Where it all started for me

Basically, I was fired

I used to work in corporate marketing, but the truth is, I didn’t really connect with it.

The money was good, the perks were pretty cool. I got to travel a lot.

But on some level, I knew I wasn’t happy.

I just figured “this is how it’s supposed to be though, right?”

I distinctly remember being called into my manager’s office and them offering me a “PDP” or personal development plan. 

But a big part of me knew that frankly, I didn’t care if I failed the plan.

I really wasn’t motivated to prove myself to anyone in the company.

So I took a kind of redundancy package. If I left now, didn’t make a fuss, and moved on, they’d give me some cash.

In hindsight, I could have held out for more.

But large corporations prey on the naivety of their staff. 

And when I left, I was pretty disheartened. I felt like I’d been let down.

I was angry, disillusioned, and young.

So I did what any sensible young man does when given a settlement, and who leaves a job with no job prospects on the horizon.

I went to Vegas.

No word of a lie.

I basically blew through my redundancy package in a week. 

BUT I remember very clearly almost losing my last $2000.

That’s when I sobered up. Went back to my hotel room. And started writing out a business plan.

I took their little notepad and wrote out what I was going to do.

No Glass Onion or Digital Marketer napkin story I’m afraid. I have no idea what I wrote.

I just remember writing 3 things.

  1. I’m not going to work for anyone else again
  2. I’m going to start my own company
  3. I’ll do marketing for other people

And that is how things started.

10 years later, I’ve stuck to those 3 core ideas.

How’d you get started? What’s your origin story?

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Mike Killen

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