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As a lot of you may know, I’ve been using Go High Level now for our marketing funnels and what I wanted to do is give a really broad, high-level overview of High Level to give you an understanding of exactly where its strengths and weaknesses are, what parts of the funnel process it’s best applicable, and where you’re going to use it within your business.

Rather than doing like an in-depth review or going over every feature, what I thought I’d do is jump over to the whiteboard and show you all of this via the concept of surprisingly a marketing funnel.

If we take our overall concept of the funnel like this and if I take a look at starting with traffic and then we have leads, prospects, pitching, sales, following up or closing and we also have delivery.

This is a pretty standard funnel. We basically have audience or even people who have no idea that you exist.

What we want to do is make sure that people come through this process both profitably, happily, quickly, efficiently, and we want to make sure they go through each stage.

The interesting thing about High Level is that it basically does every single aspect of the market.


You are going to use ads, social media, organic traffic. You’re going to use blog content and content marketing, all this stuff to drive people in.

Let’s take a look at traffic first.

One of the things that High Level does better than anyone else, in fact, even to the point where I haven’t really seen people do it as well as this, is ad attribution.

Now, this is basically saying if someone clicks through from Facebook ads and buys a product, or if someone comes through from content marketing or from Google ads and buys a product, do we know all the stages that they’ve gone through?

Ad Attribution

High Level is able to say that for basically every single aspect of the marketing funnel stage, it’s very, very impressive.It eliminates the problem or the lack of insight over ad attribution.

In fact, you can have a conversation with one of their guys and they’ll talk through this. Chase Buckner from Go High Level talks through this. Probably the most important, most underutilized aspects of High Level.

If you have a problem with insight over your ads, High Level immediately eliminates that problem.


It has analytics.

You can actually go into all of the different aspects of your marketing funnel.

If you build your funnel out in High Level and it’ll tell you all the different attribution’s, all the different aspects of the marketing flow, but it also has basic analytics for any websites that you’re running as well because it also hosts WordPress websites.

We’ll come onto that in a little bit. Although you would still have like Google analytics or Adobe or whatever analytics platform, there is still analytics for the websites that you can do inside High Level.

If you’re building out funnels or full-blown websites, you can actually see the analytics for those particular pages inside. High Level just kind of track that stuff.

Host WordPress Websites

As I mentioned, you can actually host WordPress websites. High Level has a website builder, has got a page builder.

It’s pretty basic. It’s not nearly at the level of like thrive or Beaver Builder, but it does everything you would need it to.

Frankly, a lot of those design features that you find inside things like BeaverBuilder and Ultimate ad-ons and power pack. They don’t really add anything to the user experience.

We’re seeing people design more and more basic websites stripped down with less and less stuff going on like Parallax. Remember Parallax? Everyone liked parallax.

People don’t really use that stuff anymore. It can do that. Actually, it can do a lot of that stuff.

But more importantly, it can’t really do blogging and personally, I don’t believe that High Level has got any interest in doing blogging. I don’t think they want to move down the blogging route.

That’s why they have now got the ability to host WordPress websites, using a Google content delivery network. It’s lightning-fast. I cannot wait to get ours onto Go High Level.

If you have a WordPress, there’s no need to rebuild it in High Level, you can actually now host it in High Level included inside the package which allows you to then kind of link through.

There is a plugin for WordPress and High Level whereby if you build a landing page or a squeeze page in High Level, you can actually embed it within a WordPress website.

It’s very, very powerful, but you can also have websites. You can build websites in High Level using their page builder and it’s fine.

It’s really good. It’s not the world’s most comprehensive page builder, but for a lot of websites is going to be more than adequate.


That’s our traffic taken care of. Now, I want to take a look at leads.

Squeeze Pages

It does better than anything is squeeze pages. You can build really, really good squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages, which we’ll talk about later opt-in pages. We have them with like ongoing recurring webinars where it says, “Hey, this website is shutting down. This webinar is starting in like this amount of time or you can sign up now and get access to this webinar.”

Optin Forms

We have it for our lead magnet pages. We have it for our opt-in pages. We also have opt-in forms. A lot of the forms on our website used to be done by Optin Monster and because Optin Monster wants to raise their prices even though I bought a lifetime license, they decided they want to start charging us.

I was like, “You know what, fuck that. I’m going to move over to High Level.”

So we’ve moved all of our optin forms and we just embedded them across the site and it now means that we are capturing data from our website and it goes straight into High Level, which is our entire marketing machine.


Something else I’ve also been playing around with on High Level is their surveys.

Now, the surveys act a lot like a standard form, but you’re able to put them on different slides and kind of have it as a questionnaire and there’s also logic behind it as well.

