Riverside.fm review – How it replaces EVERYTHING

Does Riverside FM replace everything and by everything I mean everything.

Riverside has asked me to do a quick video with them and I was like, that’s really funny because I’ve started using you or wanted to use you for a while now, because a couple of the podcasts that I follow use Riverside.

Having played around with it for a while, what I want to do in this video is show you how Riverside FM could essentially create an entire business for you with just one piece of software and I’m going to show you that.

Rather than doing an in-depth review of every single feature and going over how to use it, because there’s a lot of those videos out there, I’m going to show you how you could set up a business from scratch, create content, generate leads, sell to those leads, qualify those leads, deliver a product, sell a product, sell a recurring revenue product.

Then, I continue to coach people and make like high ticket sales and then use that to create more content all from one piece of software called Riverside FM.

At its core, what Riverside is is a recording software where you and multiple guests or audience members or hosts or media members login, use the link and it records it.

The two things and there’s not just two things there are loads of things that are killer for Riverside FM is first of all, it records in 4k so even though if you present live on a webinar, obviously won’t look 4k, but the way that it does it’s recording and to be honest, it’s a little bit beyond me because I’m not smart enough to understand it.

But if two people record them 4k on the separate side of the planet, it’ll somehow magically record and store those and then upload it. And then that’s the final video that you use, which is pretty outstanding.

Here are some of the things that Riverside FM can do. It can do webinars, it can do meeting rooms. It can do podcast interviews, both audio and video. It can do YouTube recordings. It can do screen captures and it can do course creation.

But that’s not everything. Live streaming, editing, real-time media input, 4k capture, live events, transcription, subtitles, live chat, sales pitches, and much, much more.

What Riverside FM does is essentially what Zoom does, what Teams does, what Skype does, what Streamyard does, what Facebook live does, what YouTube Live does, what Podcast App Anchor does as well as Podbean. What whereby does even what Loom does as well as WhatsApp calls, FaceTime and even otter.ai and Descript plus it even replaces some video editors.

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to run through how to create an entire business using Riverside FM, everything from content creation to product creation, to selling it and moving on.

If you want to go ahead and check out Riverside FM, go ahead to sellyourservice.co.uk/riverside.

They have a free trial though. Well, you can go and figure out whether you like to use it or not.

I promise you, you will love it. If you just start booking calls and getting people on it, the features that come afterwards, basically, take the hassle out of having the content because the biggest problem is creating the content, but then editing it.

Editing is actually the hard work, but Riverside FM kind of takes the heavy lifting big, big chunk of that and it’s a bananas piece of kit.

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