Here’s how to hit $10,000 a month using HighLevel SaaS

By Mike Killen / March 22, 2024

How much better would your life be if we could add $10K a month in recurring revenue to your agency? Well, this model here shows exactly how to add $10K a month of recurring revenue to any agency, no matter your experience or what your current revenue is. This method was shown to me when…

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Overcoming my biggest business challenge

By Mike Killen / February 13, 2024

Without question, the biggest challenge I’ve overcome in my business was (and still is) – total financial control. I used to find that money was like water. It’d slip through my hands and, no matter how much I had, I always seemed to end up with £0 in the bank account. No matter how big…

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You deserve more sales

By Mike Killen / January 22, 2024

There comes a time when standing up for what you believe in isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. A time when the stakes are high and the impact is even higher My moment came when I looked around and I saw talented people, striving to earn a decent living by selling their unique offerings. But…

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You’re not a master at ANYTHING until…

By Mike Killen / January 12, 2024

You haven’t done anything enough UNTIL you know your numbers. Know Your Numbers. Back in 2019 I was looking at our sales and revenue and I was scratching my head. “What is happening? We’re doing emails, YouTube, Facebook, Insta, TikTok, webinars, podcasts, books, interviews but we STILL aren’t raking in the money!” I couldn’t figure…

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Business feeling a little slow?

By Mike Killen / October 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered why your business can sometimes feel bogged down or maybe a bit…stuck? It’s almost certainly happened to you.  And when I interviewed a ton of businesses I couldn’t believe what I came across. The ones that finally felt mobile and excited again, weren’t doing something special. In fact, what they did…

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