Podcast episode 3. Steve Graham

Today we’re speaking to Steve Graham, a WordPress developer and digital marketer who specialises in public speaking and consultation on presenting.  He’s a developer for Internet-mentor.co.uk

Podcast Highlights.

At the end of this podcast, you’ll know how important and accessible networking and talking face to face with other people can be, and of course a few tips on how to do it like a pro!  Steve used to be a programmer for larger businesses.  But when he decided to go it alone, he began to understand marketing yourself.


Steve is giving away a free consultation session on presenting, networking or public speaking for your business.  This is a great opportunity, so make sure to take advantage.  When it comes to speaking and presenting, Steve is going to be a great help for what you’re looking to do.

Just let us know what your most common face to face or public speaking problem is, in the comments. This is your chance to win a  free consultation session on presenting, networking or public speaking for your business.


You can find Steve at internet-mentor.co.uk or email at steve@internet-mentor.co.uk

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Next week’s guest is Claire Jenkins, a marketing manager for an independent department store.

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