20 perfect recurring revenue marketing funnel products to sell

I’m going to show you 20 product ideas, with pricing and tool examples, that you can sell on monthly prices.

Websites don’t always create recurring revenue

Websites don’t always create recurring revenue, so we need to sell things that we can charge every month for.

We often look for additional products and services to sell on top of websites. Sometimes, marketing funnels might be too large or complex or we’re just starting out.

This is a list of products you can charge each month for, that add massive value to your clients.

I’ll talk about the price YOU need to charge (at least what you should charge, don’t be afraid to go higher) and the tools I’ve seen work.

20 perfect recurring revenue marketing funnel products to sell

1. Optin forms

This is the fastest, easiest product to set up and sell to your customers with websites already. Offer them 3 optins across their site (or more if they pay more!) using an after post optin form on their blog posts, a site wide optin bar and a sidebar optin form.

Link it to a thank you page (you only need one in total, just keep the message/content broad) and connect it to their CRM.

Price: from $49 a month

Tools: OptinMonster, Sumo, IceGram

2. Email automation

Talk to your customers about automatically following up their new optins. If you’re worried about email copy, don’t.

You can use our 27 email series here and copy and paste the email text.

Use a CRM system like ActiveCampaign and their reseller package to set up a simple list. Or, if they have a CRM already, offer them use of your email follow up sequence each month.

Send a delivery email (delivering the lead magnet), a welcome email, some value stack emails and then some sales emails.

Price: from $49 a month

Tools: ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor

3. List/database cleaning

The scourge of a growing email list is spam and unclean data. Thank you pages can eliminate that problem (read how here), but something else you can do is a data clean campaign.

Every 60 days we send an email sequence, on automation, to anyone that hasn’t opened an email. It’s designed to get them to click, even stating that if they don’t click we’ll unsubscribe them. If they don’t click, we’ll remove their email address, keeping our list nice and lean.

Price: from $200 a month

Tools: ActiveCampaign, any CRM with automation

4. Blog content creation

Customers that don’t write content, don’t grow. Simple as that. Help them scale their business and attract a larger audience by producing content for them each month.

Services like Content Kite and Speedlancer allow you to hire writers for your customers. Send them one post a week, publish it and help them grow.

Price: from $1000 a month (4 basic posts per month)

Tools: Content Kite and Speedlancer

5. Social publishing

Once you’ve published content, your customers need to promote it. Set up an IFTTT or Zapier automation workflow which publishes and promotes their content.

You can outsource a social VA to help you write bulk schedules to upload, promoting content multiple times a day. Charge for the creation, uploading and posting via platforms like Postcron and Hootsuite.

Price: from $200 a month

Tools: Postcron, Speedlancer, Hootsuite

6. Funnel hosting

At some point, businesses are going to require a separate hosting account just for their funnels. Tools like ClickFunnels and LeadPages should be on their own server and you can charge separate hosting for that funnel.

Maintenance, security and fail-safes are all reasons why we’d host a funnel separately. It’s really just another website, with a different architecture.

Price: from $49 a month (we charge $97 per month just for funnel hosting)

Tools: WPEngine, FlyWheel, ClickFunnels

7. Content re-purposing

If your customers have blog posts or videos or any type of content. Look at how you could repurpose that content into new formats. Videos and webinars, through Rev.com can become blog posts. Blog posts become videos. The list goes on.

Charge per month to source and reformat their current content into new formats that their audience will engage with. Software like Content Samurai lets you create videos from blog posts and publish them.

Price: from $200 per month

Tools: Rev.com, Content Samurai

8. Email newsletters

Often overlooked as a marketing value-add tool, newsletters are a vital part to any growing business. Offer your customers the opportunity to email their list every week, without fail.

Promote new content, show off customer stories and curate content from other sources. Create a template in the email CRM system and send out newsletters on a specific day. Take a leaf from media companies and have a deadline for new content to be submitted to stop late night send outs.

Price: from $500 a month

9. Email automation reporting

How are those emails doing? Reporting doesn’t have to be included in your packages. Offer insight to your customers via a PDF or automation software like Cyfe and send it to customers.

Tell them open and click rates, income per email, popular subject lines and other data.

Price: from $49 per month

Tools: Cyfe, Google Analytics

10. Optin reporting

Same again with your email subscribers and optin forms. Offer reporting to customers on popular posts, landing page conversions and follow-up rates.

