The Easiest YouTube Script Template In The World

In this blog post I’m going to share my fast and easy YouTube script that makes filming and recording YouTube content easy as pie.

You got your camera, check. Got a sick mic. Check. Got that sweet backlighting and soft focus – cheeeeeck, son.

Now what the fuck are you going to talk about for 10 minutes?

I don’t know what to say

Just hitting “record” and talking to the camera might work for some people, but I need a script. Otherwise, I literally have no idea what to say.

I have also found that a script is the perfect tool to get ideas out of my head. I’ll choose a topic, no matter how broad, and then just write up 3 things I want to talk about.

Following the script I’m about to give you, below, I’ll work backwards from those talking points and create a video worth recording and watching.

“I can’t remember a whole script”

I’m often asked how I record a whole video and remember everything I’m going to say. I do NOT write a script and then remember every single word – I’m extremely lazy and cannot be bothered to do that.

I also however do NOT say everything in one go. Using the template below, I’ll write out my bullet points and then I’ll use them as prompts to remind myself of the main point.

Some of the BEST YouTubers and speakers in the world have notes. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Also, if I pause and look at my screen, clearly reminding myself of the next point, I’ll just edit that pause out of my recoridng.

Adobe has Rush on your freaking PHONE now that can edit videos and produce amazing looking videos. I’ll hit record, talk, then edit. If I do need to do a live video or when I didn’t have any editing software, I’d write the outline in front of me or even on the whiteboard behind me.

Be INTERESTING, not perfect. Start recording and publishing now and figure out the rest later.

The Easiest YouTube Script On The Planet


The basic framework that I use for all my YouTube videos is SMASHING. Seriously, it’s that good.


  • Set up
  • Motif
  • Action
  • Solving
  • Hol’ up…
  • Information
  • Next steps
  • Get feedback

It’s worth noting that I am constantly experimenting with length of the video, how sophisticated the editing is, background music, video style and content/topic.

But one thing that has remained constant over the years is how I create a video AND how I see a lot of other creators break their videos up.

What SMASHING does is tell a story. It keeps things interesting the the viewer and since using it for all my videos, my creation time and script writing has gotten faster and I’ve noticed more people watch more of the video.

Set up

Set up is the initial hook that get’s the viewer to watch. You’ve worked SO HARD to get them to click on your video, don’t waste their click and lose them in the first few seconds.

Hit them with a super obvious and clear question or benefit or problem that tells them exactly what the video is about.

“I’m going to share the entire $100K marketing agency pricing model you need to use.”
“Do you have no idea where to start with YouTube advertising? I’m going to show you exactly how to set up an entire YouTube ad campaign.”
“In this video I’m going to show you how to build your first landing page with Beaver Builder.”

This section should take around 30 seconds. Keep it tight and full of intriguing and interesting questions – futures not features!


Next is a 5 second logo into. Some kind of branding that tells people who you are or the name of your channel. This needs to be FAST.

I use to create short logo intros that very quickly tell people who I am. If I am recording a video that I won’t get to edit later, I’ll add a quick line like “Mike Killen here from Sell Your Service.”


This is like the call to action section. The stats show that the earlier in your video you make any call to action segments, the more likely they are to be taken.

Lots of people will put a call to action at the end of the video (and we will too), but we want 2 things.

  1. Subscribers
  2. Leads/traffic

The golden rule is to make CTA’s quick and obvious. I’ll mention 2 things in my action section and it’ll take around 30 seconds to get through them both.

  1. Make sure you subscribe if you’re a funnel builder, I help funnel builders like you create multiple scalable income streams
  2. I’ve got my funnel price calculator below. It’s a free tool to find out what you should charge for your funnels.

I’ll tell people to subscribe and I’ll tell people where they can learn more. At a bare minimum I want to keep people on my video, but best case scenario they subscribe to my channel AND they become a lead.


Next, what’s the problem that we’re solving? This is where we talk about the current situation that your customers might be in. We’ll list out a few roadblocks and agitate the problem a little.

For example, if we’re talking about how to build a landing page, we have problems and we have roadblocks.

