Lead generation from scratch

If you’ve ever wondered how to craft a killer lead generation strategy, let’s just copy what’s been working for me for the past few years.

Automated lead generation with zero input from me.

Very high conversion rate AND automatic qualification.

New leads LOVE the content I offer (and share it)

Plus it has the highest lead to sale conversion rate in my arsenal.

So what exactly am I talking about?

Well, let’s imagine that you’re an agency (you most likely are) and you know that you can help your customers hit $500,000 in sales because that’s what you do.

It could be anything though:

  • 90% occupancy for micro-hotels
  • Five figure sponsorships for YouTubers
  • 3 day work weeks for Dad-preneurs in the cleaning space

Whatever it is that you do, you have a process to deliver those results to the customer.

And 9/10 you probably have a good idea of who can achieve those results.

So during your sales process, you’ll ask a few questions, take them through the process, and by the end they’ll have a rough idea of how it works.

Can you imagine how valuable it’d be for both the client and you if you could automate that process?

What if we could build bespoke reports that score clients on where they are now, and show them what they need to work on?

My favourite method of selling is when the client is aware of the problem and they can see the goal, they just need help getting there.

So I ask them:

Do you need some help?

The backbone of this process is ScoreApp, which I’ve been using for YEARS.

It builds reports, qualifies leads and is the highest converting lead magnet I’ve ever used.

Even better? 

I use it during the cold lead stage, hot leads and I use it to onboard new clients.

It couldn’t be more simple.

Build an app – tell leads that you’ll give them a report – follow up with those leads.

The scope and potential for something like this is MASSIVE – and I’ve had thousands of leads just…fill out our reports day in day out for YEARS.

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Mike Killen

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