How I generate new leads for HighLevel from WordPress – Optinly Review

In this blog post, I want to talk to you about how I turn WordPress visitors and leads into subscribers for my email list via Go High Level.

I’m sure as most of you know High Level is my marketing automation platform of choice.

However, they do have WordPress-based hosting, but one of the problems that I had was trying to create forms and optins and popups and stuff for our WordPress site and turning those leads into High Level leads.

Personally, I was a lifetime customer and I think if you buy a lifetime license, that means you get to keep a lifetime license, but they changed that.

However, our blog is powered by WordPress, and I know for a fact that High Level has no interest in going into the blog market.

Typically, we would use something like Optin Monster, but they crazy increased their price recently.

So, I was looking for something to replace Optin Monster that I could install on my WordPress site and then capture leads by an Optin form and pass them into High Level and that’s how I came across Optinly.

We go over to my blog. You’ve probably seen this stuff before, down at the bottom here, we’ve got this really simple Optin and this does quite well for us. It converts at quite a decent conversion rate.

The problem was that, yes, the ones created in High Level are great. I like them. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re a little bit bare bones.

Also, they’re not particularly easy to just throw across the entire site and also if we want to do something like an Optin bar, which goes across the top of the screen, or if we do something like a full page, splash popup, it’s quite difficult to do.

It’s possible but I just want something that’s super easy. I want something I can change really quickly. Most importantly, I don’t want to have to run it through Zapier and then Google sheets and then into Go High Level.

This is how we are creating amazingly free from a WordPress blog or any blog for that matter into High Level.

These are all the things that Optinly connects with. These are all the integrations and you can see they’ve got High Level.

As far as I’m aware, they are the only optin plugin that has a High Level integration.

That already is worth the price of admission in my eyes, but you’ve got the classics like Active Campaign, Send grid, MailChimp, and Zapier as well.

But for those of us running a High Level based funnels and you want to start turning blog subscribers and blog traffic into email subscribers. This is the platform I would use.

What I’m going to do is come up here and create a campaign, and there’s a bunch of different versions available.

Optinly has done a really good job of giving you the options of the outcomes and controlling the outcomes and then saying the design is important but don’t get bogged down in it.

Watch me create a campaign via Optinly here:

That was just how quick it took for me to create this in Optinly.

The number one thing that you should be doing is redirecting people to a specific confirmation or sales page, a video sales letter.

I like to redirect people to jumping on a call or something, which by the way, if you would like to do that, just hit me up in the comments down below, say hands up or I’m in.

We’ll get one of our guys to jump in and have a quick 10-minute call with you on how to double your revenue or even give you a way this cheat sheet for example, just let me know in the comments down below.

You can show things like terms and conditions, which I personally don’t worry about.

Customize all the layout options.

It’s so easy to use. If you’ve used Optin Monster or any kind of SaaS product like that before, you get what they’re doing with this.

What Optinly has done, however, is make it extremely easy to add anyone who is on your blog or your website, and they have tons of different variations.

Really simple to do.

There’s so many things that you can create. Absolutely bananas.

Promoting special offers is really good.

Gamification works really well if people have watched like two or three videos or read two or three blog posts, or even just getting them to kind of check it out.

The cookie notices as well is super powerful and you can also conduct surveys.

The amount of stuff that you can do with Optinly is bananas. It’s basically all the best bits from like any kind of Shopify, upsell package and like conversion package bundled into a separate SaaS product.

Increasing cart value as well as really interesting.

There’s so many options that very powerful product, but the reason I love it is because it connects all of the activity on my WordPress blog through to High Level and then allows me to add tags and put people into different automations depending on what they do with Optinly.

Extremely powerful tool.

I absolutely love these guys. They have been super, super helpful, really nice team.

Deepak and Jagadesh have been really, really helpful with me, helping my team get set up.

By the way, this integrates with everything e-commerce store Shopify, woo-commerce.

It can even be put on High Level because it’s just some real code and there’s even a couple of plugins available, extremely powerful bit of kit. Great tool.

You should be using this with your customers. There’s a license available where you can use it for your customers.

Imagine just going out to them and saying, “Hey, would you like to reduce cart abandonment?

They go, “Yeah. Great. Here it is. It’s 50. We’ll install it for you. Get it set up and we’ll run a few different campaigns.”

You can do all kinds of things where you can have the campaigns changing in and out.

It’s an outstanding piece of kit. I absolutely love these guys.

We were actively looking for a solution. We found it and I said, “Hey, do you mind if I do a video?”

They were on board.

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