A lot of software you charge $97 a month just for the logic and based on like the answers that people gave, you can redirect them to different questions or you can disqualify them.

It’s absolutely mad and it’s a really good lead capture system or an optin system to be able to get people to book in.

I also really like it for people who want to book in calls to be able to qualify them.

You use that as the qualification form and then get them to either book a call or not book a call depending on what their answers are.

Free Course

One of the things that they do really, really well because they have a membership system, they have can give away free course content or just free products in general.

If you create a course inside their membership platform, which again is all included inside the standard that even the lowest level package you could have that course being given away for free.

In another blog post, I’ve talked about Alex Becker’s free course that he gives away as a method of kind of generating leads and authority.

You could do that as well. You could give a really quick, simple course process away, give it away for free capture those emails and it leaves and show you how many people have opted in for that specific course in the membership area, not just in the opt-in areas as well.

Click Pops

A few other things as well. It does what we call ClickPops. The optin popups that you see come up on the page, they really convert really, really well.

You can have them embedded across other sites, even WordPress sites or even non-WordPress sites.

There’s a lot here to start capturing leads across other areas, as well as even giving it as a landing page or a call to action inside like a YouTube video or some content or a podcast or something like that.

Capture those leads and start putting them into the system for the funnel.


Prospects are what I would call leads, who have put their hand up, who also has become a little bit qualified.


If you use something like a survey or an optin form, this is where you then want to start managing those prospects, the best thing about the CRM within Go High Level is that pipeline.

They have a really powerful piece of pipeline software where you can create multiple pipelines and move people across them.

What I also like about managing that pipeline is it shows you inside the dashboard how many leads or how much, how much the value of those leads is or how much the pipeline is worth.


You can also create tasks, both inside the actual opportunity itself and via automation for people to call up and book in follow-up calls or booking, like meeting appointments and things like this.

One of the things I really like about the CRM system is the ability to click in and see all the notes and you just go straight to their profile.

You can see all the tags that they’re a part of. You can see all the different bits and pieces that are working for that particular customer and what they’re working on as well.

Of course, you can move just by clicking, dragging, and dropping them.


And because it ties in really well with what they call workflows, which is basically their word for automation you can add people or take people away out of different pipeline stages, depending on the actions that you’ve got.

Email Marketing

Something that I absolutely love is of course their email marketing.

Now, they have put a lot of time and effort into their remarketing. It used to be very bare-bones, but it has come on leaps and bounds.

If you are using them a year, 18 months ago, I understand why you think their email marketing isn’t great.

They’ve put a lot of time and effort into their email marketing. They’ve changed how they use email marketing and how you build emails. And I think that email marketing, I was much, much, much slicker.

In fact, I actually think it’s a little bit better than Active Campaign, which is where I had come from.

I’m very impressed with their email marketing enabled to get people on board, get people to book on calls and start following up with people as well.

You can also reply to people via the dashboard as well. So you don’t have to have everything come to your inbox.

You can have it sent to members of your team, and they can reply to emails from High Level and it goes out and that means the conversation is tracked and it’s not lost inside your email inbox.

High Level really can take care of the customer all the way through, from the lead generation stage to where you actually want to engage with them.

There’s a lot of CRM management, which can be automated. It doesn’t have to be super granular, but it can be a very high level if you want it to be.


Then, we move on to pitching.

Where High Level plays a role with pitching is twofold.

Book Calls

First of all, you can book calls.

There is a calendar feature whereby you can connect it to your Google calendar account and you can share and round Robin like calls and stuff which means that it doesn’t just go through to you.

It can go through to different members of your team, depending on what their calendar is.

There are ways to manage the calendar calls as well. What I like is the calendar booking calls can actually integrate with a form or the forms and surveys can integrate with the calendar, which means if someone does answer the right questions or answers to the questions correctly, then they are shown a particular page.

If you wanted to collect information from people, you can do that as well.

Plus you can actually do paid calls via High Level. You can say this call actually costs $497 or it costs, you know, 50 bucks or whatever it is to book a call.

You can have all of that taken care of within High Level. It also eliminates the needs for things like Calendly and book like a boss, because it’s really easy to share things and you can also do it so that if you book something else within Google, It automatically adds it into your Go High Level calendar.

Generating Zoom Links

It also does things like reminders. It does things like generating zoom links. It integrates with zoom so you can just generate the zoom link and have a new zoom link.

We actually do it a bunch of different ways. We have one zoom room, which is constantly open and for anything further like the strategy calls or the longer calls or pitches, it creates a zoom link.

