How to sell a “Miles Beckler” style ATM marketing funnel

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how to sell a “Miles Beckler” style ATM funnel. If you’re looking to sell the specific funnel that Miles has made very, very popular, which is the Audience, Trust, Monetization based funnel, I’m going to go over how you can sell that to your customers and deliver a really effective ATM funnel to them.

A lot of funnel builders have seen what Miles is teaching with his ATM funnels. He’s got tons of stuff on YouTube. His funnel process works with one-click upsells and one-time offers, and order bumps, and all this kind of stuff.

People have been looking at them and thinking, “This guy’s understood the model. This is something I could deliver to my customers.”

However, no matter how excited you are about this type of funnel when you see the potential, your customers just don’t seem interested in it.

I actually get this email quite a lot from people who see these types of funnels and systems and go, “I don’t understand it. Surely every business would want this? How is it that I’m unable to sell this type of funnel to my customers?”

The mistake is in thinking that funnels sell themselves as a concept, even the most basic and obvious improvements to a business still need to be sold to the customer and they still need to want it.

Before we get into it. I’ve got seven sales strategies, downloadable as a free guide here:

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Rule #1 of selling funnels: don’t talk about funnels

The first rule of selling marketing funnels is don’t talk about marketing funnels.

You’ve seen the exciting conversion tactics. You’ve seen how someone like Miles teaches how to build this kind of system and you think, “Surely every business in the world would want one of these.”

That same mindset has caused more people to go out of business than to make millions, because they make the assumption that the thing that they are excited about, is what their customers would get excited about.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, your customers actually don’t care about the conversion tactics behind the marketing process and the system. What they care about is their business and their results.

You are excited. Your customers are not.

Your emotion and excitement can overshadow the benefits of what the customer should be getting excited about.

Instead, what you need to do is get excited about the benefits to the customer, not the tactics of delivering the marketing system to the customer.

Sell the problem they have

The second piece is to sell the problem that they have. We say, in Sell Your Service, “Sell futures, not features.”

That’s because the ATM funnel, while extremely powerful and really exciting to funnel builders and experts like us, customers just don’t really care about it.

To them, that’s just a feature. Many of them don’t care about Facebook advertising or email marketing or SEO.

I want you to think about what are the top three problems that your customers are facing. It’s not always lead generation, by the way, lead generation is a relatively easy problem to fix. The majority of your customers are going to be struggling with time management and effectiveness. They’re going to be struggling with profitability and lifetime value.

It might be that one business needs to improve its profitability ratio in order to sell the business. Another business might need to expand open into new areas and territories so they need a system that’s going to be able to cope with that.

Maybe they haven’t got enough ads converting into sales. Maybe their sales profit margins are razor low.

Maybe they haven’t got enough leads converting into sales. Maybe they’ve got a problem with customers buying a product and never hearing from them again.

Maybe they’ve got a problem with leads taking too long to convert into sales, so that’s what we call the sales cycle, the sales conversion time.

There are so many things that the ATM can fix, but you need to understand what that specific customer’s problem is, not tell them how you’re going to fix it with the actual tactics.

Not everyone will benefit from an ATM funnel

It’s also important to understand that not everyone is going to benefit from an ATM funnel.

Right at the start, I said, yeah, “All businesses could benefit from it and I think every industry can in some respect. But not all businesses are going to benefit from an ATM funnel right now.

A funnel process that someone like Miles teaches, is very specific to someone who has some kind of proven offer or product, or service.

You can use the ATM funnel for testing offers. I often do that. I will put a new offer out in the middle of that ATM funnel to try and test it and see, do people want to buy this? However, it’s most effective when you take a product or a service that is already selling.

If your customers are approaching you and they say, “We don’t have a lead generation tactic. We don’t have a lead generation strategy. We don’t have a proven product. We don’t have proven sales for this service that we’re selling.”

That’s going to be really difficult for you to be able to optimize that conversion because you’ve got no idea if it’s going to sell.

It’s basically becoming a testing funnel for seeing what offer works. In my opinion, an ATM funnel is not a perfect testing formula.

It’s actually better for optimizing. It’s actually better for scaling an offer or a product that has already been tested.

The ATM funnel needs to work already before you start investing in traffic and even then you’re going to have to test the traffic and the paid traffic that’s being driven to that funnel.

Make sure that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket assuming that an ATM funnel is going to benefit all businesses because it can benefit all businesses, it just might not benefit them right now.

Rule one, don’t talk about marketing funnels.

Rule 2, sell the problem that they have. Sell futures, not features, and remember that not everyone right now is going to benefit from an ATM funnel. They might need a different type of funnel, like a testing funnel, or an offer funnel in order to check, do these conversion ratios work out?

Remember, I’ve got a free guide that teaches you how to sell a marketing funnel for five figures here:

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.