6 killer plugins for growing your email list

You’re getting traffic to your site. But are you converting that traffic into leads? Are you growing your email database?

Growing “the list” is numero uno on the WordPress business list. You need to do it for your business, you need to do it for your customers business.

Growing your email list is way easier when you have plugins and tools which can automate it all. Users and readers are used to pop-up ads and they don’t really perform as well as they used to. It’s not as simple as throwing a few full-screen optin forms on all your blog posts now.

With that though, all these plugins and tools give you LOADS of ways to capture leads.

This is a list of our favourite tools and plugins that grow your email list.

(Full disclosure – a few of these are affiliate links. It doesn’t make us millions, but you’d buy us a beer)

1. OptinMonster

Grow an email list wordpress optinmosnter

Look at this little guy. Cute AND focused on growth?!

Let’s start with my favourite. I absolutely love OptinMonster. It’s a key component in my marketing funnel and lead capture strategy. OptinMonster lets you select pages and specific actions before presenting an optin form to your traffic.

The killer feature for me, is the category select feature. For example, if we publish a blog post under a certain category, OptinMonster will know to show specific optin forms and not others.

This lets us build content silos very easily. If we’re talking about email marketing, our email marketing lead magnet is presented. This increases conversions because there is a clear logical link to the lead magnet.

2. IceGram

Grow an email list with WordPress Icegram

Icegram lead capture for WordPpress

Icegram come’s highly recommended from my friend and colleague Ed Solomon from pennink.com. Similar to OptinMonster, it allows optin forms to be displayed on certain pages, categories and in different locations.

What makes Icegram so great? It’s a one-off payment. No subscription needed to use the plugin. Much easier on the wallet for smaller WordPress businesses.

3. SumoMe

Sumome tools grow your email list

SumoMe – Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic

SumoMe has tons of tools for lead capture, traffic and sharing. It even has a free option to start growing your email list. SumoMe has some AMAZING heat map and content analysis tools available. You can see how many people visit your site, read your pages and where they click/drop off.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp lead email list growth

Cheers Freddie

This could really be any CRM or email program. Active Campaign, Aweber, InfusionSoft etc. If you can literally only afford an email marketing program, no plugins or software, then your email system will have an optin form. It’ll be some HTML code you can embed an optin form on your WordPress blog. We love MailChimp because they’ve made huge strides in their automation and segmenting systems.

The best part? You KNOW it’ll work because it’s the native form to your CRM system.

5. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder page builder to grow an email list

Look at that cheeky chap. Beavering away at WordPress pages.

It’s so much more than a page builder. Beaver Builder’s included subscribe form is BRILLIANT. It connects to everything and gives tons of options if you’re building landing pages, or blog posts.

6. Gravity forms

Grow an email list and capture leads with gravity forms

Gravity forms creates AMAZING forms for WordPress

Gravity forms was the first proper plugin I bought. I had no idea how powerful it could be. It integrates with so many platforms. CRM system, email automation, marketing platforms, you name it. You can create gravity forms wherever you want on your site and make sure that it easily integrates with your other services.

BONUS TOOL 7. OptimizePress

I’m a massive fan of OptimizePress. It gives me tons of ideas and methods to create launch and marketing funnels. I love how quickly I can build squeeze and sales pages.

My favourite feature is that OptimizePress gives new landing page ideas and templates every month.

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Mike Killen

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