Receive Calls

Something else that it does is the ability to receive calls. Through High Level, you can actually set it up to go through Twilio and through a bunch of different core platforms so that if someone books a call, maybe you’ve got like one of those messenger symbols down in the bottom, right corner, like a support symbol or a call care button.

You can actually do it so that it books the call and then you answer and run the call like a phone call through High Level, which is kind of insane.


It also does texts as well, like SMS marketing. It does it through Twilio specifically but you can actually set that up within the workflows in the automation so that you can have communications and contact with the client and the customer and the prospect all through High Level that you don’t have to touch anything else.


Finally, it does reminders.

The way that their workflows work and I haven’t seen this in any other platform.

Specific platforms have reminders, but the way that the workflows work within High Level, I’m able to say, this is the date so I want you to email them one hour before the date or one day before the date.

This also works really well for things like webinars so using calls to book calls in the calendar book cause you can then have follow-up reminder emails.

We have an email confirmation and then we have an email an hour before we have a coaching email reminder an hour before, and we have a text reminder for like calls that goes through.

If people want to reschedule or cancel again, they can do that through the links all within High Level.


Let’s talk about sales because this is where High Level really, really shines.

Payment Link

The first is that through their communication platform, you can send, what’s known as a payment link.

Let’s say that you’re having a text conversation with the customer or an email conversation with a customer and they say, yeah, we want to go ahead and do this.

You can just click a button that says request payment.

You can have a timer on it so that it can only take payments within the next 12 hours or whatever.

Send that to them from High Level, all within the platform to their or even to their phone by text messaging, they click it, put in their payment information and the money comes straight through via Stripe.

Right. But it obviously goes through via a High Level, which is amazing to me.

I love the ability to send an email to someone. They click a link and they’re able to pay an invoice. That’s outstanding.

It obviously integrates with Stripe and I believe you have to have the pro level, but it does integrate with PayPal as well.

Check out

Something that I’ve really liked is their checkout system. They have a couple of different methods. They have what was known as a two-step and a one-step.

They have like a singular form or they have one where it captures your information and then takes your payment information.

You can customize the hell out of them, ask for different fields off, ask for different information.

It all integrates really, really well and what I like is that it all tracks it through the pipeline. It tracks it through won and lost opportunities.

It tracks it through an individual funnel as well and per customer.

There’s really easy to set up checkout pages.

I personally like to do it on the one-time offers so that if someone watches a video, they can click a button and the order form just pops up ahead of them.

Order Bumps

It also does order bumps really well and one-click upsells.

This is really important because you’re trying to increase the average spend per customer.

The basic idea is that you would have someone coming through to a squeeze page and then they come through to a one-time offer.

This has an order bump on it, and then there’s a one-click upsell, which basically they just click it. It’ll charge the person’s card.

It also does memberships. It does subscriptions. It does payment plans. It does trials as well.

They have got a discount and voucher feature coming out.

If you sell something for a grand or 10 grand and you want to give someone a 20% discount and they have also got an affiliate platform coming out.

I’m an affiliate of Go High Level, but they have an affiliate platform where people can sign up to be affiliates of your products and things that you sell.

They’ve got a few different checkout options, both via their marketing funnel builder and via their membership builder as well.

Paid Consulting Calls

As I mentioned earlier, they actually have the ability to do paid consulting calls via their like booking call speech.

You can actually say, I want to charge for this particular type of course. So people go through to it, they can pay money and then you can just start generating sales and calls through that same system.

This is all within High Level on the lowest possible platform. This is all within High Level.

I haven’t even started talking about the pro and the agency model. I’m not going to in this particular video, this is all the basic platform.

Even if you’re an agency, you should be using this for your own and then you should be using it for your customers, right?


Now, if we look at follow-up, one of the things that I really like about it is the ability to change what they call a call status.

Let’s say that someone books a quick 10-minute one-on-one call with you or a qualification call.

If they show up, you can just select a button. That says click and then it says showed, and that can set off an entire automation chain, and the reason I like that is because they also have a no-show symbol.

We have people who just miss calls. It happens, pisses me off, but it happens.

If I click no show, it will basically fire off an automation say, “Hey, really sorry. We obviously got our times mixed up. Why don’t you rebook here?”

It’s a really, really useful way to be able to manage people and because they have workflows, you’re able to say, well, if someone jumps into the pitch and we’ve presented to them, but they haven’t quite bought yet, put them into the prospecting or the pitching part of a pipeline and we’ll just fire off some automations.

Again, a lot of email marketing platforms have that because you’re tracking them from start all the way to the end. It’s a really easy way for you to be able to start generating sales and revenue from following up with people.

It also has, of course, like I’ve talked about text and email, but here’s where things get really mad.

