How to DOUBLE your agency revenue in 90 days

In this blog post, I’m going to take you through every single step that you need in order to double your revenue within this year and work 10 fewer hours per week.

As I said, I just want to help your funnel agency double your revenue in 90 days. That’s how easy this is and what the possibilities are.

Let’s say that you are currently at a hundred grand. My job is to get you to 200 grand and whatever that split the difference is for, for example, a hundred thousand divided by 12 is just under 10 K, but for the sake of ease, we’ll call it 10 K.

I want to show you how to find another 10K a month and you can do this up to 400 and then up to 800 and you can do this methodology up to about 1.6 million.

We found it works after that at you need some slightly different scaling routes but chances are, you have a small team, you might even just be by yourself. I want to show you how to double your revenue within 90 days and like I said get back 10 hours a week.

At the center here we have to double your revenue, 10 hours a week. As in working 10 fewer hours. So if you’re doing 40 hours a week, I want to show you how to work 30 hours a week.

1. Overwhelm

The first thing that people really struggle with is overwhelm.

How many times have you had new ideas, niches tools, all of these different offers and services, you are basically struggling.

One of the reasons we find, typically, that people struggle to double their revenue is they have way too much going on.

They have too much advice. They’re in loads of different Facebook groups. Some people say, oh, you should go after SEO. Some people say, oh, you should use high-level and just go after reviews.

Other people say don’t sell marketing funnels, sell this instead. Yeah. Other people say, “Oh, you should have three niches. You should have one. Or this is a niche. This isn’t a niche.”

There’s a lot of information out there. And what we tend to do is hedge our bets and spread everything out and try to go for as a wider possibility as possible.

We try to have as many different options available to us and that is preventing you from doubling your revenue. Right?

That’s the first thing you’ve got too much going on.

2. Income tied to time

The second thing is income tied to time.

What I mean by this is if you can’t take four weeks off, this is the litmus test.

If you can’t take four weeks off from your business and it still makes money and grows and does all the things like lead generation and conversion and closing and delivery, you don’t have a business, you basically have a job.

If your income is tied to time, that is going to massively restrict the amount of money that you can make.

For example, let’s say you’re generating a hundred thousand dollars a year and you’re working 40 hours a week.

If you double the number of hours that you work a week to 80 hours a week, one that does not mean you’re going to get to 200,000. It also is impossible because it’s not sustainable.

We need to find a way to break your time and income being linked cause at the moment that is what’s killing you.

3. Uncomfortable with sales

The third thing is uncomfortable with sales.

Now, you might be thinking actually, I don’t mind selling. I like selling.

You’ve made a 100 grand, 200 grand, 500 grand, and you must be good at sales somewhere, but there’s a big part of this sales process, which a lot of people are really struggling with either handing it over to somebody else.

The most common complaint we get from funnel builders is they say, “Well, the customer wants to work with me.” or , “They want to have a conversation with me.”

“I’m the only person who knows all of the products and services so I’m the only person who can sell it.”

That is being uncomfortable with sales.

Jeff Bezos does not spend his time trying to sell Amazon to you. He has systems in place that are able to do that.

We need to find a way to break this uncomfortable feeling around sales. It might be that you are uncomfortable with sales and that you prefer delivery and design work and running a business.

That’s absolutely fine, but we need to find someone or something that is comfortable with sales. and typically we find with a bit of a sales process we’re able to do that.

How do we fix these problems?

If you recognize any one of these three, maybe all three, just let me know in the comments down below, if you suffer from any of these within your agency.

Also, if you want to jump on a call with me for a 10-minute quick one-on-one brainstorming session with a member of my team, head over and we’ll get in touch with you and we’ll, we’ll try and book you in for a call.

It’s completely free, no sales or anything. We just try and figure out which one of these is the biggest one for you.

Here’s how we solve them.

1. Simplify

If you’re overwhelmed, I think it’s a bit like having a headache and when you’ve got a headache, you don’t then listen to loud music, turn the radio on, put the lights on bright, start trying to read a book, play some video games and turn on the TV at the same time.

Do you? No. You do the opposite? You shut down the amount of input.

The first thing we have to do is simplify.

This means cutting back the number of markets you serve. Cutting back, the number of products you sell. Cutting back, the number of jobs that you, the owner do. Cutting back the number of jobs that your team does. If you have a team already.

It means cutting back on the different things you’re doing in the day and it means simplifying. It means pushing everything back and making sure there are a few as things as possible to do.

Very basically, if this is where you are today, let’s say you’re at a hundred thousand and this is where you want to get to is 200,000.

This is a drill, right? We have this thing called the million-dollar drill.

Most people will try and drill down and they’ll say, “Well, I’ll choose this market and this product and this offer. And then I’ll get this tool and they only break past the surface.”

What we need to do is create massive depth and that’s when we create something called the million-dollar drill, which is these five things in alignment.

These five things in alignment is what will help you get to 200,000 and up to a million.

We need to simplify it. It’s the first thing. Cut back, do less.

Productivity is not about doing more, it’s about doing less. Huge misnomer.

2. Systemise

The second one. Income tied to time. What we want to do is systemize.

Now, I do not mean having 30,000 Zapier’s apps running and 30,000 active campaigns or high-level automation’s going or anything like that.

What I mean is what is the process for attracting new customers. What is the process we deliver to them? What journey do we take them on? What do we help them with?

If you have a niche and a specific problem that you’re solving for that niche, all you should be doing is trying to solve that problem for that niche. That’s it, right?

If you try and do too much, you’re going to spread yourself thin.

If you’re watching these chances are, you’re not a 15 million pound, a year agency or $50 million a year agency, right?

That means you don’t have the resources to do too much. You are way better off doing one thing and doing it excellently for as many people as possible and then having conversations with people afterwards.

Coldly generation is extremely expensive and therefore, I don’t want you wasting your time and money.

You need to have systems in place in order to be able to deliver the work, sell, and do your own ops for the business.

3. Sales Process

Finally, If you’re uncomfortable with sales, what you need is a sales process.

The biggest piece here we have is something called a money magnet. What most people try and do is they say, we’re a full-stack agency and we can do absolutely anything to you.

That is not nearly as powerful as having one specific offer. One specific opt-in and one specific sales tool.

What I mean by that is this is basically related to your niche. It’s what you deliver in the system. You say we help authors have a six-figure book launch. That’s it? That’s all you do.

Yes, you can help them with shit later on, but until you’re having a conversation with them, all right, that’s all you do.

You say you optin, you start collecting leads, you start collecting opt-ins. You say we have this six-figure launch plan, right?

It’s basically an overview of your delivery. What are you delivering? Just give a high-level overview and that’s what the opt-in should be. One opt-in.

People say I’ve got five lead magnets. I’ve got five lead magnets coming out.

You don’t need that. You need one lead magnet and one sales tool.

People say we’ve got webinars, sales letters, video sales letters. Don’t worry about any of that, one sales tool.

Start having conversations with people, start having calls and when you start going through that process with the sales process, it’s much easier to offload it on to other people.

Virtual assistants, online specialists, full-time closers and appointment setters, other members of the team, yourself, it doesn’t matter because you’re just going to have a conversation about this one offer to people who optin and then make sure that they connect or close with the sales tool.

Remember, if you want to go through this or something like this one-on-one with me or a member of my team just head over

Let’s figure out where it is your weakest in your agency cause there are probably areas that you’re really good at, but there are also some areas that may be a bit weak as well.

We’ll just jump on a quick 10-minute call, One-on-one, have a conversation, and see where we can double your revenue and get you back some extra time within your business.

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