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Ryan Deiss Helps Us Sell a CVO Marketing Funnel

Ryan Deiss is the Founder and CEO of Digital Marketer. I was lucky enough to interview Ryan about how to sell marketing funnels, particularly the CVO model marketing funnel.

CVO, or Customer Value Optimisation helps you acquire customers. That’s exactly what it’s designed to do.

“He or she who is able and willing to spend the most money to acquire a customer, wins.”

The CVO funnel lets us spend more to acquire customers and the way that you do that is by delivering more.

If you want to sell the CVO funnel, or any marketing funnels to your customers, then watch this interview.

“Businesses are defined by the markets they serve, not the products they sell. ”

-Ryan Deiss

Remember to download Ryan Deiss’s Funnel Blueprint here.

1. Choose a vertical

Your business needs to choose a vertical. A type of business, industry or customer avatar that you serve better than anyone.

Multiple products and services for one type of customer, is faster and more efficient at acquiring customers, than having one product for multiple customers.

Access the worksheet to choose your vertical in Ryan’s CVO Funnel Sales Playbook here.

2. Use a crazy filter

“The Crazy Filter” is Ryan’s qualification process. Don’t let just anyone work with you. You can only help and add value to the customer above.

Use this Crazy Filter checklist to make sure every new enquiry that comes your way, is someone that you can help.

You can ask these questions during discovery calls, consultation or get them to fill out a worksheet. If you want to see the questions, click here to access Ryan Deiss’s Funnel Blueprint.

3. Offer to help them

Once we’ve got a customer in mind, we can offer to help them. They might have a ton of ideas on what they want to do. But the reality is that there are only a few things that will work.

4. Start at the end – Return Path

Smart agencies, businesses and funnel builders start at the end. They’ll work out how they can get current customers to buy again.

Use the Ryan Deiss Funnel Blueprint here and use the value pitch to get your clients on board.

5. Build additional profit maximizers

We need to move back up the value chain and start positioning more products and services to customers and subscribers. A customer is a customer is a customer. Once they’ve bought once, what can we help them with again?

You’re going to need to tell your clients to produce more products if they don’t have them already. If they do have more products and services, we’re going to need to create sales content and communications to get them there.

Ryan’s Funnel Blueprint here has the stages you need to execute and the pitch you’re going to deliver to your customer to get them on board. This is more work on their behalf and that can be tough.

6. The offer and message

Once you’ve got all this, you need to be clear on your message and offer to your new clients. What is it that you can do for them? If you’re ever speaking to current clients or new clients, you can use these short pitches or value statements to talk to them about why YOUR service is superior to everything else out there.

Remember to access Ryan Deiss Funnel Blueprint below to get all every step Ryan talked about above, including the word for word pitches

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Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.