Lead Connector App

They have an app called lead connector. This app here means that from my phone, I can email and text and Facebook message I think absolutely anyone who is in my pipeline or who’s going through the stages.

If I’ve got their information, I’m able to just use my phone and I’m able to have text and email conversations with them.

I love this because it means I don’t have to have an email inbox app on my phone and I don’t have to have any social media on my phone, which I don’t.

But if someone contacts me and says, “Hey, Mike, I’m really interested in working with you. I want to book a call.”

I can go, “Awesome. Here are the details.”, and fire off from my phone. That means that if your team has just a regular cell phone, you can use their phone to be able to have conversations with people in real-time.

You don’t even need to have your laptop with you. You can do it entirely through your phone, which is bananas.

Again, this is all on their regular standard platform.

By the way, if at any point you want to join High level, head to https://sellyourservice.co.uk/highlevel or /highlevel.

It’s both the same link and I will give you all of the funnels that I use and that I have built as templates for free included in 14-day free trial.

If you sign up using the link below, it is an affiliate link by the way, full disclosure. Make sure you use my link as last one that you’ve clicked on.

If you then go to like Google or go to someone, else’s link it transfers over.

Make sure you use my one last and you’ll get all of the funnels that I’ve talked about.

Get the Miles Beckler ATM funnel, the Taki Moore coaching funnel, the Alex Becker Hyros consulting funnel, a bunch of other ones that I’ve included in there as well.

You can get that for free included if you just even get the basic package and just on a 14-day trial.

Finally, we come through to delivery. This is where you actually give them the products.

Full Membership Course

The first thing it does, it has a full membership and course platform. You could get rid of like Thinkific and all the other like course platforms and stuff.

Their course platform is sick and at the moment they’re even offering free video hosting.

Whereas you used to have to use Vimeo and embedded, you can now just use their course platform, upload your videos for free.

Again, this is all included. I love talking about this because it’s the platform I’ve been waiting for my entire life.

You can do digital courses. Obviously. You can also do digital products to an extent as well because the pages are very, very flexible.

So if you wanted to have it as a membership and a page, and it gives access to all the PDFs and the links and the resources, you can do all of that as well.

I think it’s modeled off of like Thinkific or something. That’s very clean, nice interface. There’s drip content as well, so that you can do it, whereas it unlocks like every week or every month, or there is also the ability to send it to them only once they’ve completed a certain task.

What we’ve done as well. We’ve embedded a couple of lights, surveys, and forms within our courses to be able to ask quizzes and questions and update people that just get sent back to some other data so that we’re able to keep track of our content and their progress within the business and within the objectives that they’ve signed up for.

Welcome Courses

Something else you can do as well, this is where it gets really mental, you can create slash welcome courses.

You could create a product in High Level, which means that when someone signs up to your High Level account, if they sign up are an agency, and if you’re an agency, you could create a course, that means that when they sign up as like a customer. They get access to a specialist course, which talks them through how to use it.

In fact, high-level do this themselves. What that means is that under, I think it’s, it’s either either 497or 297. I can’t quite remember.

There’s a mid-level tier, which means that if I was an agency and I had 10 customers and they signed up and I was starting to build them funnels and websites and email marketing and do their advertising and stuff. It would include like a free welcome course within that package that they could then check out and learn a little bit more around marketing and how to run a business and stuff.

It’s an incredibly powerful platform.

SaaS Mode

There is also a SaaS mode. This is insane. This does cost extra. I can’t remember which platform at level it is and there’s another level as well which basically turns High Level into a white label version of High Level so that you could have it with your branding and you could charge like 97 or 39 bucks or whatever you wanted, you can add and remove different features, give it to people, and then they sign up and pay for it and it becomes a recurring revenue.

Imagine having High Level yourself, you’ve created High Level and then selling it to your customers.

It’s bananas. So you could include a bunch of funnels and create products and packages for people track the sale through your own version of high-level. Get them to buy into a monthly product using High Level.

Again, if you head to https://sellyourservice.co.uk/highlevel, down below, you can get access to all of my funnels. Just frankly, if you included those with your customers, I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t care.

Hopefully, that gives you a pretty good understanding of how High Level affects different levels of the funnel and different levels of what it’s able to offer and capability-wise.

If you’re interested and want to have more information, just let me know in the comments below or reach out to me via email or via the Facebook group or whatever. I’m sure we can have a quick conversation.

As I mentioned, you can actually get all of my funnels that I use for my business and for my customers for free even if you just sign up to the 14-day free trial, and then obviously if you take it on, you’ll still get them. That’s at https://sellyourservice.co.uk/highlevel

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