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This is the most important page that marketing funnel builders and businesses will read all year.

This is how marketing funnel builders become the most exciting and profitable funnel business in their market

Look I'm going to start off by saying this is the most important coaching that ANYONE who is building funnels, can be a part of.

Do you lack clarity or direction on how to start selling marketing funnels to your customers?

Do you feel like you're jumping from product to product, trying sell websites but no matter how hard you try, you're just another website agency amongst thousands?

Are you competing with other agencies, low quality jokers who charge $500 for a website when you KNOW you can build epic marketing funnels for exciting customers, if only they'd listen to you?

I'm going to show you exactly how to start positioning and selling profitable and high converting marketing funnels to your customers.

Have you ever felt that selling websites, just isn't profitable?

Your project budgets are increasing, but something isn't clicking. You've got more customers but you're not making any more money?

Have you ever felt that customer’s websites don’t get the results they expected?

But at the same time, you feel like it was an impossible task to start with.

Ever had customer's SUPER excited about a traffic project, website, content marketing plan or email marketing strategy?

Only to have those customers pull the rug from under you and they stop putting any effort into their own business, but blame YOU for their website not growing?

Does your business feel like it isn't growing and scaling, that you're doing more work but people don't really appreciate the work you're doing anyway?

You want to position marketing funnels to customers and expand your product suite in order to get your customers the results they want.

Websites aren’t profitable for you or for customers without the right system behind them.

Where most funnel builders go wrong

Most funnel builder businesses, agencies and freelancers know how to build great automation funnels. They have a really clear idea on how they can help ALL businesses.


Most funnel businesses will try to sell a product or service to any customer, positive that they'll get amazing results for that business.


While it's true that marketing funnels benefit almost every business. The truth is that YOU can only help certain businesses.


What most funnel businesses are doing wrong, is not deciding who they're going to help and how they're going to help them.


Most marketing funnel builders are terrible at deciding on a niche, market, customer segment, avatar, vertical or industry.

The world's a different place, Charles...

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Building a sophisticated marketing automation funnel is easier than ever before. The technology out there is incredible at moving people through a process from “doesn't know you exist” to “profitable, repeat and happy customer”.

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

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Your business DESERVES growth and you owe it to your customers, your staff, your business, your investors and yourself to stay profitable. Learning how to sell marketing funnels on a monthly, repeat revenue basis is how you're going to get there.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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Your customers want all the results that marketing funnels offer. They want sales, leads, subscribers and traffic. If you're not willing to offer that to them, help them and get them growing, they'll go elsewhere.

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On top of all that, structuring a business yourself, designed for growth and scale is a tough project.

It's hard to plan for profit, growth, new products and sales.

You need weekly coaching, accountability, guidance on growing a business and practical approaches to selling marketing funnels to your customers.

You need Sell Your Service Coaching.

 I have mentioned Michael Killen's course a few times but I just wanted to highlight it again as I've been working on some figures today and have realised that since purchasing this course at the end of January, my average price charged to clients has now MORE THAN DOUBLED! I have heaps of technical and business experience, but don't have any sales and marketing experience, and without a doubt this is the best money I have spent since setting out on my own. 

Babs Hobbs,

I purchased the 27 emails and the Marketing Funnel in a Box already and my partners and I are starting to implement them now. They really help to get you off the blank page and gives a great framework for thinking through the flow and the assets.

Rich, WPCause

So we got this amazing 27 emails from Michael Killen, which were all well written, and easy to season to taste. Let me just say, my husband and I are so impressed with what he has to offer. It is amazing and well worth the cost.

Theresa Hill, iNovate Marketing Inc.

Sales and income for your funnel business

How do we sell and position marketing funnels to customers, in order to generate income and sales for our marketing funnel business? Every week we'll take you through the process you need to become the most exciting marketing funnel business in your industry.

Recurring revenue from customers

Regular, repeat income is the holy grail of all agencies and marketing funnels are uniquely positioned to create recurring revenue for your business. There are 4 product stages that all marketing funnels have and you can sell every one of them for recurring income.

Profitable business model

Agencies, marketing funnel businesses, funnel builders and digital creatives all suffer from low margins and low profit. What if we could show you how EVERY single project you create can be profitable?

More time back

We work so hard in our business, delivering work and building products, that we forget to work ON our business. I'm going to guarantee that you'll have more time back to work on your business and even start to leave the office earlier.

Join the WORLD'S greatest business and sales coaching program for funnel builders here

In 2012 I was forced to a leave a job in corporate marketing.


I went to Las Vegas with my brothers and spent every penny I had.

Arriving home, I needed to make money. Fast.

I had absolutely no interest in getting a job again so I decided to start a marketing business. Specifically, building websites for customers.

From the get go, I wasn't building just regular sites. I was winning large projects, working with overseas customers and honestly - I had no idea why it was working.

One of my colleagues asked me “how do you do it? How are you winning these clients Mike?” and I guessed I was doing the same thing everyone else is (wrong).

What I was doing, was building marketing funnels designed to get customer results. I was careful in choosing who I worked with AND every project had a recurring payment structure.

