The Silent Killer of Home Productivity

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the most critical lessons I’ve learned from working at home.

How do I keep the wheels turning smoothly, even with potential distractions?

Well, I need to tell you about the time I told my wife to leave me aloneā€¦

Rewind to the peak of lockdown.

A period when work-from-home shifted from being a luxury to an imperative.

Everyone was confined, adapting to this “new normal”.

Yet, amidst this shift, my productivity remained unaffected.


It came down to one pivotal moment early on.

One morning, as the birds chirped and the sun rose, I gently told my wife, “Olivia, I cherish our time, but from 8:30 AM, I need to zone in. We can chat, laugh, and spend time right after, but those initial moments? Pure focus.”

Now, Olivia rarely disturbed me.

But setting this clear boundary gave me peace.

It carved out a sacred space of undisturbed work.

Fast forward, I’ve established several of these ‘sacred zones’ throughout the day.

But, it’s not about isolation.

It’s about clear communication and setting boundaries.

So, how have you demarcated your ‘sacred zones’?

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Mike Killen

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