Is ClickFunnels dying?

By Mike Killen / May 23, 2024

ClickFunnels has been losing clients, influencers, users, and interest since 2020 and all because of one, underground, unknown app. THIS IS 100% NOT A SALES LETTER. This new app is eating into their market share and redefining what it means to be a “marketing platform” in the 2020’s. Back in 2015 or so when ClickFunnels…

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Here’s how to hit $10,000 a month using HighLevel SaaS

By Mike Killen / March 22, 2024

How much better would your life be if we could add $10K a month in recurring revenue to your agency? Well, this model here shows exactly how to add $10K a month of recurring revenue to any agency, no matter your experience or what your current revenue is. This method was shown to me when…

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This SECRET Google doc blew up my sales

By Mike Killen / September 28, 2023

I want to talk about the billion dollar sales hack that I stole from the largest voucher deal site on the planet AND how I repeatedly use it for my own business and clients, to drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales a year. This is Sharon. Sharon runs an agency that also has…

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This business makes money from EVERY lead

By Mike Killen / September 25, 2023

I want to share the hidden lead generation hack that our agency uses to generate thousands of leads a month, with no advertising and no social media. And what’s really insane, is that every single one of these leads PAYS to join our email list. A business without leads is like a restaurant without food.…

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