How to get all your work done with a productive morning routine

How do you get all your work done with a productive morning routine?

When I first wake up, understandably, like most people, I’m not pumped for the day.

I hate getting up.

I hate the cold.

But what I do is force myself to get up.

I move myself a little bit.

I give myself some energy and get the blood pumping.

What I find is that between the hours of about 9 am till 12 nn, I’m hyper-productive because I’ve worked out in the morning and done some exercise.

That’s the time when I want to dedicate my most high-frequency visionary and strategic tasks that I can focus on.

If you want to get more work done, first of all, work out in the morning and then give yourself that energy boost.

You will find that you want to do more work and towards the end of the day, when your energy levels drop that’s when you want to start focusing on the non-essential non-frequency work.

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