Price: from $49 per month

Tools: Cyfe, Google Analytics

11. Traffic driving

Setting up and guaranteeing traffic to your customers is a valuable skill. Research their audience and drive traffic to new posts from sources like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outbrain and Google PPC.

Set a budget with your customers and work out if you prefer for them to pay direct or pay you per month.

Price: from $500 per month plus traffic costs (price per ad per platform)

Tools: Facebook, Google adsense, LinkedIn OutBrain (careful with that one, the traffic quality is low – use it for smoke tests)

12.Product hosting

Digital products and downloads shouldn’t really be held on the same server as the content/marketing website. Setting up secure hosting for downloads via Amazon S3 or Gumroad will help your customers stay safe and deliver downloads to customers.

Price: from $97 per month

Tools: Gumroad, Amazon S3

13. Coaching

A super fast product to sell to customers, is coaching. Use a simple coaching script to ask questions each month and set goals and tasks for them to follow. It can be done per month, via Zoom or Skype and doesn’t require you to consult or offer too much advice.

People are often keen to pay for accountability and someone they can bounce ideas off.

Price: $1000+ per month, per client

Tools: Zoom, Google Docs (for worksheets), Skype

14. Content conversion

When we build websites, we might leave optin forms and traffic conversion as an after thought. Offer to go back through current content and create a funnel and optin opportunities for all the blog posts and pages on the site.

For example if they’ve been publishing blog posts every week, are they using optin forms and lead magnets in that content? Give a conversion audit and work through the site, converting it into a funnel.

Price: from $2000 per month

Tools: Website, OptinMonster, funnel plan

15. eBook creation

If you’ve got 50 posts (one a week for a year) you’ve got a book. Offer to convert current content into an eBook which can be published and sold or offered as a lead magnet. This option is a big project, often bigger than you might think. But it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Price: from $5000

Tools: Blog content, publishing platform

16. Influencer outreach

On the other end of the scale, manually reaching out to other businesses and influencers is time consuming, but something many businesses want.

If you could get other businesses to talk about, review, endorse or promote your customers products and services, you’ll be seen as a God. Use tools like Contactually to reach out to your customer’s customer’s influencers (who else your customer’s customers look up to) and start a dialogue with them about your customers services and partnering.

ScoutZen also lets you search for followers of Twitter accounts that you choose.

Price: from $2000 a month

Tools: Contactually, Twitter, Facebook pages/groups, ScoutZen

17. Landing page creation

Offer monthly landing page creating with a content template (think of 50 questions like “what problem does this solve” and “what are they downloading” to get enough information for the content) and create a new lead magnet or content page every month.

Use Funnel Scripts to create fast content scripts for your customers using templates.

Lead magnets, videos, training and more all need landing pages to promote and allow access to them.

Price: from $2000 per month

Tools: BeaverBuilder, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Funnel Scripts

18. Sales page creation

Similar to landing pages, sales pages are designed to shift one product. Use tools like Funnel Scripts and templates to create the content and build sales pages for customers to use, promote and redirect subscribers to.

Price: from $2000 a month

Tools: BeaverBuilder, OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, Funnel Scripts

19. Sales video/letter creation

Writing sales letters for products is an art in itself. Offer to write compelling sales letter for clients and their products or services and use a tool like EasyVSL or VSL Wizard to convert that content into a video.

You could hire a professional voice over artist or the customer (or even you) to create sales videos that convert subscribers into customers.

Tools: VSL Wizard, EasyVSL

20. Lead magnet creation

Create high converting and useful lead magnets for blog posts and landing pages for customers each month. Take blog posts and create summaries, cliff notes, checklists, worksheets and webinar recordings for people to optin to at the end of other content.

A relatively simple process if you follow a template, it’s a great way to add value to content that’s already being created.

Price: from $500 a piece

Tools: PDF creator, Google Docs, document hosting, content

Wrap up

My personal favourite is creating sales letters, videos and pages. Almost all our customers are online course businesses, so they have tons of products we can sell through sales pages and videos.

A lot of businesses tell me “I can’t do all of these! I don’t know where to start!”. I understand what you’re saying, a lot of businesses feel the same way. But what we’ve found is that if you pick just one, something simple that can be outsourced to other people, you’ll find your product suite can expand faster than you might think.

Which of these ideas is your favourite? Anything you might try or change? Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments below

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.