The ultimate step-by-step guide to selling webinar funnels to your customers

How to sell webinar marketing to customers

In this blog post, you’re going to learn step-by-step how to sell webinar marketing to your customers.

  • How to sell a webinar funnel to customers
  • The types of benefits you can use to sell webinars to customer for your marketing copy
  • The ideal types of customers you should be selling webinar marketing packages to
  • Openers to get people interested in buying webinar funnels from you
  • Webinar funnel closers to get the deal

Most people don’t know what webinars are

This might sound crazy but most of your customers won’t really know what a webinar is. They might have heard of webinars and they might have even attended a webinar, but they won’t know enough about webinars to know what you’re selling.

You need to rise above trying to sell the mechanics of a webinar, and start selling the benefits and futures that webinars bring to your customers. Sell futures, not features.

Myth – People buy webinars based on “logic”

You know that it makes sense to use webinars. You see customers who would benefit from using webinars. So why isn’t everyone using them? Lack of desire, to make it brief.

The misconception is that your customers will buy webinar marketing from you, because it’s a sensible decision. It makes sense, it’s logical. The truth is that your customers will buy marketing funnels from you, when they’re emotionally invested in the idea.

They don’t want to buy webinar marketing from you, they want to buy a better lifestyle and a stronger business. They want to buy a better future for their life and they’ll justify buying webinar marketing from you with logic.

Benefits sell, features close.

In order to get past the initial barriers to buying:

  • Fear of change
  • Been stung in the past
  • Unsure of “new” media marketing

You need to create a very VERY easy to understand emotional reason that someone would listen to you.

Webinars have been hijacked, but they are still a killer marketing platform

The problem with being in the marketing funnel space is that you’re probably SICK of webinars. Hell, Sell Your Service has done hundreds of them alone. You might think “aren’t people sick of webinars?” and you’d be stone cold wrong, sucka.

Webinars have been hijacked by the online course industry BUT that doesn’t mean they’re not a killer marketing platform. Don’t judge a tactic by its users. Webinars can sell courses, apps, training, coaching, events, memberships, software, platforms, books, physical products and hardware.

Selling webinar funnels to customers

We’re going to break selling webinars to customers down into key benefits, ideal customer traits, openers and closers.

  • Key benefits
  • Ideal customer traits
  • Openers
  • Closers

Key benefits to selling webinar funnels

Key benefits are the reasons that people will buy a webinar funnel from you. If you want to sell webinar marketing to customers, you need to start promoting these benefits as reasons to buy. You might convert these into blog posts, headlines or even your entire mission.

Benefits are what someone can do in the future, after buying from you. That’s why it can help framing a benefit by finishing the sentence, “after working with me, my customers can…”

Convert leads into high paying customers, on automation

Everyone sells this type of benefit. Converting leads into high paying customers is the rally cry for most marketing agencies and marketers. Adding “on automation” helps a little but overall this is a relatively weak benefit as it doesn’t differentiate you from other marketers and systems out there.

Yes, everyone wants more customers. But we’ve heard that line and promise so many times that it’s lost all meaning. So many marketers use this as a “hook” or benefit that it barely registers with a customer.

If however you decided to add in some spice and make the leads and customers specific to an industry, you might get somewhere.

Convert [type of lead] leads into high paying [type of customer] customers, on automation – is a stronger and more targeted approach. For example:

Convert brand new email newsletter subscribers into high paying home remodeling customers on automation.

You will probably have (and should have) a defined niche that you work with. A type of customer that you enjoy working with, or a particular type of product that you’re good at selling. The more specific you can make the type of lead and sale conversion, the easier you’ll find it to sell webinar marketing to customers.

Generate sales and revenue while focusing on other business demands

Webinars can generate sales and revenue while allowing customers focusing on other areas of their life. A campaign I saw recently for a very successful ad agency is where they have a picture of a guy going back to the gym. He’s stood outside the gym about to go in and the strapline is “we’re going to give you 8:00 am back”.

