By Mike Killen / June 20, 2024

YouTube is AWASH with children telling you that there is a new type of agency that’s “crushing it” and that you all need to jump on board. A.I. Automation Agencies. Social Media Marketing Agencies. SFCA, IPGA… Ignore all of them. Because they’re totally missing the point. Your agency should not be defined by the type…

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Make $50,000 in 30 Days

By Mike Killen / June 14, 2024

What if there was a game-changing and explosive secret that all the agency YouTubers and internet marketers were keeping hidden from you? A secret that could EASILY skyrocket your agency revenue, but they don’t want you to learn it because if you did, you’d never ever need to buy one of their marketing courses ever…

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The Myth of Solo Content Giants Exposed

By Mike Killen / June 11, 2024

Ever wondered how the titans of content creation churn out endless streams of material?  The answer isn’t what you think.  Let’s shatter some illusions today.  You’ve been fed a narrative that prolific content creators, like Alex Hormozi, are solo maestros orchestrating an endless symphony of content.  But here’s the cold, hard truth: it’s a facade.…

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Should you bother with Threads?

By Mike Killen / June 3, 2024

A new social media platform called Threads was released.  Much like a shiny object, it’s garnered attention, and its supporters are touting words like “opportunity” and “untapped market”. But does the platform’s release really change anything for you or me? Not necessarily. Here’s the thing: We’re continually bombarded with new platforms, new technologies, and new…

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My FLAWLESS lead gen system

By Mike Killen / May 17, 2024

I want to share with you a very simple and specific lead generation method I used with a client, that got more leads in a few HOURS than she had got in months. When we put this into place, my client saw HUNDREDS of leads put up their hands and ask to buy. They best…

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You’re Invisible Online Because You’re Doing It All Wrong

By Mike Killen / February 7, 2024

You’re putting in the work, and posting content, but getting zilch. You know why? Growing up, my Mum was always on my case about eating my vegetables. “Good for you,” she’d say, and yet, I had zero motivation to eat them. And today we know that more people need to eat more fresh vegetables. So…

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Grow on Facebook Without a Penny on Ads

By Mike Killen / November 6, 2023

Ever wondered if you could leverage Facebook’s power minus the spammy tactics? Imagine turning the world’s biggest social network into your prime business ally. What if the path to audience growth, lead generation, and sales was right under your nose? Launching my first online venture, I hit three massive roadblocks: audience, leads, calls. Facebook became…

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The complete social media agency pricing guide

By Mike Killen / October 22, 2020

Social media marketing agency pricing In this blog post, I’m going to outline the social media pricing model that you should be using. If you run or have started a social media marketing agency, you’ll need to get your pricing nailed. In this post I’m going to show you: Examples of pricing and how much…

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sell social media marketing

How to sell social media marketing to your customers

By Mike Killen / July 31, 2020

In this blog post I’m going to give you five killer methods to selling social media marketing to your customers. If you want to learn how to sell social media marketing to your customers, or start a social media marketing agency, this blog post is going to outline the reasons that people by social media,…

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