Write a KILLER case study

When Chris first started working with us, he was DROWNING in work.

His problem was not getting more leads or clients.

If anything, he had way too MANY clients.

The problem was that he was servicing them all and managing a team at the same time.

He was a victim of his own success.


Take Sarah.

She had so so so much talent.

In terms of marketing skills – she could CRUSH campaigns for her clients.

So why wasn’t she earning what she wanted? Or what she deserved?

She was one of the most talented and hard working agency owners I knew.

But she was struggling to keep a consistent and predictable revenue.

Sarah wasn’t being paid what she was worth and it was getting her down.


How about Mark who started a brand new agency, from scratch.

People loved his work.

He was easy to talk to. Knowledgeable.

But could he get leads and clients?

His inbox was forever empty.

No one on his list.

When he promoted his business on social media or at networking events, it always fell on deaf ears.

What I’ve done here is take 3 examples of people I’ve worked with and introduced their problems to you. 

Chances are you recognise one of those stories, or maybe even all three.

In movies and books and TV shows, this is where we meet our heroes.

We’re seeing the struggle that they’re in. 

We recognise the mountain that they’re climbing.

We feel for them because we ARE them.

And you’re probably thinking “How did they fix it? How did they make it better?”

And in most cases, it’s the same.

Chris first started a “Stop List”. This built out a list of work and jobs that other people needed to do.

He also used our Time Freedom framework to assign work to his team, that also meant he didn’t need to check in on them.

Finally, Chris raised his prices with our Celebration Announcement campaign which meant that clients started paying more and were HAPPY to pay more.

Sarah used the same campaign – the Celebration Announcement. Which not only allowed her to charge more but also booked her some easy work for a quick revenue boost.

What Sarah also used was our Velvet Rope process to filter out certain low value clients, and offered them a cheaper product. This allowed her to work on higher ticket clients.

And using our Escape Plan model, she was able to prove to her clients that they should pay more.

Mark needed more leads and clients, so he used our Hand Raise email sequence to attract more leads.

And to write better emails, he used our Million Dollar Drill to build a perfect, attractive offer.

And finally, he repeated our Campaign Crushers to continue to convert clients (alliteration for the win) on automation without him chasing them.

That was their journey.

Those were the skills they learned.

The Jedi meditation, levitation, and psychokinesis.

The Kung-fu, bullet time Agent fighting skills.

The legal case against PG&E involving groundwater contamination.

And so what do they all have now?

Chris works 4 days a week and stops working at 4pm. He gets to spend more time with his family, cooking, and less time managing his team and clients.

Sarah has found $70,000 in work AND a handful of amazing high-value clients who she loves to work with.

The conclusion is pretty satisfying, right? 

You most likely want the same thing.

You’re rooting for the hero because you see yourself as the hero.

That’s the Death Star exploding.

It’s fighting Agent Smith, winning and freeing people from The Matrix.

It’s beating a corrupt legal system.

That’s how you write killer case studies.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.