JUST three funnels = $100,000+

By Mike Killen / July 9, 2024

I see it all the time, people running around building 10, 20, or even 30 different funnels. Talk about a rabbit hole of complexity and confusion! Let’s get this straight: all you need are three types of funnels. Why? Because funnels should only serve three core metrics: leads, sales, and profit. The first funnel is…

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5 best marketing funnel examples (2021)

By Mike Killen / April 1, 2021

In this blog post, we’re going to look at five of the best marketing funnel examples that I think are out there for you to copy on the internet. If you’re looking to start building better funnels, or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration for your own funnels or for your customer’s funnels, what I’m…

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Why your marketing funnels suck (and how to fix them)

By Mike Killen / March 25, 2021

In this blog post, I want to talk about five reasons why your marketing funnels aren’t converting and why they’re not generating the results that you’re expecting. If you’re looking to start building better marketing funnels, maybe for your customers or for your own business, stick around because I’m going to talk about five reasons…

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How to write killer bullet points

By Mike Killen / December 4, 2020

When I used to do door to door sales, I worked with a guy called Charlie. Charlie was a very well spoken, tall, handsome guy who would constantly do hilarious things. One of his classic “pranks” was to buy a brand new £45,000 BWM and park it down the road from his parents, hop back…

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The BEST platform for content isn’t what you think. Blogging, YouTube or podcasts?

By Mike Killen / May 14, 2020

Absolutely nothing will increase your authority and gain you more attention in the marketplace, than posting regular content to a platform. Nothing can beat the perceived value and credibility of someone who repeatedly and consistently publishes ideas, gives away helpful information and provides content for free. Above all else, content is a platform to test…

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25000 funnel example

3x $25,000+ Funnel Examples With Flowchart and Proposal extracts

By Mike Killen / May 5, 2020

Inside 3 $25,000 funnels ($75,000 total) In this blog post we’re going to explore 3 individual funnel projects that cost at least $25,000. We’ll look at the overall structure, the proposals and how I sold them. As well as the individual features and the value that they bought the customers. The three types of businesses…

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How to sell a squeeze page

By Mike Killen / August 22, 2019

I want to share example of a squeeze page product or offer that you could sell to your customers. I also want to highlight that even a simple 3 page funnel like a squeeze funnel can provide massive results to your clients and how you can sell a product to your audience without telling them…

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marketing funnel corporate marketing mistakes

Your brand isn’t that big a deal

By Mike Killen / June 6, 2019

I’ve got news for you mate, no one is talking about your brand. I don’t care how big you are.

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facebook ads, trump facebook ads

How Facebook Ads Made Trump The President

By Mike Killen / February 21, 2019

I swear I don’t get political in this blog post. I’m not a racist but… Anyone about to say something super racist. I remember being asked “what sort I was” when I was a waiter at a cafe. When I moved to Devon in England, there weren’t a lot of mixed-race people. It was a…

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