“Sell Your Service has been very much part of the growth of my company. I've grown about 55% each of the last 2 years. So I've come from having a dream about running my own thing to where I'm now starting to experience the freedom of living a life where I make the rules.”

Anchen, Simply Digital Design

“I struggled with scalability in delivery of a service. The course value outweighs the price easily. I now have a frame of reference.”

Damien, 13vc

"I struggled with direction and focus and impostor syndrome. But now my confidence has increased. If you're on the fence, just do it."


"I went from not knowing my niche or how to market to them, to knowing my niche and how to market to them and exactly what my service is."


Your future

  • Stop killing yourself running a business that isn't going anywhere
  • Never fall for a “flash in the pan” tactic again (see them coming a mile away)
  • Maximise your income potential and raise your prices
  • Learn the universal truths behind running a profitable business
  • Start doing less every day but achieving more
  • Own a powerful brand that is known for amazing results
  • Prevent burnout
  • Have a crystal clear direction for your business
  • Have complete clarity on the purpose of your business and your role
  • Feel completely focused on the one goal for a profitable business
  • Attract everything and anything you want for your business
  • Repel toxic and damaging habits and people from your business
  • Wake up every day focused on what you want to do (and loving it)
  • Never be confused over the strategy or tactics you should use
  • Become 100% confident that you're going to choose a niche
  • Create a #1 position in the market and serve it better than ever
  • Understand exactly why niches fail and what doesn't work
  • Discover and define the perfect niche for your business
  • FINALLY understand who you're targeting and feel happy with your niche
  • Create scalable and productised services for your customers
  • Easily and confidently outsource work without headaches
  • Start paying yourself a salary
  • Guarantee that every project is profitable
  • Learn how to land and close a five figure funnel project
  • Land a new paying client in 30 days
  • See the repeatable, scalable process for attracting leads without ads and cold calling
  • Hire and outsource without losing quality or money
  • Learn the "control secret" to getting other people and systems to deliver your results

The Funnel Business Gameplan

You can get started with The Funnel Business Gameplan today. If you're serious about running a marketing funnel business and you're excited to work on better clients, this is the exact system for you.

I've been where you are

In 2012 I lost my job at a large data security company. I was the head of digital marketing for the UK and Nordics and overnight, I lost everything.

House, car, savings, credit cards (along with a credit score). My pride was badly damaged. I defined myself by my job and career. and now it was gone.

Within a space of 12 hours I was looking to move back with my Mum into my old room. So I did what every young man does when they lose their job.

I went to Las Vegas with my brothers.

We went for 7 days and I went mental. I was so angry at myself. Angry at my expectations and the path that I was supposed to follow. Go to uni, get a job, climb the ladder, make bank.

We drank and partied and I spent every penny of my redundancy money. On one of the final nights, I went over the to the roulette table and took my last $1000 and put it on red…or black. I can't remember, I was absolutely wasted.

And I won. I doubled my money. The shock was so great that I sobered up immediately. You'd think I'd want to ride that good luck, but I didn't. I immediately realised that I could have lost everything. I took my bet and left the table.

I wandered back up to my hotel room and decided to grow up, there and then. The situation I was in was entirely my fault. I got myself in this mess, and I was going to get myself out.

No way I could do 5 figures

I sat down and wrote out a business plan. Of course I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just wrote out an idea for something I wanted to start out. I registered a business name and started a digital marketing business.

It went about as well as every other digital business. I struggled with finding clients, I did low budget work and could barely pay any bills. I was furiously running around trying to do everything for everyone. I was exhausted and the business wasn't growing.

The idea of selling a website for 5 figures or £10 000+ wasn't scary - it wasn't even in the realms of possibility. There was no hope in hell that I'd ever reach those kinds of figures.

I wasn't going back to work for anyone else. But I had absolutely no idea how to run a business. In fact, 3 years in and I was banging my head against a wall. It all seemed so clear, sat in The Mirage Casino 3 years back. But I was dying.

Sell the results

I was trying to sell websites and it wasn't going well. I didn't understand. I had experience. I had previously run traffic campaigns that cost more per month, than the cost of a house. But I could barely sell a £1000 website.

After a particularly brutal pitch where I was told £500 was a crazy price for a website, I decided I wasn't going to do this anymore. I wasn't going to let low-rent customers tell me how much I should charge for a website.

