t want any links. Lots of people keep that links up here, about us, all of that. You don’t want any of that shit that needs to disappear.

Your squeeze page needs to be designed to do one thing and one thing only.

The next thing, it basically needs a title that sells.

If you cannot convince someone to convert after reading one sentence to them, they’re not going to convert at all.

What a lot of people do is they try to have loads and loads and loads of explanations, and they believe that the key to a squeeze page is saying how much stuff they’ll get.

Say, you’ll get a 70-page ebook, we’ve got our free course includes. Eight months’ worth of templates, interviews with the top winning CEO.

That is way too much. You are missing the point.

Your title that sells needs to be a specific author based on your audience’s problem and function. Right that bar, there is your offer. That’s what needs to go in here.

I don’t tell you whether it’s a PDF, a download, whatever. It needs to be in a title.

It needs to be extremely heavily benefits-focused.

So, this is the page.

That’s the fit, the result, the function with no niche, no advertising, and no portfolio covering the problems. You can see, I’ve actually got a consistent thing of here’s how we’re getting leads.

I don’t tell you whether it’s a PDF a video or a course. All I’ve got are benefits, benefits, benefits, focus, and specificity.

This converts at 63.5% and it’s aggregated over a year.

I haven’t just picked like one day where I did really well, 63.5%.

Imagine having two or three of these across your site and knowing that for every a hundred people who visited, 60 of them signed up.

Clearly every single person here is a funnel builder who was signed up to this. They are all looking for new leads.

They are showing intent and now I’ve got their contact information.

This is how you win lead generation, right?

That is the formula.

If you want this copy, by the way, this entire funnel, you can actually get it for free just by signing up to

That actually also give you a free 30 day free trial of SaaS mode, which is where you can configure like an entire SaaS business.

You can actually resell High Level for another $497 a month which we do and become a very, very profitable recurring revenue based agency. You could sell this as well.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.