How I book dozens of calls for FREE

In this blog post, I want to talk about a little-known underground marketing hack a lot of people have been using for years but doesn’t really seem to get the traction that it deserves.

I’m going to show you how I have booked a ton of calls, literally sold thousands of books, how I generate more leads and how I sell products well, all from using a little-known thing called an email signature.

Email signatures in emails

Email signatures, everyone knows them. Everyone knows what they are, but I don’t think they’re utilized nearly as much as people should be using them.

My email signature

We jump over to my Gmail, what you can see here is my email signature from Sell Your Service.

my email signature

Loads of people have these, but I don’t they use them as properly as they could.

Two reasons you’d want to use email signature

There are two reasons you want to use these? We’ve got the social media links and stuff, but to be honest, I don’t really give a shit about the social media stuff.

What I care about is selling products and selling books, in this case, “Five Figure Funnels available in paperback and Kindle”, and getting people to book a call.

If I click this button here, Five Figure Funnels available in Kindle and paperback, it will load up the Amazon page.

my email signature
Buy Five Figure Funnels on Amazon

I have a special type of link, which that no matter where in the world people are, if click it and straight to their localized page and show you that later.

Of course, I can get to book a call as well and just goes through to our 10 minutes booking of a one-on-one brainstorming call.

The reason this is so important is that you send dozens, even hundreds of emails a week personally, to one-on-one individuals and I have proof that this works.

My book sales

This is a book linker, right? This is designed for a bunch of reasons. This particular link here, is the link that I use specifically so my email signatures generate sales.

If someone uses that link and they are in America or Australia, anywhere in the world, it will go to their localized Amazon area and this is the link that I use in my email signature.

You can see that I’ve had over two and a half thousand people click this link from my email signature.

Then, if I open up my high-level page, I’ve covered the names for privacy and data protection reasons.

My booked calls

These here are the calls that I have booked again, just from my email signature.

These are a mixture of 10-minute calls, 45-minutes strategies. There’s a ton inside here that is happening for me on automation.

If I reach out to people or really interestingly, if they reach out to me and I just reply from my regular email, this is what gets sent out.

How to build an email signature in

To do this, we use a program called I’m just going to jump in here, actually.

This is our dashboard.

Our dashboard

We have them set up for all members of the team and if I click into my one here, this is how easy it is to create an email signature.

Now, full disclosure, I didn’t create our email signatures. I think Jha or Clarence created them.

That’s how simple my signature is because I was able to just say, here’s the information. Go ahead and put that in. Then, they sent me the code.

It has all the regular stuff, like email address, name, company, that kind of stuff.

You can obviously add images.

The social aspect is quite interesting, cause it just adds these little icons and there are a bunch of add-ons and these are the two most important ones in my opinion.

The call to action for us is “Five Figure Funnels available in paperback and Kindle” and this is my link.

It means that if someone clicks it, it goes through to that page.

There’s also book a call here with event and calendar, which again, I really, really like. I liked that it has a dedicated area that.

Then finally, we’ve got the design. This is where you can kind of play around with stuff.

sample layouts

The reason I liked my signature is that I didn’t have to think too much about whether it would look decent or not, and having all of these different kinds of variations designs.

So depending on what it is that you do, you can have different templates and different designs, depending on what your brand is and kind of the layout and the feel and the structure that works you and all the different calls to actions.

This is massively underutilized people don’t use their email signatures correctly. I see people who have email signatures that have tons of bullshit in them saying any or copy sent is under the direction of blah, blah, blah.

Terms and conditions shouldn’t go in your email. Don’t worry about any of that shit.

The legality side and the bullshit legal stuff do not need to go in your email signature.

What you need to start using is our marketing and calls to action.

There’s a couple of interesting options as well, in particular for my signature.

If we’re coming to settings, a little-known kind of area here is called public signature settings. settings

I personally choose to turn this off. So it says no, but what it does do is a kind of mini landing page that you can brand customized a little bit like a link tree.

It actually opens it up to the signature page you can create kind of a little like said link tree or a bunch of other calls to action.

Now, as I mentioned, I actually turned that off. I just want calls to action and the links going directly to wherever it is, want them to go. But I think that’s a really nice little touch.

Here’s the second thing that does, which is really impressive. There is a way to use my signature.

Branded and timed email. That means when an email signature is sent out, you might have running a promotion all of December.

It will have that banner appear. And then at the of the December, it will disappear you can include that inside the signature.

There’s a way to kind of create little micro ads inside your email signature to promote or like tell people about a brand new product or service or lead magnet, maybe a promotion that you’re running.

Then once you’re done with it, super simple. You just click, save signature, copy to clipboard. Obviously, I’m using Newton.

I would just inside my Newton settings, click one signature, highlight that and delete it, and then just paste. Click save and that’s ready to go now.

I now know that any time I send an email to someone it’s going to have calls to action.

This is about that kind of consistent 1% just growing the business little bit by little bit.

The reason I liked my signature is there is first of a free level, their pro-level is killer has a ton of awesome features inside it as well.

I don’t think people are using email signatures as much they could be.

I think people use them as a place like I mentioned, have legal disclaimers and stuff, and is not the place to have it inside an email.

Think about this, if you’re receiving an email from someone it has a bunch of saying, never share this email don’t ever forward it, our content is our content. You will be prosecuted.

I’m like, what kind of introduction is. What kind of message does that send to people?

I would rather say, “Hey, by the way, if you want to book a call, you can do that for free here.”

Personally, that’s how I’d rather run my business and that’s how I’d rather promote my brand.

The other thing I really like about it is it’s super simple to create consistency across all of your email signatures.

In fact, this was a role that we had when I was working at corporate companies, was making sure that people just had the same branded email signatures.

People have slightly different texts and look insane when people have one with Arial, one Sans, one a square logo, one with a circle, one with a different yellow or green. It drives us all nuts.

This is a really good way of having everyone to a nice branded, simple email signature and it’s perfect for your marketing team that means they can go away and create them and they don’t have to come back to you.

It’s why I’ve particularly liked my signature, but also the entire concept of having email signatures in your standard emails as well.

Remember, if you head to, that is, full disclosure, a little affiliate link. You can ahead and check that out. There’s a bunch of bonuses or something. You go and sign up using that.

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