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By Mike Killen | April 28, 2017

“How much should I charge for a marketing funnel?” I asked. The guy at the event was supposed to be a guru. Talking about how much revenue he’s made through funnels for his customers. I figured if anyone knew, it’d be him. I was excited to hear his reply. He looked at me and smiled. “How…

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productivity day off sell funnel team hire outsource

Why taking the day off is the most productive thing you can do

By Mike Killen | April 27, 2017

What if you could take the day off and still have a productive day? I’m going to show you how, in 10 steps you can take the day off, hire someone to do that work and start to outsource the parts of your job you shouldn’t be doing. If you can’t take holidays, days off…

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bed-itus motivation no work depression

What to do about those days you just don’t feel like working.

By Mike Killen | April 24, 2017

We all have them. Days where we wake up and just can’t face the laptop. I’m going to show you my method for dealing with those days, where you just don’t feel like working. WARNING: Some of this post is pretty exposing so let’s play nice. Crushing guilt The real kicker with these types of…

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digital marketing funnel tools

Top 5 digital marketing tools [VIDEO]

By Mike Killen | April 21, 2017

Join me and my friend, Cam, as we talk about our favourite digital marketing tools. The audio sucks, the lighting is poor, but we wanted to record a conversation we were having about our favourite digital marketing tools.

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podcast interview expert format sell funnel

The fastest method to becoming an expert in your field

By Mike Killen | April 20, 2017

Fastest way to become an expert The fastest way in the world to become an expert, or position yourself as an expert in your field is to create and publish regular content. One of the easiest ways we can do this is with a podcast. Lot’s of businesses want to and try to start podcasts.…

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20 marketing funnel product sell ideas

20 perfect recurring revenue marketing funnel products to sell

By Mike Killen | April 18, 2017

I’m going to show you 20 product ideas, with pricing and tool examples, that you can sell on monthly prices. Websites don’t always create recurring revenue Websites don’t always create recurring revenue, so we need to sell things that we can charge every month for. We often look for additional products and services to sell…

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massive action bruce lee input sell motivation

Why people fail to meet their targets and goals (it’s not what you think)

By Mike Killen | April 17, 2017

Have you ever wondered why your targets and goals aren’t met? Have you ever questioned how you never seem to meet your targets? Sales figures, email list growth, lead capture, revenue, profit, missing deadlines…the list goes on. Whenever we have goals or targets, there seems to be an ugly habit of missing them. No matter…

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sell funnel marketing proposal

How to sell monthly retainer marketing funnels to customers

By Mike Killen | April 13, 2017

I’m going to show you how to sell a monthly retainer (i.e. monthly recurring income project) marketing funnel to your customers. If you want to sell a marketing funnel, this is the blog post you need to read. Even if you’re starting from scratch, give this post a gander, because I’m going to outline the…

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sell price marketing funnel competition

The age of your business, time on the market and number of customers does NOT affect your price

By Mike Killen | April 11, 2017

If you’ve ever struggled with pricing your marketing funnel services, you need to read this post. ***If you’re here for the increased pricing cheat email, it’s at the bottom.*** Pricing is a minefield. You’re pulled in loads of different directions. But I want to make one thing explicitly and abundantly clear. The age of your…

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What I learned from the President of EMEA Motorola operations, an ex Dallas Cowboy and a $500m CEO

By Mike Killen | April 7, 2017

I learned an AMAZINGLY important lesson last week. I don’t want more sales. Isn’t that insane? That I would willingly tell people that I don’t want to make more sales? Here’s the deal. What I learned (from the ex-President of Emerging Markets at Motorola and an ex-NFL football player) is that if our media business,…

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