I looked at every successful website agency I could and tried to find a gap in the market. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Do you know what successful website businesses do? Not a single one of them mentions websites.

My mentor Troy Dean of WPElevation asked me “Mike, you love funnels. Why aren't you selling those?”

I explained that I couldn't sell a website, yet alone a complex marketing funnel! Troy challenged me to sell the results of the funnel. Not the funnel itself.


I deleted my entire website that night and wrote 2 pages. A contact page and a page explaining how offline membership businesses could increase the size of their email list.

One pissed off customer

2 days later I had customers. Well, I had ONE customer. But it was a start. The result was increasing email leads. The target was offline membership business owners. I was going to help offline membership businesses increase the size of their email leads.

I was going to BUILD websites. I was going to BUILD funnels and marketing automation. But I was going to DELIVER email leads. If insurance agents worked with me they'd get more leads. Simple.

The first customer was furious. Like…super angry. Why?

We sent too many leads and their sales team couldn't handle it. I literally had to stop the traffic campaign because it was working too well. This is the email they sent.

“Need to turn off the campaign. Leads coming in too fast.”

"Unhappy" customer

It's tough to negotiate on price with me now. Because I'll drive so many leads that your sales team will complain.

Within a year I was being paid to speak. I sold my business and started Sell Your Service. I travel the world, write books, build funnels and now leads are attracted to me. I don't have to search for customers, I'm the one who is sought.

How did I do this? I used FUNNELS. Obviously.

Facts. Unique. Niche. Nail the plan. Earnings. Leverage. Sales.

Notice 3 extremely important things about that line.

  1. Tools, software and plugins aren't mentioned ONCE. Because they will not grow your business.
  2. Building funnels isn't in there because they can't help you sell funnels (rocket ship with no fuel)
  3. This is the order you need to do it in.

The order of business

Facts are the indisputable truths about running a business. They're the reason that businesses fail and why some succeed. It doesn't matter if you're a funnel business or a fish-monger.

For example, if you are the business owner and you deliver the work to your customers, your business will never grow past where you are now. You will forever be working just to pay the bills.

Whatever you sell, whatever you deliver, will only ever give you just enough if you are the only one who delivers the work to customers.

These are irrefutable laws and universal truths of running all businesses. Marketing funnels are no different and unless you accept these facts, you'll always struggle to grow.

You might be a great funnel builder, but unless you're willing to have other people and systems deliver the work, you'll never grow past where you are now.

Your values matter

Unique is your vision, your values and your mindset. How you see the world, is the exact type of business you'll build.

Funnel businesses are hard work. Very hard work. They're no easier than or harder than any other business, so they require commitment and focus.

The problem is that focus can be hard to maintain when you don't know what you're aiming for. That's why you need to understand the vision that you have for yourself and the business.

Niche is your market. Whats the market you're going to dominate? Who are you going to serve better than anyone?

A niche isn't “small business”. It's what you've defined as a #1 leader to a group of people, solving a specific problem or getting a specific results for a group of people. Do not skip this part. Decide you niche and commit.

It might kill you

Nail the plan is about planning a funnel business that works for you and delivers what you need it to.

If you don't plan to run your business how you want, it'll run you. Run you into the bloody ground.


Seriously though, your business will kill you unless you take charge. It's completely up to you how your business works and how it's successful.

Earnings is the money you make, what you need to generate per year and how to look after/manage your money.

You've looked at your social strategy, your content strategy, email marketing, marketing automation, sales strategy. But how often do you look at your financial strategy? What is your pricing strategy? How much should you charge for your funnels?

Create leverage with products

Leverage is all about the products and services you sell. How do you help the market? You need a suite of products and content to add value to the market and deliver results to the market.

Finally, Sales is about generating that first customer and next customer. How do you convert and close a customer into buying your products and services?

You just need to get one more sale. Sales cures all! When you've seen what converts sales, you don't need to worry about delivering landing pages or email marketing at 3am, because we've planned the business around you and created leverage through your products and services.

This 7 part process, FUNNELS, has taken years to get right. And a LOT of wasted money on my behalf. But I learned a very valuable lesson that I want to pass on. This is the key to running a profitable, successful business.

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