Sell like Cher

By Mike Killen / November 27, 2023

Why is it that when someone says your idea is great, you should be wary? Consider Cher, an icon who sells concert tickets months, sometimes years before the event. It’s a masterstroke in validating ideas before fully committing. Isn’t it curious that we praise ideas yet seldom test their viability in the market? Here’s a…

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Turn Adversities Into Opportunities (As An Entrepreneur)

By Mike Killen / July 14, 2022

We’re all naturally a little fearful of death. I think in the past couple of years, our relationship globally has become a little bit closer with death just because of the events and things that have happened, especially with pandemics. But we’ve also collectively suffered great loss and often death and grieving are obviously intertwined,…

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Create a Vision – Why It’s Important

By Mike Killen / June 24, 2022

Why do most small businesses fail? Or more accurately, why are most small businesses stuck in “survival mode?”  Statistically speaking most businesses are stuck under £75,000 or US$100,000 a year. Why is that? Why do so many businesses despite having great products, great business leaders, and great reviews from their customers, struggle to break past…

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Sell The Future | The Best Way To Sell Your Service

By Mike Killen / June 23, 2022

Even though you know you can help businesses, why do you have such a hard time selling to them? In this video, we are going to talk about how to completely transform the perception your customers have about your products and services and how to crush your sales goals and make more money than ever.…

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Sales and Marketing Explained | The Dangerous Confusion

By Mike Killen / June 22, 2022

The goal of marketing is to make sales superfluous, but you can’t have a business with just marketing and no sales. Many people believe that sales is king and that sales heals all, but of course, many great businesses are in fact outstanding at marketing and were founded by great marketers. You’ll even find many…

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How to Make the Right Decision | The 2-Step Filter

By Mike Killen / June 21, 2022

How can you know for sure if an opportunity is worth taking? Is there a way to know for sure if you’re making the right choices? If you’ve ever been stuck between choosing one action over another, you know how frustrating it can be to have to make a decision. Ultimately, you want to know…

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Attention Economy | Mastering Attention For Profit

By Mike Killen / June 18, 2022

I’m gonna share with you one resource that you have in abundance that will determine how successful you are and how quickly you become successful. I’m talking about attention. The slap heard around the world was not only the most interesting thing to ever happen at the Oscars, but it also drew attention from almost…

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NEW SALES Framework | The Sales Dynamics Evolution

By Mike Killen / June 2, 2022

Now that the old way of selling has disappeared, where the salesman or the business has all the advantages, we have to use a new framework to be intentional in our sales. Today, there is a new ABC of selling to approach sales with much more humanity, passion, and purpose. I want to talk to…

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Modern-Day Sales Explained | The LIFEBLOOD of Your Business

By Mike Killen / May 31, 2022

In today’s world, no matter what industry or profession we’re in, one thing remains true, we need to sell things. However, if we don’t know how to sell well, or if we’re not good at it, or worse if we hate selling, or if we’re afraid of selling, then our products or services will go…

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