Why Every Decision I Make Takes Over 3 Years

Ever wondered how successful business owners make decisions?

You’d probably expect snap judgements, right?

Gut feelings and all that jazz.

But for me, every decision takes over 3 years to make.

Yup, you read that right.

It was a rocky period in my business.

Decisions that would decide the fate of the whole venture had to be made.

Downsizing staff, pivoting products, an entire shift of focus. You name it.

And advice? Mate, it was flying at me from all directions.

Go into content repurposing. Start affiliate programmes. Hell, one person even suggested becoming a full-time gardener.

Yeah, from digital marketing to building sheds fulltime—talk about a career shift.

My mate saw me wrestling with these options and dropped a simple question: “Would you do that 1,000 times?” 

And he kept hammering that question for each hare-brained idea I had.

Guess what? Nearly every idea got the chop. 

No, I didn’t fancy the idea of turning out Instagram shorts for 1,000 days. 

And no, I wasn’t keen on swapping lead generation for lawn mowing for 1,000 days either.

That’s when it hit me. 

My decision-making wasn’t about choosing what was merely good, but what was sustainable and aligned with my long-term vision. 

My mate’s question was a razor to shave away the fluff, leaving only what mattered.

So here’s the golden nugget: If you’re not willing to do it 1,000 times, don’t do it once. Period. 

It’s not about a flash-in-the-pan idea; it’s about what you can commit to. 

This is more than a decision-making tool—it’s a life principle that filters out the noise and keeps your eyes on the prize.

So, what decision are you pondering that you’d be willing to make 1,000 times?

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Mike Killen

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