Building a $425,000,000 marketing empire

By Mike Killen / April 24, 2024

Over the weekend my team let me know that we hit a significant milestone. To date, we have helped over 17,000 people sell their products or services for over $25,000. I remember when my goal was to help 1000 people do it. I thought “If I do that, then I’ll have created $25,000,000 in value…

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Write a KILLER case study

By Mike Killen / April 18, 2024

When Chris first started working with us, he was DROWNING in work. His problem was not getting more leads or clients. If anything, he had way too MANY clients. The problem was that he was servicing them all and managing a team at the same time. He was a victim of his own success. Or–…

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Don’t be unique or creative

By Mike Killen / April 10, 2024

There are three main ways that I measure the success of my work. Number 3 is kind of a vanity metric, because of course views don’t always turn into revenue. But in my case, they can do because I make money from YouTube ads and I know that views on my YouTube content often convert…

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You’re Invisible Online Because You’re Doing It All Wrong

By Mike Killen / February 7, 2024

You’re putting in the work, and posting content, but getting zilch. You know why? Growing up, my Mum was always on my case about eating my vegetables. “Good for you,” she’d say, and yet, I had zero motivation to eat them. And today we know that more people need to eat more fresh vegetables. So…

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You deserve more sales

By Mike Killen / January 22, 2024

There comes a time when standing up for what you believe in isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. A time when the stakes are high and the impact is even higher My moment came when I looked around and I saw talented people, striving to earn a decent living by selling their unique offerings. But…

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Why Do Businesses Succeed?

By Mike Killen / July 29, 2021

I’ve worked for a lot of big corporations, really big corporations. Frankly, they make a lot of very simple marketing mistakes. In this blog post, I want to talk about the seven marketing mistakes that big corporate businesses make, how you can compete with them, and what your advantages are by staying small. Remember, a…

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Here’s a 40,000 foot view of my content strategy

By Mike Killen / August 14, 2020

Write first and get clever later Create content on my own platform Double down on topics – don’t be afraid to repeat Figure out the money later Do it 1000 times I never realised how much stuff I leave until “later”. There are 3 things I DON’T focus on with my content strategy. Making money…

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The Easiest YouTube Script Template In The World

By Mike Killen / June 25, 2020

In this blog post I’m going to share my fast and easy YouTube script that makes filming and recording YouTube content easy as pie. You got your camera, check. Got a sick mic. Check. Got that sweet backlighting and soft focus – cheeeeeck, son. Now what the fuck are you going to talk about for…

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My entire content marketing stack

By Mike Killen / June 11, 2020

Content at scale has been at the core of how my business has grown. In this blog post I’m going to show the tools and systems that I use to create lots of content, promote it, edit it and publish it. Full disclosure, there are lots of affiliate links for each one of these products.…

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