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3 alternatives to Landing Pages that you haven’t heard of but STILL capture leads

By Mike Killen / January 7, 2016

I promise that if you spend 4 minutes reading this post, you’ll have 3 ideas for great alternatives to landing pages. You need to generate leads and convert traffic, the easiest way to set that up is with landing pages.  However, you might want to mix it up for a variety of reasons. There’s a…

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Predictions for 2016’s digital marketing landscape

By Mike Killen / December 24, 2015

2016 is going to be massive for marketing automation and digital marketing.  I promise that these 6 predictions for the 2016 marketing landscape is going to put you ahead of your competition. Closed social media groups are going to be the next big thing that digital marketing businesses promote. The biggest pile of bullshit from…

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How I generated over $100000 for a customer in 30 days with marketing automation

How I generated over $100000 for a customer in 30 days with marketing automation and a WordPress website

By Mike Killen / December 15, 2015

Sounds like bullshit right?  Well, there are 3 objective facts about this headline that are indisputable. The customer had a list of email addresses of previous customers The customer WANTED to generate new leads They invested about $12 000 upfront and pay roughly $2500 per month With that out the way, I’m going to give…

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google search quality rating guidelines.

If you want a MASSIVE SEO insight boost, Google just released their search quality rating guidelines.

By Mike Killen / November 20, 2015

Google, the giant search engine responsible for 69.24% of internet searches, (s well as other stellar products like Glass, Google+ and Video Player), has released its ‘How Search Works’ guide called the Search Quality Evaluator Guide. It’s a fat, 160 page PDF that had previously been leaked in the past.  But now it’s open for…

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Where to find free stock images WPcast ep#1 Nathan Wrigley Mike Killen

By Mike Killen / November 12, 2015
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the key to landing pages wordpress rs

The key to getting your landing pages to work

By Mike Killen / October 29, 2015

I promise that if you take 5 minutes to read this post, you’ll understand EXACTLY how to get your landing pages to work.  You’ll see what the differences between a landing page that works, and one that doesn’t. The problem is that we know we need landing pages.  They help grow our email list and…

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The Apprentice 2015 rs

This years batch of The Apprentice UK is the most boring yet.

By Mike Killen / October 6, 2015

*FULL DISCLAIMER* This post is a bit of fun.  I’ve made a few points that I stick by, but I’m having a little fun at the expense of a few reality TV people.  I’m joking people.  I don’t really think she’s a serial killer.  She would have been caught by now anyway. Some of you…

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