Using webinars to sell your service

Selling marketing services and funnel projects can be tough. How do you engage with your potential clients? How can you transform your services from “nice to have” to “I want this more than anything ever!”?

I’m going to show you exactly how to use webinars to sell marketing funnels, marketing services and any of your products to your customers.

If you want to use this guide to train your clients too, go for it. Nothing would make me happier than an wave of sales being made for all businesses and industries.

Moving the sale along

How do you as one person, appear in front of more people? How can you attract a larger audience and position your products to your customers?

Selling marketing funnel projects, services and products is hard when you have to do it one on one. In truth, selling a $20 000 marketing project probably isn’t going to happen just with a webinar. But an online webinar with video training and downloads is absolutely going to help move the sale along.

sell marketing funnels webinar trust

This is really the core of a sales process

You already present information to your customers and eventually, some of them will buy. But that’s you doing that to one person at a time. What if you could present to multiple people at a time?

Let’s look at the standard process for finding a customer from a 30 000 foot level.

Cold prospects and leads, people who have no idea we exist find our business. They’ll use Google or their network. Maybe they see a blog post or a presentation at an event.

If you’ve helped them enough, they want something you have AND they trust you, they’ll ask you to help them.

At the start it might be a small investment. Coffee or a Skype call. But the more you present to them, the more you help them and demonstrate you know what you’re talking about, the more they trust you.

The more they trust you, the more they’ll buy. Eventually moving to larger projects altogether.

We’re using webinars in place of other types of content to move people through the trust process and increasing their likelihood of buying with webinars.

“I want a new funnel!”

There are two huge misconceptions when it comes to selling marketing funnels, services and products via webinars.

  1. You have to be an epic speaker in order to create video webinars
  2. People aren’t going to buy from a video
webinar marketing funnel evergreen template

I seem like an interesting, fun guy. But it’s all a template

Webinars are a fantastic way of helping your audience understand what you do and how you can help. They have wants and goals. They have problems and roadblocks and it’s our job to help them move past them.

The reason that speakers appear calm, energetic and engaging is because they use a template. It’s 100x easier to inject personality into your webinars if you’re using a template.

You can access our Webinar Template below. Sign up for free and get the PowerPoint slides sent straight to your inbox, along with an example slide deck.

We think that people wouldn’t engage with us after watching a video, because we can’t envision that happening. We can’t see someone viewing our content and thinking “I want a new funnel!”

This is plain incorrect and if you present in the right way, to the right audience, they’ll buy.

It’s all about selecting the right audience, the right price point, demonstrating the benefits and results and closing the sale.

Increasing trust

webinar training funnel sell marketing services

Don’t sell to new prospects, educate them and sell to educated leads

Webinars are one of the ways we can increase the trust our audience sees in us. Trust is built on a variety of things.

Consistent message, reliable content, actually helping people and connecting with values.

We want to use webinars as the ultimate way of increasing trust in us, from our audience, to the point where they’re ready to buy.

But it’s not as simple as creating a webinar recording and sending a ton of traffic to it.

Some people are at different levels of trust and we can’t treat all leads, prospects and customers the same.

For example, a brand new prospect who has no idea you exist, is pretty unlikely (almost never) going to buy a $20 000 project from you based on one webinar.

They need multiple pieces of content, regular nurturing and contact. They want to see consistency and see that you’re helpful.

Our webinars are going to be suited to people who have either bought a small product from us or who have been nurtured so well that they’re ready to buy.

Webinars DO NOT replace all other types of content. They can’t and won’t. But they are a valuable addition to your content arsenal.

It can be evergreen

Here’s where we get clever. Our webinars can be evergreen.

Evergreen means we can run the campaign over and over. Targeting new leads and prospects and treating the webinar like a live or new addition.

sell marketing funnels with webinars

Hey we’re live! Fuck off. No you’re not.

FULL DISCLOSURE: There is a very popular practice at the moment to make people think you’re presenting a live webinar when it’s really a recording. The presenter records the webinar and acts like it’s live.

They try to make it seem live with questions and even bots in the chat room of the webinar. Personally I think this looks shit and really tacky. Like you’re trying to deceive people.

If the webinar was recorded live and is now a recording, that’s fine. But I try to stay away from mechanics that make the webinar look live when it’s not.

Having said that, when you are planning your webinar…

Remember to think ahead

When recording your webinar, it might be that you want to present it live. I love the live webinar model. I love it so much I present to Sell Your Service members once a week live.

I also love the live sales model for a webinar. I like to talk to groups of people live and help them buy a product.

We’ll build a big list, work really hard at keeping them engaged and then announce a live webinar to them. It’s always positioned as valuable training first with a sales message on the end.

But when you are recording your webinar, be it live or recorded. Think ahead to someone listening and watching in a few months time. In the future, will they be able to see questions or see what people are typing? Maybe not.

So just prepare your recording to be suitable for a recorded audience.

Helpful first

The most critical part of any webinar, particularly ones that are designed to sell a product or service, is that the webinar itself has to be valuable.

