5 best marketing funnel examples (2021)

In this blog post, we’re going to look at five of the best marketing funnel examples that I think are out there for you to copy on the internet.

If you’re looking to start building better funnels, or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration for your own funnels or for your customer’s funnels, what I’m going to do is show you what I think of the best five marketing funnel examples available out there that you can copy for your funnels.

One of the big problems that I used to find when building funnels for my clients and for my own business is I needed a little bit of inspiration to see what was working.

But sometimes it’s really difficult to understand exactly how people are generating leads and sales out there at the moment.

A lot of funnel builders believe that there aren’t many examples out there, which is funny to me because I actually think there are too many examples out there.

We want to look at what works. I would say that we spend anywhere between five hundred and a thousand dollars a month just testing other people’s funnels, which is to say that I go in there, I’ll buy their products, I’ll record all of it, take screenshots of it.

These are the five best examples that I’ve come across that you could replicate and use for your funnel business or for your customers.

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1. Miles Beckler

The first funnel example I want to look at is Miles Beckler.

Miles is obviously like a monster in the funnel-building world. If you don’t know his YouTube video, go ahead and check that out. I’ve also got an interview with him where he outlines this entire incredible sales strategy.

This is the start of his funnel. This is a big part of his funnel. This does hundreds, if not thousands of new leads a month.


You can see how specific it is and it does something really interesting. “Get the free seven-step blueprint that grew my side hustle to more than 1 million”, this is so hyper-specific and then three bullet points, how to choose the perfect niche, how to drive traffic, exact step-by-step process, and then a little book.

What you do is you click here, put in your email address, and then you go through to this, the thank you page.


There are a few testimonials here, which I quite like. I’d be interested to see if this has increased conversions, but what this does is the exact thing that all copy should do, is back up the title, not explain the title.


It does a two-part click pop, which is where we click and put your our email address and then it will send the free course. What this then does is redirect us to a thank you page.

Now miles teaches the A-T-M funnel. He doesn’t have it on this one, but it’s such a good example of a well-thought-out optin and squeeze page that I just had to share with you.

You’ll see that I use that exact same page on my funnel, but with an ATM sort of like upsell and one-click upsell funnel.

2. Josh Bridges

Next up, I want to look at an athlete called Josh Bridges.

Now, most of you might not know who Josh Bridges is. He’s this guy here. He’s a CrossFit athlete. He’s an ex-Navy Seal and he has a YouTube channel that has 150,000 subscribers.


Josh is not a marketer but he’s very savvy at knowing what to offer his audience. You’ll start seeing a lot of athletes doing this in the future.

What we’ve got here is a video talking about how to do this particular type of exercise.

It’s like half of vlog , half motivational, but inside the description, he’s got a mental preparation course. Nothing to do with fitness, nothing like that. Although he does have fitness products coming out.


You click on that and what you do is come through to his page talking about mental preparation. It then says, choose your course, phase one, buy now $150 for year one of access.


You can also subscribe, it’s got a lead capture form at the bottom of the page.


Notice how this page is designed to do two things I would argue there’s not a perfect page. But I click here and I can go ahead and buy this product.


This is a perfect way of learning how to monetize a YouTube channel. Even if it has a small audience, there should be products and services that you sell inside the description of the YouTube content.

You can see how basic it is. Like there’s no crazy sales page or like long-form sales letter. It basically says, look, “If you know Josh, you know that you’re going to want to buy a product like this. It’s 150 bucks for access to a year’s worth of the products.”

I also happen to know that they do a really solid job of upselling the other courses when your inside.

This is a really good example of taking content that’s free on YouTube or a podcast or something like that and then monetizing that audience by offering them a product.

I would argue that this is an ATM funnel and that you have an audience of people who are interested in fitness and motivation and CrossFit, building trust with them by being that personal brand and becoming a bit of a celebrity and then monetizing it by offering a course in the description.

It’s a perfect example of a really simple and relatively easy-to-build funnel process.

3. Frank Kern

Next up, we have Mr. Frank Kern and this page blows me away. Check this out.


This is the opt-in page where I’m like, I need to have three bullet points and an image and Miles has got testimonials. Frank’s, “Nah, I’m not doing any of that. I’m going to have, “brand new training from Frank Kern, three secrets to making your ads work without spending a fortune, show me how.”

