This business makes money from EVERY lead

I want to share the hidden lead generation hack that our agency uses to generate thousands of leads a month, with no advertising and no social media.

And what’s really insane, is that every single one of these leads PAYS to join our email list.

A business without leads is like a restaurant without food.

Imagine walking into your favourite cafe, sitting down and being served a piping hot plate of…nothing.

Doesn’t sound like it’d last long does it?

Unless you’re Ralph Fiennes from The Menu…

And your business is the same, we need leads to market to.

But when most businesses are looking at their leads and they see an empty list, they often make a fatal, devastating decision.

If we head back to the restaurant and instead of high quality, delicious food you started serving bark…how long do you think your restaurant would be in business for?

Too many businesses focus on generating the WRONG kinds of leads, because it’s easier.

Even though logically we know we want qualified leads, for some reason we insist on focusing on vanity metrics such as numbers, rather than quality.

Because it’s harder work.

But I found a way that generates THOUSANDS of leads on automation.

Plus, every single lead has paid to become a lead and land on my email list.

That’s right – I make money from this list before they’ve even bought something.

Imagine running a restaurant where you had to pay to look at the menu.

Sounds insane, but what would that do to your business?

Providing you had a great menu to deliver AND you could back up the cost of viewing the menu with amazing food – what type of clients would you get?

It’d certainly put off people just there for free bread.

It’d probably put off loads of people.


The people who DO want to eat there, who are willing to pay first, are probably going to be your ideal customers.

So how did I do this?

Well I was tired of customers haggling on price and being cheapskates. 

I also knew that I wanted to work with more international clients, not just local ones.

And finally, I knew I wanted projects that were interesting, fun and exciting to me.

So a bit like our paid menu, what kind of food would need to be on the menu that I’d be excited to cook?

What kinds of projects did I want to work on?

I wanted to help successful agencies land five figure marketing funnel projects.

Attracting those clients meant that I had a very specific scorecard for what my ideal client would look like.

Advertising always seemed like a simple quick option, but I found ads were really good for a ton of leads – but the quality varied massively.

I wanted leads that would have proven three things by the time I see them in my list.

  1. They had a business that I could help
  2. They were looking to take action today
  3. They had already spent some money with me

I needed to think of something that could act as a product, a qualifier AND a hook all rolled into one thing.

Courses take a lot of time to produce and I had no interest in creating another one just yet.

I wanted the price point to be low ticket, maybe around $10 or even less.

And in a totally contradictory move, I didn’t want them on my list until they bought from me.

So I’d need to generate sales and only collect leads from people who had bought AND take action.

We’d start with the hook – who and what.

Who do I want to work with and what do they get if they work with me?

That was pretty simple.

You see it’s not the tactic or the product that matters – you could have the world’s most beautiful landing pages and products.

But if the core offer doesn’t resonate with people, they’ll never convert.

You need to have something which makes your ideal audience look up and focus on what you’re saying.

I’d help agencies land five figure contracts.

And now we needed a method of selling a product to them, at scale, attracting a new audience without ads AND converting those customers onto a list of high quality leads.

I spent hours pulling all our blog content together, transcribing webinars and Zoom calls and I put this together in one package.

All designed to help agencies land and sell five figure projects.

That package is what I’d sell. And inside that package, is an offer to customers to become a lead.

If we jump into HighLevel, we can see the squeeze page that I’d use to collect optins but ONLY from people who had bought the product.

Think of this as the menu that you’ve had to pay to look at, at my very exclusive restaurant.

In fact you can get this exact landing page design plus the follow up campaigns and tons more stuff if you sign up to a free 30 day trial of HighLevel – which is the exact software I use to generate leads, nurture and sell. 

Head over to for a free 30 day trial plus all my funnels and campaigns.

You can see here that I’m offering a workbook, to accompany the product that they’ve bought.

Think of the initial product as theory and the workbook as practice.

The worksheets are almost useless without the initial product.

And someone who signs up to the workbook clearly is motivated and takes action.

Plus they wouldn’t have bought the first product unless they fit in with that niche I was going after.

So what product did I launch?

Well, similar to YouTube, lots of publishing companies will “scan” the content you upload in order to understand who it’s best suited to.

This was a massive advantage to me, because I knew that the platform I was going to launch to scans the product content and serves it to people who it thinks will be the most likely buyer.

The platform was Amazon, and the product was a book.

In fact you can still buy it now.

Five Figure Funnels launched in 2020 and became an international best seller.

The book worked so well that I launched Sell Futures, Not Features in 2021 which even today is the #2 sales book in the world.

Since then, we’ve generated over 10,000 leads from over 15,000 sales – all of which are leads from worksheet links inside the books.

But of course, you need a killer offer to be able to market to those leads, which is why I have this video here talking you through a campaign where I made $36,000 in one week, selling an old product AND raising the prices. Click on this video and learn how I did it and how you can too.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.