If you want a MASSIVE SEO insight boost, Google just released their search quality rating guidelines.

Google, the giant search engine responsible for 69.24% of internet searches, (s well as other stellar products like Glass, Google+ and Video Player), has released its ‘How Search Works’ guide called the Search Quality Evaluator Guide.

It’s a fat, 160 page PDF that had previously been leaked in the past. ┬áBut now it’s open for everyone to see.

The document does NOT tell readers what their algorithm looks for on a website, but it is-

“aimed at helping Google Search Quality Raters understand how to rate the search results they are testing.”

, searchengineland.com

The handbook is essentially used by people called ‘raters’, who themselves don’t rate websites. ┬áBut they are used to help Google understand their experiments.

There’s bound to be some awesome SEO nuggets in here, so check out Google’s search quality rating guidelines here.

Mike Killen

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