In 2017 we sold a $14 000 a month marketing funnel. All of it started from a laptop in my Mum's spare bedroom (see right).

I want to show you how we found bigger clients, better projects and attracted more profit from marketing funnel work.

mike killen marketing funnel business sales coaching
Day 2 of my all beer diet in Vegas, baby
mike killen old office sales coaching
Where it all started from my old room

What results can Sell Your Service Coaching get you?

Build a better marketing funnel business

Let's start building a better marketing funnel business. Increase profit, choose the right customers and become a valuable part of your market.

From pricing, to product creation and business structure. We're going to go over everything you need to start building a solid marketing funnel business.

Clarity and insight on what to do

If you've ever felt lost, distracted, unsure on what to do next. You need clarity. You need insight.

Sell Your Service Coaching is designed to give you clear options, processes and instructions on running a successful business. We can't do the work for you, but we sure as hell can give you the steps to get there.

You just need to tell us where you want to go.

Better projects with customers

Start working on better projects with better clients. Have you ever worked on a project where the customer just didn't seem to respect you?

What if we found a market of customers that not only wanted to work with you. But respected what you could do, you loved their projects AND you got them awesome results? We can help you find that.

Sell more marketing funnels to customers

The process of selling a marketing funnel project to a customer can seem complicated. We have a proven process for increasing your prices, pricing products, creating solution packages and selling them to customers.

From building an audience, to collecting leads and email addresses. Through to selling marketing funnels to customers, pitching, proposals and closing. Even if you hate sales.


What's better than insight and clarity? Accountability. At least once a month we hold accountability calls to keep everyone on track.

You'll submit a taks and goals worksheet every 90 days and we'll keep on top of you every month. We want you to succeed as much as you do and we're going to get you there.

Better content, sales copy and messaging

So much of a marketing funnel, business and sales process relies on the copy and content. Sales letters, sales pages and product messaging are vital to helping people understand what you're about.

Not only do you need it, your customers do too. We have all the resources and worksheets you need to help customers write incredible copy, sales letters and make your life easier by GIVING YOU CONTENT!

More sales

Perhaps most importantly, everything we cover is designed to get you more sales. It's also designed to help your CUSTOMERS make more sales. If you choose the right industry, the right customers and create the right copy - you can increase sales for your business.

I only ever want to produce killer, high quality content and I want to make sure that you can join our coaching, 100% risk free.

Here's the deal, if at any point, you're not getting what you expect from Sell Your Service, me or the coaching, you can leave at any time. There are no contracts, no tie ins and you can leave at any point.

If you get to the end of a month and think “this month really sucked” (which you won't), you can leave and I'll refund you that month. No questions asked, no nonsense.

I'm taking all the risk and it's not in my interest to provide low quality training. I honestly believe this is the most important coaching program that all marketing funnel builders can join.

Join risk free and leave at any time.

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marketing funnel coaching sales lessons

Weekly coaching

Get live coaching from Mike every single week at the same time. 2pm UK time on Thursdays, every Thursday.

Each week you get live coaching on building a marketing funnel business, selling marketing funnels, building funnels and running a profitable business.

Previous lessons have included

  • Marketing funnel proposals
  • Closing a marketing funnel deal
  • Choosing a target market
  • Pricing products
  • Becoming an expert

Calls are live and interactive. You can ask questions, go through worksheets in real time and talk to other members.


At least once a month we have accountability calls. Every 90 days you'll submit a tasks and goals worksheet and we'll catch up once a month.

The fastest way to smash your goals is to focus and take one on at a time. Most of our members find this part of the coaching, to be the most valuable part. Live accountability, ask questions, stay on track and keep accountable.

You can talk about roadblocks, motivation, priorities, time management - whatever you need to get the job done.

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marketing funnel coaching sell service worksheet


All our coaching calls are accompanied by worksheets, resources and extra materials. We'll work through new resources every week and go through them in real time.

You can ask questions or even come on the call live and work through the exercise with Mike and everyone else.

Best of all? You can use the worksheets with YOUR customers. This is as much your customers content as it is yours. If you want to help them focus their target market or plan out a funnel, use our worksheets and go through them with customers.

See an example of a worksheet here.


Every single call is recorded and uploaded to our private members site. The whole video, all the worksheets and any bonus resources that we talk through on the call.

Pick and choose your content and watch at your pace. Use the resources to refresh your memory and join live calls, knowing you can revisit them at any time.

marketing funnel coaching sales recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Objections? Hesitation? It's probably been answered here.

Absolutely not. While I love WordPress, our coaching is not designed around tools and technology. My number 1 concern is making sure that whatever tool you use, you can run a funnel business.

While I will recommend tools and technologies to help with some tasks, they're never mandatory.

Not at all. Some of our members use ClickFunnels, some use Lead Pages, Unbounce, Infusionsoft, Marketo or Beaver Builder and more.

Whatever tool you want to use, our process is designed to help you get more from it.

We use ActiveCampaign and one of our courses focuses on MailChimp. But all our processes, coaching and training is designed to work with all tools and technologies.

