The Myth of Solo Content Giants Exposed

By Mike Killen / June 11, 2024

Ever wondered how the titans of content creation churn out endless streams of material?  The answer isn’t what you think.  Let’s shatter some illusions today.  You’ve been fed a narrative that prolific content creators, like Alex Hormozi, are solo maestros orchestrating an endless symphony of content.  But here’s the cold, hard truth: it’s a facade.…

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I couldn’t believe when she told me this

By Mike Killen / June 5, 2024

Now let me explain. We often confuse productivity with juggling multiple tasks. The more we do, the more productive we are, right? Wrong. The more you scatter your attention, the less you achieve. And the quality of work? It goes down the drain. Here’s an experience I want to share. I remember drowning in a…

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Read THIS to know your next move

By Mike Killen / May 13, 2024

I want to talk about something that lots of agencies ignore, which could be the difference between making a few thousand dollars and a few hundred thousand dollars. If you follow this, it’ll categorically prove exactly what you need to sell more of, what you can ignore, and what you need to focus on. Back…

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This makes me $2000 a day

By Mike Killen / May 8, 2024

What if I told you that your agency could start making $2000 a day, every day, for years, like clockwork? Without spending thousands on ads, or years on building a personal brand. It took me YEARS to learn this secret and luckily for you, I want to share the unconventional method that I use that…

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Monthly routine makes $10,000 passive income

By Mike Killen / April 30, 2024

Around the 15th of the month, I get a reminder to create next month’s monthly plan. For example, it’s April now, so I’m creating May’s monthly plan. I divide the month into 4 weeks (roughly) and ask myself one question. “How will I know that May has been successful?” I’ll write down 3-4 core objectives…

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26 things you need to know

By Mike Killen / April 29, 2024
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A day in the life of an awful millennial influencer

By Mike Killen / April 26, 2024

5:15 AM: Wake up so that I can tell everyone I wake up at 5 AM. Drink a glass of water. 5:30 AM: Exercise and workout so I can tell everyone that I exercise early in the morning I’ll also take a plunge in my ice bath so I can tell people I use an…

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Why is everyone else better than you?

By Mike Killen / April 25, 2024

Have you ever asked yourself “Why does everyone else seem to have it figured out? Why is everyone I see happier, more successful, stress free and has more money?” The worst part is that they all seem to do it so easily. They’re younger than you, and less experienced. What REALLY grinds my gears is…

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Dealing with overwhelm

By Mike Killen / April 15, 2024

There are times when I sit at my desk and I feel absolutely, totally, overwhelmed. I feel like I have 100 things to do on my list, and I also feel that even if I got those checked off, I’d still be behind. My personal feelings of overwhelm can be broken down into 3 core…

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