My customers don't like the price.

That's it right? No matter how slick or brilliant our process is. No matter how great our business is. Customer's still don't like the price.

  • It's too expensive.
  • No one else is charging that.
  • My nephew can do it cheaper.
  • We don't have the money.

We hear these “objections” over and over. That's the big problem right? We can't find customers with the budget. If you're struggling with your pricing now, how are customers going to react when you tell them it's $25000!

It's a three-fold problem too. First, attracting customers and new leads is hard work. Second, we have to sell to them and close a deal. Third, the price needs to be low enough to entice them, but high enough to make us some money.

Low budgets forever

The place where most people slack, is part three. Most funnel builders reduce their price in order to get the deal. The customer states that they think the service is only worth $X, so we should reduce our price to match that valuation.

Before we know it, we're going round and round in circles, attracting low value customers with poor budgets. We're surrounded by people who tell us they can't afford it, so that becomes our world view. Which means we only ever see low budget projects and customers and so on and so on.

Worse still, because the budget is so low, our profit margins are razor thin (if at all). We have to keep attracting clients just to keep our heads above water. Each new customer just about pays enough bills to find the next customer. It's a viscous downward spiral.

But it absolutely does not have to be like this. What I'm about to tell you might upset you. It might make you angry and even stop reading the letter.

According to our content analytics, it's around this point that most people stop reading. But I promise you, if you can read this next paragraph and even just entertain the idea, you'll be better for it.

You are entirely capable of attracting, selling and delivering $25000+ funnel projects. Your pricing is low, and that's your fault. If customers don't want to buy a high-ticket product from you, that's your fault too.

Cool. You OK with that? There are 3 main parts to this sentence.

1.You are entirely capable of delivering and selling and attracting $25000 funnel projects. In fact, that's a low ball price.

You could easily move into 6 figure projects. You just have to believe that you're allowed to. You don't even have to believe me that you're capable of it yet, just accept that you're allowed to do it.

Because you are. You are allowed to charge $25000 for a marketing funnel.

2.If customers don't like your prices, that's your fault. If you're stuck at $500 and $1000 funnels, that's 100% your fault. It's your fault that you're not finding customers that want to pay more AND it's your fault that customers don't understand why you cost 5 figures plus.

But that's OK! If you accept responsibility for pricing and customers, we can move onto the final stage.

3.There are customers willing and able to pay the prices that you're demanding. They are out there and they need your help.

Just like with my family member and their oil tank, there are customers who are so clear on what they want, and they have a great budget to fix it. Our job is to convince them that YOU are the best person for the job.

Once we start to believe that we're allowed to charge $25000+ for a funnel, and we're capable of charging that much and justifying it, our entire business changes.

Now, we can spend more time on fewer customers. Our profits are healthier and we're more confident in the future of our business. Business owners that are confident attract more sales.

It's an upward cycle that results in growth, happiness and profits. And it all starts with believing that you're allowed to charge more. Then that you're capable of charging more and finally that there are customers willing to buy from you.

There's just one thing standing in your way. Or rather, there will be one thing that follows you for your entire career. Something you see now, but will get worse and worse as you continue this journey with me.

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