Click the button. It’s got a classic two-click two-part opt-in form I’m going to put in my name and then what this will be, is a video sales letter with a one-time offer. This is going to be some training with a video in the background that you can obviously unmute.


The idea is that as we go through this, it’s going to be talking about how to go through this challenge and what the process is.

I happen to know because I’ve been through this and I’ve tested it and gone through it. There is an upsell on average, apparently, he makes somewhere between $200 and $300 for every two or three subscribers or something insane like that.

This funnel itself generates thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s a really nice take on the immediate video upsell and sales letter.

It basically says how to make your ads work without spending a fortune. This was live training that he did as a video, but it’s then used as an upsell for the rest of the challenge.

The idea is that you join the challenge and then what It’ll show you here, there’s a $49 upsell to be a part of that challenge.

He’ll do some training talking about how he builds ads and how he generates revenue from ads and shows you that system, and then says, “If you want to take action on this, join the challenge for $49.”

I think it’s something like the challenges itself is free, but if you want to keep access to all of the videos and stuff, that’s how you can keep access to it. It also has a beautiful order bump, which basically turns $49 into $49 and $27.

He’s slowly increasing that front-end value per customer. This is a perfect example of an ATM funnel in action. We absolutely love building these for ourselves.

I love building them for customers as well that’s a really good example from the president of the internet himself, Mr. Frank Kern.

4. Digital Marketer.

Fourth on my list is Digital Marketer.

Almost everyone watching this will know who digital marketer is. The reason I like this is because they understand the importance of the home page. This is just digital marketer.com and it says, “Out-market the competition in just seven minutes.”


Remember that rule of thumb I’ve talked about on other videos where you need to scratch that itch for your opt-in within 15 minutes? They’re saying, “We’re actually going to solve a problem for you within seven minutes, so go ahead and join our email list.”

What we’ll do is get instant access to the three-part growth flywheel training, a marketing system that generates customers from scratch.

Click “join free” and what is then asking for is a bit more information this is further lead qualification, and within that very quickly, they’ll then lead you through to an upsell page.


In this particular case, what they’re doing is taking you straight through to the first part of the sales process.


This is presumably part of a new course, looking really good, they’re ready to go with the training.

I like that it’s nine minutes and they’re showing that this is clearly a training video. It says, “take me to lesson one” and then you’re straight into the course.

Presumably, these will be locked and you can then go through those in the coming days. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered me some pretty specific products and offers because of this one-page marketing plan, a little down the line.

A really good example there of generating those leads immediately getting them into the content within seven minutes and then capitalizing on that later on.

5. Sell Your Service

Finally to toot my own horn a little bit, what I want to do is show you my marketing funnel. This particular one generates around 60% of an opt-in rate. You can see here, it’s a super-fast marketing funnel proposal template.


“Write proposals that convert in 20 minutes using our template.”

“The perfect case study example to drive conversions.”

“Stop using graphic designers, proposals like this don’t need them.”

This converts, as I mentioned around 60%, between 54 and 62% kind of swings between the two click here, name and email.

Something I do want to test is having a little light lineup here that kind of continues to confirm that. If we saw that from some of the other examples, they’re constantly reminding you of what that core benefit is in the headline.

When you click “send me my proposal”, what this will do is take you through to what is essentially a sales letter.


It gives you some free training, talking about the 10-word script that customers must hear. But then this is basically designed to upsell you to I think a $27 or a $47 course.

The reason I’m happy to share this with you is because I think the course is awesome. It’s our Funnel Close Training which basically shows businesses like you funnel builders, how to take a proposal from the writing stage to the part where they actually give you money.

This converts around 3%, which means that for every a hundred people to optin three of them buy it.

Then I happened to know that roughly 10 to 20% buy the next product and the next product cause we’ve worked that part of the process out.

This is an incredibly lucrative funnel and it means that we just start generating profit from our customers way before they’ve bought any of our core offers. What that means is that we can then invest further resources into our core products down the line

Remember, if you want a custom action plan for your funnel business telling you what to focus on next you can get it above.

Mike Killen

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