You can do whatever you want with 8:00 am. If you want to sleep in, it’s up to you. If you want to go back to the gym, that’s completely up to you. But with our ad automation system, you no longer have to set them up before you start your working day.

I thought that was smart. Giving someone back 8:00 am. I like that. When are your customers doing activities that generate leads and sales? Meetings, calls, pitches, presentations, creating content. Are they doing that at 5 pm or midday?

Webinars have the potential to allow business owners to focus on other areas of their business. You’re not selling webinars, you’re selling more time. Imagine saying to a business owner “wouldn’t you rather be doing [this] instead of selling?”

Monday mornings aren’t just for catching up with sales calls. They’re for swimming, breakfast, sleeping in. Whatever. Don’t sell webinars, sell time.

Position themselves as a thought leader and industry leader through education

Through education with webinar funnels, business owners can position themselves as a thought leader and an industry leader.

In particular, if they are building out educational material, this is how they can position themselves as an industry leader or thought leader. A lot of businesses want to define themselves as thought leaders.

They’re at the stage where their revenues are stable, and they start thinking bigger. “How can we begin to grow this to the next level?” And webinar marketing is how you position yourself as a thought leader in an industry.

Start generating income and sales from paid online ads

Lots of companies are already spending money on advertising and they’re just driving traffic to a website. There’s no conversion strategy or ROAS (return on ad spend). For many businesses this is extremely frustrating. It’s like having part of a traffic strategy, and there are loads of businesses that struggle to generate any return from their ad spend.

What if we could spend that money on advertising and start generating sales from it, shorten that sales process?

Using webinars you can start generating sales from traffic generated via ads. Sounds obvious, even perfect and logical (there’s that word). But the emotional pull and the desire to buy, comes from generating a return on ad spend.

“Start making your advertising costs generate a return”.

Leave the office early knowing that their traffic is being converted into leads

What if your customers, after you’ve sold them a webinar funnel, are able to leave the office early?

We’ve come back to a lot of the good ideas about families and loved ones and things that matter to them. Leaving the office early, knowing that their traffic has been converted into leads.

And similarly knowing that their leads have been converted into sales. I know from experience that a lot of the reason the guys and girls stay late, is because they’re working on converting those final leads. You could say “look it’s 3:00 pm. Your day’s done because those leads are being converted into sales on automation”.

Sleep soundly at night confident that they’ll wake up to new sales

The final one, sleep soundly at night, confident that they’ll wake up to new sales. That is what webinar funnels and launch funnels bring to customers.

Your entire business model could be built around the idea that people sleep better when they wake up to more sales. Yes, many of the businesses you’re going to work with already have a sales team, and with your webinars they could scale their sales further.

Or, you could look at helping customers open business and sales in new time zones. While they’re asleep, half the world is awake and not buying your customer’s products.

Ideal customer traits for webinar funnels

Yes, every customer would in theory benefit from webinar funnels. But some customers benefit more from webinar marketing than others. This list of ideal customer traits are things you need to look for and target, in order to sell webinar marketing to them.

Selling products to customers with healthy, regular revenue

Without question, one of the most important traits that a customer needs to have, is that they’re already making sales.

We usually react to this trait with “ if they’re already selling products, they don’t need any help” but they definitely do need help. There seems to be this weird perception of an entrepreneurial nirvana, that as soon as you’re making $100,000 every year on clockwork that you don’t need help from anybody else

If that was true multi-million dollar companies, people who are listed on NASDAQ and the FTSE wouldn’t be reaching out to consultants and they absolutely are. The problems that you are facing such as

  • I need to generate more leads
  • I need to generate more sales
  • I need to be clear on my message
  • I need to get out there
  • I need to get in front of the noise
  • I need to start using new technology
  • I need to check our office space
  • I need to work on our brand and our company culture, our values, an
  • I need to generate recurring revenue
  • I need to increase revenue and increase profit and increase turnover
  • I need to reduce expenditure
  • I need to cut back on tax

Those problems that you’ve got, the biggest companies in the world have also got.

So when a company is selling products, even though they have healthy regular revenue, they need your help.

