12 lessons from 12 years

By Mike Killen / June 19, 2024

I’ve been running a business for 12 years. These are the most important lessons I’ve learned.

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How to make actual passive income as an agency

By Mike Killen / June 17, 2024

Passive, recurring income is like…the golden holy grail of running an agency. Let me break down how you can actually, realistically do this AND show you the plan I used to create a business that supports my life and goals. So first I think it’s important to understand how most agencies (indeed, most businesses) work…

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Networking is a colossal waste of your time

By Mike Killen / June 12, 2024

Has this ever happened to you? Picture this: a bustling networking event.  The room buzzes with everyone asking “What do you do?” Responses like “I’m a designer” or “I build websites” echo around, met with polite nods but no genuine interest.  But then, amidst this mundane melody, a voice stands out. Suddenly, she becomes the…

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The Myth of Solo Content Giants Exposed

By Mike Killen / June 11, 2024

Ever wondered how the titans of content creation churn out endless streams of material?  The answer isn’t what you think.  Let’s shatter some illusions today.  You’ve been fed a narrative that prolific content creators, like Alex Hormozi, are solo maestros orchestrating an endless symphony of content.  But here’s the cold, hard truth: it’s a facade.…

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Want More Sales?

By Mike Killen / June 10, 2024

Why is it that a global vegan food chain hasn’t overtaken the likes of McDonald’s? We’re constantly told to eat less meat for health and environmental reasons. Yet, the absence of a vegan giant in the fast-food industry is puzzling. It’s a classic case of wants versus needs. Even with the clear benefits of vegetables,…

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How to guarantee results

By Mike Killen / June 6, 2024

Can you imagine how easy your sales would be if you confidently guarantee results? The concept of guarantees is often misunderstood in business. It’s not about making wild promises of exponential growth or instant riches. True guarantees hinge on a symbiotic partnership between provider and client. Think of it this way: “If you bring A,…

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I couldn’t believe when she told me this

By Mike Killen / June 5, 2024

Now let me explain. We often confuse productivity with juggling multiple tasks. The more we do, the more productive we are, right? Wrong. The more you scatter your attention, the less you achieve. And the quality of work? It goes down the drain. Here’s an experience I want to share. I remember drowning in a…

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Embracing My $100K Mistake: The Growth Story

By Mike Killen / May 30, 2024

I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I sold to the wrong people.  The pain was unbearable.  Initially, the instinct was to play the blame game.  Blame the people, their actions, anything but me.  But in the core of my heart, I knew the truth – it was my mistake. In my zeal to grow,…

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Decluttering Life

By Mike Killen / May 27, 2024

Ever been on a cleaning spree and felt that wave of tranquility after seeing a room decluttered?  It’s liberating, isn’t it?  But ever tried applying this to your life?  It’s just as transformative, trust me. There was a time when I was stuck in a swirl of negativity.  Late nights, alcohol, and a bunch of…

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