THIS turns passion into businesses

By Mike Killen / October 18, 2023

I came across a baker the other day who was talking about leaving his corporate finance job to open a bakery and he kept repeating “follow your passion”. And it got me wondering, is that really good advice? Can you really turn your passion into a fully fledged business? So I had a look around…

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How this meathead makes his clients $100M

By Mike Killen / September 27, 2023

I’m going to share with you how meathead gym owner Alex Hormozzi was able to guarantee million dollar results to his clients AND deliver the results (and how you can too). If you run any kind of business you’ll know that losing a sale is painful. But losing a client? Is 100x more agonising. Something…

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My favourite thing my business has provided me is… 

By Mike Killen / January 19, 2023

Without question, the #1 thing I love about running a business is the freedom to do what I want, how I want. Some months there was no money in the bank. There are days so stressful I get close to quitting the whole thing. There’s uncertainty and risk and I’ve made some HUGE mistakes. But…

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Where it all started for me

By Mike Killen / January 18, 2023

Basically, I was fired I used to work in corporate marketing, but the truth is, I didn’t really connect with it. The money was good, the perks were pretty cool. I got to travel a lot. But on some level, I knew I wasn’t happy. I just figured “this is how it’s supposed to be…

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By Mike Killen / December 22, 2022

Deep work Vs. Shallow Work Deep work is the secret to success in the 21st century. While shallow work might pay the bills, deep work is where true innovation and growth happen. It’s kind of the equivalent between bailing water out of a bucket if it’s got holes in it or repairing the holes. One…

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NBA Championship 2022: How to Become A Champion

By Mike Killen / August 9, 2022

The word champion is surrounded with positive feelings. We admire and respect and love champions. People like Michael Jordan, Tia Claire Toor, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, and LeBron James. But it’s much harder to clearly define what it really means to be a champion. Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest champions in boxing…

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Turn Adversities Into Opportunities (As An Entrepreneur)

By Mike Killen / July 14, 2022

We’re all naturally a little fearful of death. I think in the past couple of years, our relationship globally has become a little bit closer with death just because of the events and things that have happened, especially with pandemics. But we’ve also collectively suffered great loss and often death and grieving are obviously intertwined,…

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Dealing with negative comments and insults

By Mike Killen / December 2, 2021

Negative comments and insults are just part of the culture of the internet. At some point, you are bound to come across someone who completely misses the point and leaves a negative and unhelpful comment. Or, in real life, someone might insult you to your face. How are you supposed to respond to any of…

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