GoHighLevel – How To Build A 5 Page Website From Scratch

You can’t market your business in the same way that you used to. We need to have more and more innovative ways of capturing and converting new customers.

So how can we increase sales without spending an absolute fortune? The answer is sales funnels.

Now High Level, which is my platform of choice is a flexible platform that gives freelancers entrepreneurs, agencies, business owners, and anyone in between the platform to be able to successfully market their business, sell products and services, build websites, and do all of your marketing all on one.

This post is going to be our starting point for discussing sales funnels.

Why create websites?

The first thing we need to do with a new digital marketing strategy is create our website.

Websites are really important because they’re your turf. On any other platform like social media, the rules can change. But with your website, you are in control of the content. You push out the emails that you capture, the audience that you market to, it’s your platform, and it’s only beholden to your rules.

If you’re an agency, these are services that you can actually offer to your customers as well. Without you having to hire a massive marketing team to deliver these kinds of results to your market.

A website is the first step in creating leads and generating sales and it’s the starting point to branch out into other areas like copywriting, sales, automation, email marketing, social media, and much more.

Watch how I create a really basic but good-looking website in about half an hour here: https://youtu.be/FQfYLgJngvg

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