I wish I knew this before running an agency

Imagine this, 9 out of 10 agencies are on the brink of collapse, and most of them don’t even see it coming. 

They’re stuck in quicksand, panicking and throwing anything they can at the wall hoping it sticks, meanwhile a select few agencies are effortlessly snagging profitable and high paying clients. 

What if I told you that the difference between a failing agency and a flourishing empire boils down to one surprisingly simple shift in strategy? 

It’s a blueprint that any agency, regardless of size, can implement starting today. 

You won’t have to do any cold calling, no DM messaging, no content creation or any hardcore selling.

I’m pulling back the curtain on a groundbreaking, almost moronic approach that successful businesses use—a proven, low-risk method so straightforward, agencies using it have turned their fortunes around overnight.

They’re landing whale clients and scaling their revenue faster than ever before.

But to understand exactly what you need to change, you need to understand what’s causing you to want to quit in the first place.

Agency owners quit for one of two reasons.

It isn’t grit or determination or focus.

It isn’t changes in the marketplace or the rise of AI.

Usually, one of these by themselves can easily be remedied, with one simple fix. 

But in my experience, one of these two reasons tends to cause more people to quit than the other.

And of course when both are combined, it’s even more compelling to leave the business and start something else.

The problem however is that people believe that the wrong things are at the root of these causes.

You might feel that you want to quit because you’re not making enough money.

And you might believe that you haven’t got enough money because the competition takes all your sales, that you don’t have enough experience or skills or your customers don’t have any money.

If you don’t understand what’s causing you to want to quit, then you’ll try to fix the wrong things.

Which doesn’t help anyone.

But maybe you’re watching this thinking that the money isn’t the reason you want to quit.

And that’s fine – so what is that other reason?

Well in order to solve both of these problems, we need to look at why you started a business in the first place

Let me share the single most important thing I wish I knew before starting an agency, how I got so close to quitting before I learned this one secret and what I had to do to turn it all around

When I first started my agency, I wanted to help small businesses make more money.

That might sound obvious but over time that mission has evolved to something specific and meaningful to me:

To help entrepreneurs make as much money as they want, selling what they want while feeling like they’re making a meaningful contribution.

The problem is that many people don’t feel like they have a clear mission like that – which is fine.

And, for a time, I struggled to really make a solid and concrete example how I was going to do that.

I tried a lot of different methods, from offering coaching, courses, memberships, software, books, free content like this.

But it wasn’t until I learned about George Foreman and the Lean, Mean, Grillin’ Machine that I truly understood what I needed to offer to my clients.

Everyone knows what the George Foreman grill is, but just in case you don’t know the story, George was a heavyweight boxer who almost beat the champ of champs, Muhammad Ali.

He was a well known name and face but in his kitchen cupboard sat a home cooking appliance that sold ok-ish, who really wanted him to endorse it.

His wife used the appliance and knew there and then that he really should endorse it

It was the same appliance, but rather than focus on all the features, George focused in on one thing that people got from it.

And that’s what turned it into a multi-million dollar brand.

Yes, adding George as the face was a massive help.

However, it was something else that really helped people understand what the grill did for them.

You see the inventor, Michael Boehm, had a mission to help people eat healthier food more conveniently. And his grill helped people do that.

But before George came on board, sales were middling because they tried to sell what the grill DID – instead of what the customer got.

In fact, if I ask you what the grill does – you’ll probably say something like great tasting food without the fat.

So benefit without pain.

You could literally see the fat coming off the food, making you think you were cooking a healthier meal.

The mission was health food, the grill was the how but the missing ingredient – was measure.

I realised that my clients needed to measure what I was giving them.

They needed to physically be able to point to the thing that was getting better.

So how did I actually turn my mission into a measure?

And why would that prevent you from quitting?

These are the reasons people both start businesses and quit businesses.

The money and the rewarding feeling of helping.

If the money is great, but the work isn’t rewarding, you feel empty – leading the burnout and quitting.

If the work is rewarding but you can’t financially survive, you’ll most likely quit to make money elsewhere.

And if both are lacking, it’s impossible to motivate yourself.

And the solution to both these problems isn’t getting clearer on what you do.

It’s something else.

So what did I use as my “measure” to both increase sales and feel like I was working on something more important?

“$10,000 in sales from your blog post readers in 45 days without ads”

That was the pitch.

Benefit without pain.

Tasty food without fat.

People could literally point to a report that showed X without Y in time.

Of course, now that you’ve grasped the art of aligning your sales with exactly what the customer is eager to purchase, the battle isn’t over. 

You’re still in the ring with countless other agencies. To truly stand out, you need a transformative principle. 

Which is why I’ve got this video here on how your agency could be on a countdown to closure in the next 12 months if you don’t embrace this one simple principle. 

The 1% who are thriving with financial freedom, time efficiency, and business growth adhere to one core principle—unwaveringly. 

Click this video to unveil the super simple principle of successful agency growth.

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