Don’t think that just because you’re struggling with running a business, that other businesses aren’t too. Customers that sell and sell products regularly, still need help. Massive amounts of help.

Sold multiple products to customers

And if they’ve sold multiple products to customers, we can help them out further. In fact, I would argue that one of the traits you should be looking for, is that your ideal customers already have sold multiple products.

Or, that you customers at least have multiple product levels and prices. You’ll need to test the webinars and see what converts.

Already has an advertising budget or is buying ad space

If you want to see where people are wasting money, go to your local radio station, pick up the local newspaper and see who spends money on media that doesn’t/can’t convert.

Say to those businesses “hey, this quarter page advert, that costs you two grand. How about we spend that a bit more sensibly on another platform?”

The spend that people are taking on advertising budgets on local radio is insane. And if they’re already spending money on one platform, we can massively reduce their ad spend and start showing them a return on ad spend faster.

A list or database of customers who we can email

If a company has got a list of customers or database of customers, we can help them because we can create webinars and market to those current customers. Having a current database might be the biggest indicator that a business needs to move into webinar marketing.

Imagine having a database of 10,000 leads and customers and promoting a webinar to that list.

What we’re looking for with a lot of these traits, is that the customer already knows what their market is looking for and they’ve got the right message. Webinars are a scale method, not a marketing method. They can’t create customers or leads, they can just attract more people to something that already works.

If you create webinars for a business that doesn’t know it’s message or what their market wants, you’ll spend a lot of time testing messages. That’s not the end of the world, but if a customer has sales and leads already, then they’re already clear on their message and you’re going to help them scale that message by selling them webinar funnels.

Spends a lot of time manually closing and converting sales

If your customers spend a lot of time manually closing and converting sales. Or if they have a sales team, you can say to them “we can help cut that back. We can help reduce your sales expenditure.”

Reducing the cost of acquisition is a big deal for businesses. And if they’re currently using phone sales, face to face meetings and events to close customers, you can reduce the time it takes to make a sale.

Doesn’t have time to convert all the leads and prospect in their database

Are your customers leaving money on the table? Are they converting 100% of leads? Are they even reaching out to 100% of their leads? I guarantee a lot of your customers are going to say no.

You don’t have to pitch anything. You’re not going to “sell” anything. There’s no call to action. You just want to talk for 20 minutes about leaving money on the table. That is what a lot of your customers will be doing and webinars can start to collect money, that is being left on the table.

And that will be a message that will say “oh my God, I am leaving money on the table. There’s loads of people in my database who I never get the chance to talk to”.

You can solve that problem. Most of your customers attract leads and then never do anything with them.


Openers are the message and copy that I use to attract or gain the attention of my prospective customers. They might be advertising headlines, parts of a pitch or when I’m at a networking event. This is how you get people interested.

  • Do you have a list of leads and prospects but you’re struggling to find the time to sell and close all of them?
  • I’d love to show you how we’re helping businesses like yours, with a database of prospects, how to convert those into sales while you focus on other business activities.


  • Are you spending money on advertising but also spending a lot of time selling to customers when you should be focused on other activities?
  • I’d love to show you how you can find an untapped source of revenue (current customers) while converting new leads and getting a better return on your ad spend.


Closes are the phrase or sentence I use to get the customer to take the next step. You don’t have to use all of them.

Use these at the end of the conversation or meeting to get the customer to take the next step.

  • So you want to spend less time closing and selling and more time working on strategic partnerships/new product research?
  • If we could increase the return you generate from your ad spend and increase the value per customer, would you like to learn more?
  • If you could focus on other business activities while converting leads into sales without manual transactions, would you want to start today?

How to sell webinar marketing to customers

Don’t try to sell the clever techniques or tactics of webinar marketing. You need to delve into the emotional reasons that someone would buy marketing from you.

Focus on benefits and sell the future, not the feature. Couple that with the ideal customer characteristics and you’ll find a group of people that desperately want to work with you.

Use opens and closers to attract and motivate your customers to taking that next step, and get them to take the deal.

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