Problems are negative things happening in their life that your video can change. In regards to building a landing page:

  • low conversions on squeeze pages
  • can’t find a decent template
  • pages take ages to build

Roadblocks are reasons they haven’t solved the problem already.

  • haven’t got the confidence to try a landing page
  • no idea where to start
  • lots of conflicting information
  • can’t find a good layout

If you can address both these areas, and talk a little about them, your audience will recognise themselves and confirm that this is the right video for them.

I kind of equate it to throwing a ball for my dog. If I bring the ball out (the prize i.e. the solution), yes she’ll chase it when I throw it. But if I dangle it a little and play with it a bit myself (almost teasing her), she’ll go NUTS when I throw it.

This is also an AMAZING place to put your story in the video. If you have a personal struggle that you’ve solved, put it here.

Hol’ up…

We now want to address a myth, misconception or internal limiting belief. Internally you viewers are now thinking “yes this sounds great, but I can’t do it, or I’ve tried it before, because…”

It’s like a natural protection or knee jerk reaction. We immediately throw up a “hold up here – hold on a second. I’ve heard that…”

So what’s a common misconception, myth or mistake that is preventing them from taking action. What’s a myth that you’re going to remove or eliminate for them?

Or if they have an internal limiting belief, what would that be? What have you heard people tell you when you’ve tried to teach this before?

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Now we get to the “meat” of the video. This is the core information that will solve your viewer’s problem.

What I like to do is list out 3 core topics that I’m going to cover. 3 basic steps that will be easy for them to remember and for me to talk about.

For example, if we’re talking about landing pages, you might put 3 broad topics like so.

  • Keep your page simple
  • Killer headlines
  • Call to action

Remember, if you want to cover more you can always release another video in future. I have played around with 5 – 7 talking points but I find I can’t go into much detail in them.

Plus, it’s much faster to create a script and record for fewer points. Sounds obvious but I see a lot of creators get overwhelmed at how much content they’ve recorded and then they publish a 45 minute video.

Keep your information tight and to the point. You CANNOT teach EVERYTHING in one video. You’re better off nailing fewer points and doing a better job with less information.

From each main topic, I’ll list off around 5-7 smaller steps or points that I want to cover off. Usually, I treat each larger point or step as an end result, almost like a benefit. Then I’ll deep dive the process on how to get there.

For example with the above “keep your page simple” I might talk about the below.

  • Less is more, don’t try to cram too much in one page
  • You’re only ever going to ask for one type of conversion
  • Test the bare minimum first and add to it
  • 3 section layout that I use
  • headline, bullet points, click pop

This is where you’ll spend most of your time in your video. Don’t feel you have to do crazy edits, cuts and clever filming. My most popular videos are less flashy, me talking to camera and making sure that the story/content are interesting.

Pro tip

I write the Information section of my scripts FIRST. It’s easier to get all the ideas on the table and look at what I’m teaching. From this I can get the best Set up, Hol’ up and Problems.

Next steps

Almost at the end of the video and script now, I’ll wrap up the video and talk through the summary. I’ll quickly go over the main points again and remind people of the CTA from earlier in the video.

Get feedback

Finally, I’ll ask for comments in the comments section. I want interaction with my audience and viewers. It also does wonders for view rates, impressions and search results.

But what if I’m not good on camera?

I totally hear you and understand where you’re coming from. But I’ve got news, no one is good on camera. At least when they first start.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that, even though the video lives forever, people move on pretty quick. Content that sucks naturally falls by the wayside and it’s not going to be seen.

However you HAVE to suck at something for a while before you can get good. You don’t need to be “Casey Neistat” good on camera, you don’t have to be doing crazy things and pranking people, you just need to be you and you’ll find an audience.

The super fast SMASHING YouTube Script Template

Just fill in the blanks and follow the prompts.

Set up – hook them in
Motif – intro you/your brand
Action – what’s the next step
Solving – what problem are you solving?
Hol’d up – what’s their mistaken belief or objection?
Information – teach them the stuff
Next steps – recap and CTA
Get feedback – ask for comments

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