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How Any WordPress Businesses Can Create An Entire Killer Content Marketing Funnel In As Little As 1 Hour (and of course, teach to your customers)

By Mike Killen | January 23, 2017
marketing funnel content plan blog post wordpress

Imagine being able to create 100 content ideas FAST and the easiest method of writing each post which you could copy and repeat. I truly hate the word “content”. It’s dry, it doesn’t have context. It’s overused and most importantly, it’s like creating a product. You can build as many widgets as you like, but…

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Places I’ve made money with marketing automation

By Mike Killen | January 12, 2017
marketing income automation wordpress websites

I’ve been meaning to make this list for a while. It’s occurred to me that the splinter products, courses and downloads that Sell Your Service offers, has let me make sales without being in front of a customer. Millions of dollars? No. But certainly enough to add to my bottom line. Sales and marketing automation…

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17 most useful tools, books, apps and techniques I learnt in 2016 to increase my WordPress agency’s profit

By Mike Killen | January 5, 2017

2016 was a year of reading, learning and restructuring how I approached my businesses. We’re always looking for more profit, more sales, more customers, more leads… Most of the time we’ll either swing between “keep doing what I’m doing (and getting the same results)” and “this new theme and marketing activity fad is the most…

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6 predictions for 2017’s digital business landscape

By Mike Killen | December 22, 2016
predictions for 2017 digital marketing

Remember 2015? It was last year. It was a simpler time of Vines and Star Wars sequels. Don Trump was still running “as a joke” and I made a bunch of predictions for 2016. A true hero of 2015.   Well, 2016 is long gone. Good riddance too. Celebrity deaths, a pretty mediocre film season and the…

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Are you preventing your business from growing?

By Mike Killen | December 15, 2016

*This is a sneak peak at the second chapter of our new book: SCALE: How freelancers, consultants and single person micro-businesses can scale their business and grow profit* You feel you need a larger budget – that’s just not true There’s a Catch 22 when it comes to scaling your business. It usually revolves around…

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How freelancers, consultants and single person micro-businesses can scale their business and grow profit

By Mike Killen | December 14, 2016
freelancers wordpress consultants can scale their business

*This is a sneak peak at the first chapter of our new book: SCALE: How freelancers, consultants and single person micro-businesses can scale their business and grow profit* Growth comes from recurring revenue Growing businesses are allowed to exist because they generate recurring revenue. It’s as simple as that. If you want your business to…

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[Transcript] The smartest pages you can create on ANY website and why you need to use them

By Mike Killen | December 8, 2016
transcript site map website smart pages

Hello everyone.  Welcome to the Sell Your Service webinar, those of you who are joining us from the WordPress lead generation group and those of you who are Sell Your Service members and customers.  I am just going to give it a few more minutes to make sure that everyone can join.  We’ve got loads…

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5 subject line steroids that WILL get opens

By Mike Killen | November 17, 2016

Subject lines are  a bone fo contention for me. On the one hand, they can increase the number of people who open your emails in general. For example, I’ve just made £3000 and I’m sharing it with you will get opens. But recently, I’ve been looking at WHO opens my emails. I’m not sure I want all…

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You know you’re building a marketing funnel when…

By Mike Killen | November 3, 2016
wordpress marketing funnel

When we’re building marketing funnels, we’re bombarded with millions of options for copy, content, conversion styles, plugins, tools. Ugh. The list goes on. Do we really need all that stuff though? I KNOW what I want my marketing funnels to do. I know exactly what I want out of it. If you’ve ever built a…

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I quit my job and I’m starting a WordPress business – Business building diary – Mike Killen

By Mike Killen | October 31, 2016
quit job work wordpress business

I quit my job, lost my largest client and I’m going to build my website business back up from scratch I know hundreds of WordPress website businesses struggling …

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