I’m furious it costs this much to live

Let’s get into it.

The average business owner needs about $3000 a month just to keep the lights on.

But that’s just survival, not flourishing.

Here’s a question.

Are you making enough to cover everything it takes to survive and run a business?

Rent, food, bills, kids, savings, taxes, and, oh, paying a team.

That’s a lot of expenses.

And unless you’re ready to work 24/7 (which I don’t recommend), you need to be pulling in way more than $3000.

Realistically, you need to be making over $10,000 on your own.

This might mean raising your prices.

Working less.

And, most importantly, providing more value to your market.

Once you start hitting this base earning rate, trust me, things start getting easier.

It’s about recognizing the gap between your base earning rate and your current earnings.

Most likely, your base earning rate is lower than you think.

But it’s a number you need to know.

So tell me, have you worked out your base earning rate?

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Mike Killen

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