The complete social media agency pricing guide

By Mike Killen / October 22, 2020

Social media marketing agency pricing In this blog post, I’m going to outline the social media pricing model that you should be using. If you run or have started a social media marketing agency, you’ll need to get your pricing nailed. In this post I’m going to show you: Examples of pricing and how much…

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funnel builder problems mistakes, broken funnel

The 5 Most Common Problems Killing Your Marketing Funnels (And How To Fix Them)

By Mike Killen / March 22, 2018

Funnels have a habit of breaking here and there. A sign that your funnel is broken, is when your business isn’t generating 1 of 3 results that you need. Low/no customers Low/no subscribers Low/no revenue You might have lots of customers, but they’ve only bought 1 product or they haven’t bought anything in ages. You…

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cost per click, facebook marketing funnel

How I test getting free email subscribers in Facebook advertising

By Mike Killen / November 17, 2017

Last week I wrote about how we’re discovering more about our customers in Facebook. Today, I want to talk about acquiring leads and email subscribers, from Facebook advertising, for free. We’ve got a few new Facebook campaigns running and I always want to know 2 things with any new campaign. Can it scale? Is it…

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marketing funnel conversions increase congruency

Increase ALL conversions by building your funnels backwards

By Mike Killen / July 28, 2017

How do you build funnels so fast Mike? How are you getting these funnels build and converting inside a 2 hour period? Whenever we release a new worksheet, guide, video or lead magnet with a call to action AND a content funnel, I’m always sent this question by a few people through email. Out customers…

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Products build sell a funnel

12 more product ideas for funnel businesses to expand the number of ways they can generate revenue

By Mike Killen / April 5, 2017

If you liked my previous post on 10 perfect products for single person businesses, that scale easily and FAST or my other post on 100 product ideas you can use to expand the number of products and services you sell you’re going to love this post. We all need new product ideas for our business. This is a list…

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scale products digital services website business

10 perfect products for single person businesses, that scale easily and FAST

By Mike Killen / February 16, 2017

When looking at scaling our business, growing profit AND giving ourselves time back. We need to look at 3 key questions. Do I have to do the work or can I outsource it to someone else? Can I receive 1000 orders tomorrow and handle it? Is the process/delivery repeatable so anyone can do it? The…

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Using MailChimp Automation to Build Customer Sales

By Mike Killen / August 4, 2016

When you’re looking to make a first sale on automation, there are a few key items to consider. Taking a lead or email address and moving them to sale may seem logical, but does it yield more results than driving leads to content with embedded sales options? We’ve found that it’s typical to obtain sales…

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monetize, email list, email marketing,

How to monetize a subscriber list

By Mike Killen / March 24, 2016

This came through from the WP Elevation Facebook group.  It’s a pretty common question, asking how to generate revenue and sales from a current list of subscribers. Below is not only the question but also how I would actively solve this problem.  There’s an entire plan for how I would monetize a subscriber list. “I have 10K+…

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