How to generate sales from scratch in 2021

Nice and simple – this is how you can generate leads and sales, from scratch in 2021, even if you don’t have a niche.

  1. You’ll need a squeeze page (like this one) that offers something for free
  2. You’ll need something that you can sell
  3. You’ll need to be able to contact people who sign up for the squeeze page offer

Squeeze page and free offer

You need something that you can give away, that is of such tremendous value that people are willing to give you their name, email address and maybe even their phone number for (although we can collect that later).

In the industry, you’ll know this free giveaway as a “lead magnet”. But a) have you got one and b) does it work?

Most funnel builders I talk to either don’t have a lead magnet, or those that do have a pretty weak ebook on digital marketing.

These are my top 3 performing lead magnets:
Marketing Funnel Proposal Template
List of 49 niche ideas
Marketing funnel price calculator

What do they all have in common? They’re extremely specific. They don’t offer anything and everything. They’re not a cover-all book that goes over every single strategy and pricing model.

They do one thing extremely extremely well AND someone can use them within 15 minutes. It’s the difference between offering someone walking down the street, a free sample of a chocolate. Compared to offering them a 6 course meal.

You might think that offering the 6 course meal sounds better, but more people in a hurry who don’t know who you are, are more likely to take the free sample.

What is something hyper-specific and valuable that someone would be willing to give you their contact information for?

  • The one button webpage that converts 35% of website traffic into leads (that takes 22 minutes to build)
  • How to generate $3000 in sales from one email (even if you have a tiny tiny email list)
  • Use this webpage hack to generate buying customers for years to come

Something you can sell

Now you need something to sell. Ideally, you’ll have 2 different products to sell which you can test.

  1. A lower priced ($2000 ish) consulting product
  2. A higher priced ($10,000+) delivery product

When someone signs up to your free lead magnet offer, your job is to get them on a call and start selling to them.

My FAVOURITE method for doing this is redirecting new leads to a thank you page with a video explaining what their next steps should be.

i.e. The one button webpage that converts 35% of website traffic into leads (that takes 22 minutes to build) >> here’s how to identify what you best offer is and how to build the page

I ask them on the video and the confirmation page if they’d like a free call to discuss what their plan should be. I get the phone number from a form or get them to book a call via Calendly. Then on the call I qualify, ask them lots of questions and ask “would you like some help with that?”

That’s where I sell them the $2000 consulting product to help them with their business.

“But Mike, that’s way too much!?” For some people, yes. But if you do it enough times, practice and get good at it, people will pay you for this exact service. Don’t let your fear of rejection cloud the fact that people who say no are free, the one’s who buy are who you care about.

During that $2000 consulting session, at the end, I pitch them a $25K product. If you want more help with this, read my book Five Figure Funnels.

Traffic tho…

Of course, the question you’re asking now is “where do I find the traffic??”

Traffic ISN’T your problem. Before you need to worry about that, you need a free offer and proof that at least the free offer works.

After that, we can buy traffic and find traffic and get all the free traffic you want. But before all that, do you know these 3 metrics:

  1. How much traffic are you getting to your website now? “Not a lot” isn’t an answer – you need literal specific numbers. 10 a day is specific. “Some” is not.
  2. How many leads do you generate from that traffic? Again, specificity is key. “Last month we had 30 visitors to the site and 1 lead” – that’s a specific number
  3. How often and how quickly do you get on a call and try to sell to that lead? What is the length of time before you offer to help them? How many times will you ask them?

Until you know those numbers, more traffic WILL NOT HELP.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.