Use This Free Explainer Video Script Formula to Get Massive Conversion Rates

One of the main goals of every marketer out there is to generate more conversion rates that lead to sales deals. In the fight of eyeballs, it isn’t easy, honestly, to hook the audiences’ attention solely to your brand. 

There are thousands of marketing campaigns that will beat your ass off if you don’t truly prepare for the worst. Hell, every day even is another battle to win the audiences’ hearts. Once you’ve got your loyal market, you can rest a bit – only a bit, yeah. You will never know what your competitors are planning to steal your potential customers.

Thus, it is essential to provide engaging content that entices your audiences to side with your brand. Again, it’s not an easy task to do, especially if you are new to the business. It is still not an effortless job even when you are a big company. 

To catch the audiences’ attention can be tricky. You may spend a thousand bucks to get nothing in return. So, the common thing to do is to keep experimenting.

However, if you ever heard about explainer videos, you might change your whatever strategy before to this type of content. Explainer videos are popular for grabbing people’s attention and have been proven to generate massive conversion rates fast.

What Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short marketing video that explains your brands concisely as well as product and service in an animation and or live-action form. It is widely used to introduce your brand or your new products to the public. 

An explainer video combines visual and narration that thoroughly speak to your audiences, making it easier for them to retain the message. Therefore, well-crafted explainer videos can lead to conversion rates and sales purchase.

Using explainer videos for your brand introductory is the key to future success. It makes sense that 87% of companies have already used this strategy to gain more conversions and reach out to a broader audience. 

The Benefits of Explainer Videos

If you wonder how short marketing video can generate conversion rates, let’s break down each benefit of explainer videos that lead to sales success.

Hook Audience’s Attention

A unique combination of visual and narration catches the eyes and ears faster than a dull text. It also stimulates the brain to process better. An explainer video has both features that ease your target audiences to get the marketing information.

Whether to pull off the animated or the live-action version, both can be a huge success if they are done correctly.   

Better SERP Rank

Having explainer videos on your sites can help boost your search engine result page (SERP) rank. First off, your video itself is already an attention grabber within a page full of text. 

If your video is relevant to your brand and able to help visitors get more information, Google will value your sites more. As a result, Google increases your SERP rank and deems your site as a credible website. 

More Website Traffic

When your explainer video gets a lot of attention, people begin to search for your brand. They will look for more information about your brand to satisfy their wonders, and your website is the main source to get it.

Your explainer video that surfaces on other platforms will lead new audiences to your site. This results in high traffic and better SEO. 

Increase Conversion Rates 

Eventually, the more shared your explainer video is the higher chances of you getting more conversion rates. Unlike other marketing strategies, explainer videos deliver your brands’ message shortly and concisely with the amusing animation that speaks to them.

An enticing explainer video will urge the viewers to take action shortly after watching it. The eye-catching call-to-action provides a way of how to do the next step. From this point on, more leads are on the journey to the buying process.

Hacks to Create Explainer Video Script

There are plenty of ways to script your explainer video, however, only a few that share the hacks. So here are our not-so-secret-anymore hacks that will bring you to a great explainer video.

Use Active Sentence

Isn’t it obvious, duh? The thing is that scriptwriters tend to forget this rule since using a passive voice is sometimes easier. But, it doesn’t send well to the audiences.

The problem with passive voice is the complexity it brings to the listeners. Grammatically, passive voice has a complex structure than an active sentence where it directly states what the speakers say. This results in a confusing statement thus, making it hard to persuade people.

Fill a Half-Full Glass

Do not spill out all your features to your audiences. The reason being it decreases the curiosity and simply it leaves the viewers overwhelmed with the information.

By filling your glass half-full, you let viewers wonder about the brand you talked about in the explainer video. You can also rearrange the wording positively. Instead of saying “your product doesn’t cost much” try saying “our product is affordable” as it implies the ability to purchase the product.

Create Concrete Statements

We know many marketers use sentences like ‘the best quality in the nation’ or ‘the fastest services ever’ to persuade target customers. However, they are not concrete enough to convince your audience to use your services.

Using concrete statements with numbers imply the real deal your company has in the past years. It will let people know the exact amount you can give to them. For instance, a sentence such as ‘100% money-back guarantee’ is convincing enough for the audiences who experience dissatisfaction with the products.  

Use People Instead of Percentages

The use of percentage in the human subject is merely confusing and takes some time to process especially in an explainer video. Your video must be easy to understand since it reaches a general viewer.

Unless you are writing a journal, using a percentage can be your step back. Instead, use simple words and count like ‘7 out of 10 people are blah… blah… blah…’

And there are many more to understand before you make your own explainer video. The infographic below will show you how to make explainer video scripts from scratch. There is also a free formula for you to recreate. 

The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Explainer Video Scripts [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

Last Thoughts

Explainer videos are one of the best digital marketing tools to gain conversion rates in a short time. Unlike similar video campaigns, an explainer video has its unique features from animation to storytelling that speaks to your audiences right in their hearts. 

However, creating explainer videos is not that easy. You must do whole research from designing to wording that best represents your brand. The cheat sheet will help you alleviate the process and create a great explainer video.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). Twitter: @breadnbeyond Email: LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro