My TOP tools for working 2024

By Mike Killen / June 21, 2024

The first tool I use EVERY day is a little tool called ChatG– I’m joking.  Although I do use ChatGPT literally every day.  However the tool I use most is called is like what I want the internet to be. It’s essentially a notetaking app that is designed to be your second brain.…

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By Mike Killen / June 20, 2024

YouTube is AWASH with children telling you that there is a new type of agency that’s “crushing it” and that you all need to jump on board. A.I. Automation Agencies. Social Media Marketing Agencies. SFCA, IPGA… Ignore all of them. Because they’re totally missing the point. Your agency should not be defined by the type…

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12 lessons from 12 years

By Mike Killen / June 19, 2024

I’ve been running a business for 12 years. These are the most important lessons I’ve learned.

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Close a $25,000 project with no proposal

By Mike Killen / June 18, 2024

In the last 2 years, I’ve closed (personally) over $700,000 worth of coaching, marketing, service and consulting proposals EACH with a price tag of around $25,000. I don’t write a proposal. I don’t give an estimate or portfolio. I do it with an extremely simple and straightforward call method where the customer asks to buy…

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How to make actual passive income as an agency

By Mike Killen / June 17, 2024

Passive, recurring income is like…the golden holy grail of running an agency. Let me break down how you can actually, realistically do this AND show you the plan I used to create a business that supports my life and goals. So first I think it’s important to understand how most agencies (indeed, most businesses) work…

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Make $50,000 in 30 Days

By Mike Killen / June 14, 2024

What if there was a game-changing and explosive secret that all the agency YouTubers and internet marketers were keeping hidden from you? A secret that could EASILY skyrocket your agency revenue, but they don’t want you to learn it because if you did, you’d never ever need to buy one of their marketing courses ever…

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Make $2000 in 24 hours

By Mike Killen / June 13, 2024

Starting a business that generates $2000 a day might sound daunting, but there’s a powerful strategy that can help you achieve this with significantly less effort. Imagine setting up a system within a few days that not only makes this possible but also allows your time to work ratio to decrease over time while your…

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Networking is a colossal waste of your time

By Mike Killen / June 12, 2024

Has this ever happened to you? Picture this: a bustling networking event.  The room buzzes with everyone asking “What do you do?” Responses like “I’m a designer” or “I build websites” echo around, met with polite nods but no genuine interest.  But then, amidst this mundane melody, a voice stands out. Suddenly, she becomes the…

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Want More Sales?

By Mike Killen / June 10, 2024

Why is it that a global vegan food chain hasn’t overtaken the likes of McDonald’s? We’re constantly told to eat less meat for health and environmental reasons. Yet, the absence of a vegan giant in the fast-food industry is puzzling. It’s a classic case of wants versus needs. Even with the clear benefits of vegetables,…

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