We'll work hard to provide the right copy and content or process rather than tell you to use a specific autoresponder. Whatever works for you, works for us (:

If you can't join live, no problem! We have recordings available for every call and a private forum to ask questions in.

If you haven't ever built a funnel, don't worry. We have a course designed to show you exactly how to build a marketing funnel using affordable and free tools.

Our coaching is designed to help you build products and position yourself as a valuable supplier. We can help with pricing, positioning and launching so you can even find someone else to build.

We can take credit card via Stripe or via PayPal, whichever is easier for you.

We do have an "open" Facebook group here, available for anyone - not just members.

While we love the private groups in Facebook, their terms of service are changing. They're already started to allow advertising inside private groups which means other businesses can target you.

It might sound like I'm scared you'll leave us for a competitor. But the truth is that I believe we should have an area that doesn't allow anyone else to know you're there.

If you're a paying member, you'll get access to our private forum.

You 100% absolutely should change to sell marketing funnels. Even if you have never built a funnel before.

We're going to help you position your business as an exciting, valuable and profitable marketing funnel business.

We offer a $5000 lifetime access package. Please email us for details.

Why just $100 per month?

Our one on one business coaching is $25 000. That's over $2000 a month. It's intense, long and a year commitment at minimum.

The results we build for these clients are so powerful, that we've been offered equity in those companies because they want to keep us on.

I had to prove that this was the most important and powerful training and coaching I could produce. I needed to sell it live, face to face before I took it online.

The truth is that I can SCALE a $100 a month coaching program faster than one on one coaching. I have to be at location for our $25K program.

Think about a chef who can teach someone to cook. If one person needs help, chef can go to the store with them. Pick out the produce and go back to a kitchen.

What happens when 100 people want to learn? He can't have them all in the kitchen or even all in the store. It doesn't work. So if he released the same training online, everyone can benefit.

You're getting the world's best coaching for marketing funnel businesses and builders.

What Mike is teaching is what I've been searching for, for a long time and I really don't see any other marketers teach you such things. If you haven't joined the coaching program, I don't know what you're waiting for. You won't regret!

Hazel Lau,

I want you to think about the fiscal and financial goals you have for your business.

How much do you need to live? How much do you personally need to enjoy life? $3000 a month? $4000? $10 000?

What do you need to pay for today, tomorrow and in the future to give yourself the life you want and deserve? Kids need school stuff, your family needs holidays, you need to pay the mortgage and rent and bills.

Now I want you to think about how much your business needs to make. Staff, tax, bills, expansion, tools, resources. What do you need to bring in for the business to grow?

What are your financial goals for the business?

Combine that with your personal financial goals. Are you there yet? Do you have regular, recurring monthly payments going out? Do you have monthly recurring revenue coming IN?

There are at least 4 marketing funnel products that can sell for monthly income. You can probably sell them to your customers today.

Even if we just helped you increase your project prices by 10%, wouldn't that make the first month's investment worth it already?

You have an opportunity to find new customers, sell more products, increase your monthly revenue and drive more profit. All for only $100 a month.


Mat Davies, AntiSushi

What Matt has to say

“Having created and marketed websites for over 15 years, I've always tried to keep ahead of the game when it comes to websites and marketing. Before working with Mike and SellYourService I had some processes in place, but I struggled with organising my time effectively and found that I was spending too long on tasks that really needed to be refined.

Through Mike's teachings, whether web-based or via a call I've been able to better organise my time and put clearer processes in place that help my business. I've freed up over an hour each day by putting his teachings into place. This may not seem like a lot, but that's 20 extra hours each month that I now have to work on tasks either directly for clients or that will help to grow my business.

In addition, Mike's teachings on Marketing Funnels have been fantastic. I thought I "knew" Marketing Funnels before, but he's helped me take my understanding to the next level. We've already put into place a number of Marketing Funnels for our E-Commerce clients. This has not only increased our profits through offering the service but also brought in tens of thousands of increased profits for our clients.

I'm delighted to know Mike and I hope that we can continue to work together in the future. I feel more confident in the processes that we have in place and I know that Mike has got my back if I ever have a question or just need a little pep talk. I highly recommend Mike to any marketer, website developer or business owner who wants to reach the next level with their business.”



Some businesses don't want to grow. It's intimidating when you're faced with new ideas, growth and challenges. But some businesses want that.

Some funnel builders are happy building low cost funnels, to low value customers. Struggling to pay bills, pay rent and live a better life.

I don't want you to be one of those businesses. You have options and this is THE choice that all marketing funnel businesses need to make.

$100 can be found. I could find that for you TODAY if you needed it. Satellite TV, smoking, meals out, smartphones. There's so much you can do without that you could invest INTO your business.

I want to guarantee you an hour a week to work ON your business. Dedicated time and coaching from a team of people that want to see you succeed.

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So that's it. You can join here and now and get access to our coaching TODAY.

All recordings TODAY.
Every worksheet TODAY.
Live coaching THIS WEEK.

Enrol today and become the most exciting and profitable marketing funnel business in your market.

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