3 alternatives to Landing Pages that you haven’t heard of but STILL capture leads

I promise that if you spend 4 minutes reading this post, you’ll have 3 ideas for great alternatives to landing pages.

You need to generate leads and convert traffic, the easiest way to set that up is with landing pages.  However, you might want to mix it up for a variety of reasons.

There’s a myth that only landing pages are the way to protect content, offer something cool and get an email address in exchange.

The truth is that people are getting wise to landing pages and want to see more value up front or a faster route to their content.

To top it all off, landing pages take time to build, launch, write the correct message for and test.

That’s why we mix it up with the examples below.

Hyper Content Posts

Hyper content posts have been something that we’ve had REAL success with recently.  It’s halfway between a sales page/landing page and a blog post.

Think of a regular blog post that talks about how to do something.  Then we offer a guide or template on how to do JUST what you’ve told them.

It sounds dull or even repetitive.  Will people want to re-read or download a guide to something they’ve just read?

Yes.  Yes they do.

For example, let’s say you’ve got a post about ‘how to SEO a single web page on your WordPress website to get more traffic from Google‘.  It teaches readers (and ideally your customers/subscribers) how to search optimise a web page, so that it appears closer to the top of a Google search result.

If you can understand the benefits which that blog post offers, you can create a Hyper Content Post.

Create a checklist or template that covers the points you raised.  Don’t feel you’ve got to think of entirely new content, you can repeat what you’ve got, just change the delivery.

Finally, create your opt-in form at the end of the post offering the template/checklist/guide to your post for free, in exchange for an email address.

This is what we call a hyper content post.  Not only do we teach readers how to do something, we then offer them a download to further add value to what we’ve taught them.

Check out our example hyper content post here.

Facebook forms

Facebook (and all social platforms for that matter) have been great sources of traffic for years now.  Usually , we’ll drag traffic back to a landing page or squeeze page to capture some details.  Maybe an email address and a name, in exchange for a cool download or something.

However one of the points of friction and something that decreases conversion rates, was having to go to the landing page itself.  The page speed could be low, the click itself can put people off (they don’t like being redirected from looking at pictures of cats and memes).  So Facebook started providing forms directly in the newsfeed.

Similar to promoted content, the forms appear when someone is interested in a lead magnet or light bulb moment.  It collects the data (often pre populated with Facebook’s own data) and provides that to you and your list.  Cool right?

Facebook forms are no more expensive than paid adverts or promted posts.  They also have the advantage of being pre-populated with Facebook user information.  So you could collect more data from subscribers without them having to fill in more fields.

Closed group content

Something we’re seeing more and more of is what we call closed or private group content.

The process works a little differently than from a regular landing page and subscriber base.

Basically you create a Facebook group and keep it private or closed, so that only certain people are let in.  As an Admin, you can decide who is eligible.

You offer the group to customers or current subscribers, eventually building up a membership in the group.

Saying something along the lines of “If you’re serious about XYZ, then you need to check out my private Facebook group.  It’s full of like minded people like you who want to XYZ”

You can then feed the group your content, sales pages, webianrs etc.  Knowing that they are all there to solve that XYZ blank we mentioned above.

Check out the drawing below (my own handiwork) for an overview of the private group.

alternatives to landing pages closed private Facebook social group

I’ve got the original and I’ve signed it.

So there we go, there lead and subscriber building ideas that aren’t landing pages.  3 alternatives to setting up landing pages, that are free (or at least cheaper) than landing page software.

Am I mental?  Have you tried these and they’re awful?  Or are you going to set up a private group right now? Remember to invite me!  Let me know in the comments below.

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