Use this email template to sell one off strategy sessions

Selling marketing strategy to customers

I’m going to show you the email I use to sell one of strategy consultations to customers. If you want to sell marketing consultation, or sell strategy sessions to customers, use this email.

Do customers want to buy marketing consultation?

Do your customers truly value consultation? What about strategy? Do they value access to your brain?

It can seem like free money to think of selling marketing consultation or strategy calls to customers. After all, it’s just your ideas and thoughts and experience that you’re sharing. Can you charge for that?

Even harder, how can you sell strategy calls? Why would a customer want to buy that from you?

Sell consultation and strategy

The mistake lots of funnel builders make is over-valuing the work of building and creating the funnels. Meanwhile they under-value their strategy and knowledge.

Customers don’t just want you to build stuff. They also don’t want you to tell them what to do (contrary to popular belief). When you sell a strategy session or consultation call, you’re going to sell them an opportunity to share their ideas and you help them make a choice.

Running out of ideas

Building and doing and creating the funnel is becoming more and more automated. If you purely base the value of your skills and business on building the funnel you’re going to run out of things to sell very soon.

Instead, let’s sell a consultation call, a one off call, to customers. Even if you’ve already worked with them (if anything that works better), we’re going to get them to sign up and buy some brain power from you.

Selling marketing consultation to customers

First, you need to just get your customers on a call and rekindle the relationship. Ask them about their progress, goals and roadblocks. What are they stressed about? What are they excited about?

This is called running a discovery call or qualification call. The more you understand about the customer, the easier it is to make a further sale.

I’ve got a video about running discovery/qualification calls here:

You’re the expert

We’re going to open the email by first thanking them for a call or meeting you’ve previously had. Remind them that you’ve already had an interaction with them.

This email works off the premise that you are seen as an expert by the customer. You want to remind them that you’ve already talked with them and that they’ve seen value in what you do.

By this point, it’s 100x easier if you’ve already got off a call with them and talked through their ideas. This is why “just a chat” can be so powerful. By asking customers what their goals, problems and roadblocks are, you can effectively build a sales campaign specific to them.

Now, we need to offer them a solution. And in most customer’s cases, at the early stages of a project what they need, is clarity. Most people are aware of the choices they have.

In fact, offering them MORE choices is the opposite of what they need. They need an expert to tell them which choice to make. You’re the expert and they choice they should take, is talking to you.

By talking to you, you’re going to give them more direction and clarity on what they want.

Tell them that you suggest you have a Deep Dive session with them. You could call it a strategy session, growth session, deep dive. Whatever. The point is that you’re offering them a solution and a next step.

Immediately point out the benefit of what that strategy call will do – give them clarity and show them a plan on what they should do.

“Hey Mike
Great to speak to you a couple of days ago. Based on what you’ve told me, I suggest that we run a Growth Strategy call so I can give you some clarity on what to focus on next and we can build a strategy for your business.”

Basically, give them something they want.

What’s the price?

Tell them the price and the requirements. If it’s you doing the call – great, tell them that. If it’s a member of your team, be upfront. Don’t offer made up discounts or bullshit prices. Value yourself and your knowledge.

You’re going to run a strategy call that could change their business forever, you should be paid what you’re worth.

I’ve decided my day rate is £1000. A 2 hour strategy call would be around £350. That’s the price.

“It’s a 2 hour call and one of my team will run the call. £347 for the call and we’ll give you insight into what you should focus on next year and build out a strategy for your automation.”

Repeat the benefits and add to them. Be upfront with the price because serious funnel builders know their prices.

Yes please!

“You want this, right?”

That’s what we need to say to customers next. Can I book a strategy session with you? Or, even better, “what date would you like to run the call?”

Choice is a false benefit. People don’t want choice, they want the illusion of choice but really, they want the decision to be made by somebody else. You’re the expert, you’re the consultant, you’re the doctor. What do you prescribe?

The doctor doesn’t ask “would you like your leg to be set?” he asks WHEN would you like us to set the leg?

The example below I say “can I book a call with you?” but in hindsight, it should really ask “when would you like to run a call with us?”

Get a date or, even more of a power move, offer them 3 dates and times that work for you.

Pro tip: set up a payment page using Stripe or PayPal and GravityForms to be able to take payments of any size like this one

Make it easy for the customer to give you money.

Below, I’ve got a written example of a sales email we use to sell strategy sessions. It’s taken from our best selling course APEX Campaigns.

Sell marketing strategy email example

Marketing strategy sales email

Selling marketing strategy to customers

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