Monthly routine makes $10,000 passive income

By Mike Killen / April 30, 2024

Around the 15th of the month, I get a reminder to create next month’s monthly plan. For example, it’s April now, so I’m creating May’s monthly plan. I divide the month into 4 weeks (roughly) and ask myself one question. “How will I know that May has been successful?” I’ll write down 3-4 core objectives…

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Become an Idea Machine with This Simple Habit

By Mike Killen / March 26, 2024

Let’s talk about the mind. It’s a marvelous idea machine. But, as for storage, it can be a bit of a mess. Inside my head, I usually have three battles raging at once. Worries, ideas, and reminders vie for space. Countless sticky notes and endless to-do lists just can’t cut it. Then, I found the…

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Staying on track in the day to day

By Mike Killen / February 6, 2024

I open Circle to chat to the team, while that’s loading, I bring up WhatsApp web to see if I’ve had any messages. I click on a Facebook link that Olivia sent me and while that’s loading I switch back to Circle. One of the team is asking me to check a page on our…

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I deleted all my apps

By Mike Killen / October 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered how some people stay super focused and organised? I used to be terrible for having 100 different apps that I thought would make my life more organised and streamlined. Until I realised that what was really happening was I would become totally overwhelmed with apps, task lists, project management tools and…

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