“Prove you can help people by actually helping them!”

Frank Kern

If you’re presenting free training (by the way, there’s this free Webinar Training Slide Deck available below) people become engaged and can see that you’re helping them.

You have to provide genuine and clear insight into their business. It has to be obvious that you’re clearly able to help them. We want them to have an “A-HA!” moment. Something that clicks.

We want to show value way upfront. Before they’ve committed and before they’ve bought. We want to prove to them that we’re the most valuable asset they could find for their business.

By focusing on their goals and wants, we want the messaging to be crystal clear and specific to them. We’re going to help them get closer to their goals and closer to their wants.

sell marketing funnels with webinars

Good ol’ Franky K.

Write down the wants and goals that they have for their business. Don’t focus on your product or what you think they need. Help them with what THEY want.

Help them solve and get their wants. They might want to increase sales or they might want to find more customers.

The fact that they NEED marketing spend, traffic and email subscribers isn’t what they want. They want the result, not the process.

So focus on what they want and help them get that.

Give 3 – 7 points or slides on helping them. You can be detailed, that’s not a problem. But work hard demonstrating that you can help them with their wants.

Use worksheets, slides, examples or case studies to show how they can get their wants.

Then sales message

Once you’ve clearly demonstrated your value, helped them and showed how they can reach their goals, we’re going to show them the BEST way to reach that goal.

For example, let’s say that your audience really want to generate more sales. If you showed them 3 – 7 key ways of generating more sales, we can then show them ANOTHER way of generating sales.

That “another” way is your product. Your marketing funnels, services or products are exactly what they need to continue generating sales.

If you’ve already shown them how they can find more customers, make more sales and attract more income, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that they’d want more of that?

If you’ve already shown them how to get results, or even got them some results, wouldn’t they want more?

Your product is the ultimate and fastest and bestest way for them to get results. Your funnel, your marketing services and your products are what they really need.

It’s the difference between joining a gym and having a personal trainer.

marketing funnel upsell webinar series funnel

Hello people who clicked this image thinking it was a fitness blog

When we go to the gym, we have all these machines and options for getting in shape. But people who are SERIOUS about seeing results will get a trainer.

You’ve shown them all the machines and options they’ve got on the webinar. Now you’re positioning a personal trainer.

This is about getting MORE results FASTER and with AUTOMATION. You are going to help them get the same results they’ve seen and want, but faster and with less effort from them.

We’re now asking if they’re serious about those results. If they’re serious, they’ll want to book a call or buy there and then.

Introduce the solution to their wants and problems and goals at the end of the webinar. You can use a few slides to talk about the promise you’re making, the problem it solves. We almost repeat the slide deck found here but just for the product.

Go over what they get and repeat the call to action. Make it very VERY clear how they can act next and get the results they want. Do they call you or sign up or buy? Make it obvious and specific what they need to do to progress.

Has to benefit your audience

Focus on the benefits and results of your solution. Keep asking yourself “so what?”

Be hard and really drive down. So you’ve presented on how to attract more traffic to your site.

Now your product or service is a traffic investment.

So what? What does more traffic get them? Why do they care?

More people visiting the website, more conversions, more leads. Ok, so what?

Well they’ll increase sales, revenue and profit.

Their business grows and they can employ more people or take more time off.

Your sale depends on focusing on the benefits that you can convey clearly to the customers.

Drive email traffic and test if it converts

If we want to run it evergreen, we have to test if it converts first. With your email list, drive your current subscribers and leads to the webinar page.

Run a simple live test or one of test to current leads first, to test if it converts.

If it doesn’t generate any sales, think about why that is. Where there enough people on the call? Do you have enough people on your list? Does the offer resonate with your audience?

If it doesn’t convert, try to talk to your audience and understand why it didn’t work. If you have a list of 1000 people, why did only 10 people sign up? We know then that we have to change the driving message behind joining the call.

If 100 people signed up, but no one bought, ask them why.

If they DID buy, look again at the numbers and think is it more important to increase that conversion rate first, or start driving new traffic to the webinar?

If you had 100 people on the call but only 2 bought, a 2% conversion still might mean the offer doesn’t really connect. That could mean that driving new traffic to your webinar becomes very expensive to generate sales.

However, if the numbers make sense we can now start driving new traffic to that page

I’m not good at selling or presenting

I totally understand how you feel. Lots of our members felt the same way but what we found is that if we use a template we can eliminate our worry on sales on presenting.

The reason you’re afraid of selling is because you don’t have a process that works. Same goes with presenting. We’re afraid of rejection and templates eliminate that. Which is why we have our Webinar Slide Deck below for free.

My favourite stage of the whole process is educating people. Usually we’ll get a few comments that say “wow I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it like this!” and that’s what makes it worth it.

It also helps me get over my fear of selling by just offering to help them further with my solutions and products.

Have you tried webinars in the past or are you going to try them now? Let me know in the comments below and sign up to the Webinar Slide Deck.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.