How I book dozens of calls for FREE

By Mike Killen / December 9, 2021

In this blog post, I want to talk about a little-known underground marketing hack a lot of people have been using for years but doesn’t really seem to get the traction that it deserves. I’m going to show you how I have booked a ton of calls, literally sold thousands of books, how I generate…

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How to write killer bullet points

By Mike Killen / December 4, 2020

When I used to do door to door sales, I worked with a guy called Charlie. Charlie was a very well spoken, tall, handsome guy who would constantly do hilarious things. One of his classic “pranks” was to buy a brand new £45,000 BWM and park it down the road from his parents, hop back…

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Heaven prefers sales people

By Mike Killen / October 11, 2019

Sales often has a greasy or slippery image associate with it. The con artist in the film is usually a sales person. The used car salesman is often greedy or just trying to take your money. Popular culture has twisted our view on what the salesperson is, and who they are. Fast talking, Ferrari driving,…

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dentist chair closing sales training

How to close customers by treating them like a dentist would

By Mike Killen / August 16, 2019

A few weeks ago I cracked a tooth. Fair warning, if you don’t like dentists, needles or slightly graphic content, best ignore this post. As I mentioned, I cracked my rear molar a few weeks back. I’ve always had pretty good, strong teeth. I’ve never had braces or too much work. Back in 2016 I…

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sales training, sales, selling, great at sales, hate sales

You’re already great at sales (even if you hate it)

By Mike Killen / December 13, 2018

I can prove you’re already great at sales In this post I’m going to prove that you’re great at sales. Even if you hate sales or don’t like the idea of selling, you’re going to see that you sell ALL the time AND you’re great at it! It’s not about sales, it’s about enthusiasm As…

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marketing funnel customers, sell marketing funnels, find marketing funnel clients

If you’re struggling to get referrals or find customers, it’s because you’re ignoring this mistake (includes email template)

By Mike Killen / December 21, 2017

If you’re struggling to find more customers and sell funnels to clients, then I’m going to show you one of the most glaring mistakes funnel business and agencies make. Apart from you, who else knows who you work with? Apart from yourself, who else in your network including your customers, colleagues, friends, connections and followers…

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Exit intent pop-up, sales page exit intent

If you want LOW conversion rates, follow this – sales page review.

By Mike Killen / October 27, 2017

Earlier this week I received an email from Paul Okeeffe. I’m going to show why I think Paul will have a low conversion rate on this sales page. For love nor money I cannot remember how I signed up to Paul’s email list. Paul calls himself the Global Marketing Ninja. Paul is apparently based in Norway…

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sell marketing funnels, marketing funnel sales, marketing funnel projects, sales mistakes

5 shocking mistakes killing your marketing funnel project sales

By Mike Killen / October 5, 2017

Are you making these five shocking mistakes that are killing your marketing funnel project sales? It just doesn’t make sense. You work long hours, give hundred percent every day, follow all the gurus online and yet-you still struggled to make an close marketing funnel project sales. What gives? Have you ever felt that your marketing…

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sell more marketing funnels stalking

If you want to sell more funnels – start stalking

By Mike Killen / July 27, 2017

If you want to start selling more, become a professional stalker. Not a professional talker. Finding customers, having more conversations, generating leads, converting leads into sales, closing on pitches and proposals. We all want more of these. We want more customers to buy funnels from us. So how do we sell more marketing funnels? One…

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